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McLarnon was first used as a surname among the ancient Boernician clans of Scotland. The McLarnon family lived in Ayr (now part of the modern region of Strathclyde) where they took their name from the village of Logan. Variations of the name include McClennen, McClennind, McLagen, McLaggant, McLinon, McLinnint and may more.

The earliest known origins of the McLarnon family were found in Ayrshire, where they first appeared in the records in the village of Logan in 1204. Robert Logan was Lord of the Manor at that time. A number of Logans swore an oath of allegiance to Edward I of England when he conquered Scotland in 1296. In 1329, Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan were killed in Spain when accompanying Sir James Douglas to the Holy Land with the heart of Bruce. In 1400, Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig was appointed by the king as Admiral of Scotland.

James Logan was one of the first immigrants to the United States in the 17th century. Some of the family moved to Ireland in the Plantation of Ulster and in 1890, a census of Scottish families in Ireland was taken. It showed that there were over 582 people bearing the surname McLarnon and all were found in the province of Ulster.

The plant badge of the McLarnon Clan is furze, and the tartan sett incorporates the colours green, black, red and yellow.




Including Hawkes and Haslip :


Robert McLarnon

Robert was born around 1800 possibly in County Antrim, Ireland. About 1820 he married in Ireland to Margaret BROWN. Robert was a Sergeant in the 45th Regiment of the British Army.

Children of Robert and Margaret :

Thomas Robert born on 29 July 1829 in Moulmein, Burma. He was baptized on 20 September 1829. Thomas married Lydia HAWKES on 14 February 1861 in Otahuhu. They raised a family of fourteen children. Thomas died on 19 October 1900 and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu.

William George
born 09 November 1830 in Moulmein, Burma. William married Elizabeth CAMPBELL in Wiri around 1866.  William died on 14 August 1914 in Wiri and was buried at St David's Anglican Cemetery, Wiri.  Elizabeth died in 1924.  Children of William and Elizabeth were -

  • Margaret Jane born in 1867. Margaret married Joseph William SALMON.  Joseph was born in 1860 and died in 1935.  Margaret died in 1949.  Children of Margaret and Joseph were -


    William Joseph Montgomery born 1888 and died 1902.


    Elsie Campbell born 1890 and died 1969.


    Olive Rita born 1896 and died 1988.  Olive married Audrey Basil CROKER.


  • Elizabeth born in 1868 and died in 1924.  Elizabeth married William Joseph CASTLES. 

James Alexander
was possibly born in Ireland.  He married Mary Jane HARDY at St Pauls Anglican Church, Auckland on 26 April 1852.  James died in Sydney, Australia on 16 April 1899.  Mary died on 24 October 1902 in Sydney.  Children of James and Mary were -

  • Robert George was born in 1852 and died as an infant.

  • Margaret Catherine was born in 1865 and died in 1911.   She married William Charles LAVERICK.  William was born in 1862 and died in 1938.  Children were -


    May born 1880.


    Ruby born 1884.


    William born 1886.

Robert died around 1832 in North West India (Afghanistan).
After Robert's death, Margaret married Andrew SCALLON.   Andrew was born in County Wexford, Ireland.   They came to New Zealand with the three boys on the Fencible Ship "Ann" arriving in Auckland on 16 May 1848.  Andrew died on 27 June 1853 in Auckland.  Margaret died on 21 September 1859 in Papatoetoe, Auckland.


Thomas Robert McLarnon

Thomas was born on 29 July 1829 in Moulmein, Burma. On 14th February 1861, Thomas married Lydia Hawkes at the Residence Rev J Macky, Salem, Otahuhu. Lydia was born in January 1836 in Maidenhead, England. Her father was Benjamin HAWKES and her mother Eliza (nee RAY).  The Hawkes family arrived in New Zealand on the ship "Louisa Campbell" in 1842.

Thomas and Lydia settled in the Papatoetoe area and raised a large family of fourteen children. Lydia was interviewed by a local newspaper shortly before her death in September 1925. In the article called "A Pioneer Mother - Interesting Reminiscences of Mrs Thomas Robert McLarnonshe gives an account of her early life in Auckland.

Thomas died on 19 October 1900 and Lydia died on 22 September 1925. They were both buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu.

Children of Thomas and Lydia:

1.   Margaret born 30 November 1861 in Papatoetoe. She married William Henry HASLIP in 1885 in Otahuhu and they had three children.  Margaret died 18 September 1935 aged 73 years and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.  William died on 16 June 1931.

2.   Eliza was born about 1863. She did not marry. Eliza died on 9 January 1936 aged 73 years.

3.   William was born 30 October 1864. At the age of 14, William was admitted to the Auckland Hospital with caries of the thigh. He died on 16th December 1882, aged 18 years. William was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.

4.   Thomas was born in August 1865 in Papatoetoe, Auckland and died on 3 December 1933 in Cambridge.  He married Catherine BAINBRIDGE about 1890.  Catherine was born in 1872 and died on 25 February 1961.  They were both buried at Hautapu Cemetery, Cambridge.   
Children of Thomas and Catherine were -  

  • Annie Lillian born 1890 and died in Auckland in 1970. She was buried at Wiri Cemetery.

  • Frederick born 1892 and died 1917.

  • Margaret Dorothy born 1895 and died in Auckland on 17 February 1904 aged 8 years. She was buried at Wiri Cemetery.

  • Gwendoline May born 1903.

5.   James was born 8 May 1866.  He was a Private in the Auckland Regiment, 1st NZEF.   James died 28th October 1950 in Hamilton aged 83 years and was buried at Hamilton East Soldiers Cemetery.

6.   Robert was born 8 May 1869/70 in Papatoetoe, Auckland and died on 21 February 1935 in Pukekohe.   He married Annie GILLARD on 14 August 1899.  Annie was the daughter of William GILLARD and Mary COXHEAD.  Annie died on 19 November 1929 in Cambridge. 
Children of Robert and Annie were -

  • Vera Gladys born 16 September 1900 in Wiri.  Vera married John Bruce DEMPSTER.   John was born in 1900 and died in 1995.   Vera died on 9 August 1933 in Tokanui and was buried at Hautapu Cemetery in Cambridge.

  • Dorothy Ella Linda born 14 August 1902 in Papatoetoe.  Dorothy married James Edwin NICKLE.   James was born in 1898 and died in 1991.  Dorothy died on 30 April 1985.

  • Gordon Robert born 10 September 1915 in Cambridge.  He married Jean Edna TAYLOR.  Gordon died on 24 December 1983 in Tauranga.

  • Wray Ethel born 21 March 1920 in Cambridge.  She married William Joseph FOWLER.   Wray died in 1997.

7.   Andrew was born 27 August 1871 in Auckland.   He married Eveline GILLARD on 14 August 1899 (she was a sister of Annie).   Eveline died in October 1959.  Andrew died on 21 April 1959 in Papatoetoe and was buried at the Otahuhu General Cemetery.  
Their daughter Ella Mary married Robert FOSTER on 22 June 1927 in Papatoetoe.

8.   Lydia was born on 1 April 1873.   She was christened at St David's Anglican Church in Wiri on 7 December 1873.  This was the first christening to be performed at that church.  Lydia married Arnold OLNEY around 1902 in Auckland.  Arnold was born in 1870 and died in 1929.  Lydia died on 13 February 1949 in Mt Eden, Auckland. 
Children of Lydia and Arnold were -

  • Arnold Thomas born 1901 and died 1951.

  • Eliza Belba Victoria born 1903.

  • Thelma Alice born 1904 and died 1982.

  • Ethel Lydia born 1904 and died 1967.

9.   Ellen
was born 28 May 1874 in Papatoetoe.  She married William Montgomery ST GEORGE on 20 March 1899 at Holy Trinity Church, Waiuku.  William was born on 14 September 1878 and died on 16 July 1949.   Ellen died on 11 November 1957 in Waitara, Taranaki.
Children of Ellen and William were -

  • William Vivian Thomas born 15 December 1899 in Waiuku, South Auckland.   William married Agnes Elizabeth Vera KING on 30 December 1939.  He died on 18 March 1964 in Hamilton.

  • Norman Roy born 20 May 1901 in Wiri.  Norman married Constance Violet Gwendoline DUGDALE on 25 April 1925 in Waitara, Taranaki.  He died on 5 July 1968 in New Plymouth.

  • Lionel Adare born 3 December 1906 in Northland.  He married Noelene Rita MUNDY on 8 December 1934 in Waitara, Taranaki.  Lionel died on 13 July 1973.

  • Eric Stanley born 13 June 1908 in Northland and died 25 June 1908.

  • Harry Montgomery born 3 August 1910 in Dargarville, North Auckland.  He married Thelma Loft GOORD on 25 July 1935.  Harry died on 25 August 1970 in Auckland.

  • Stanley Stuart born 1 January 1919 in New Plymouth.   He married Melva Kathleen MUNDY on 4 September 1940 in Wellington. 

10.  John Benjamin was born 5 June 1876 in Wiri.  He died 3 April 1894, aged 18 years and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery, Otahuhu.

11.  Mary Jane was born 1 March 1878 in Papatoetoe.  She married Ernest HEARD on 17 January 1912.  Ernest was born in 1876 and died on 27 November 1958 in Otahuhu.  Mary on died 29 July 1949 in Auckland.

12.  Henry was born 16 January 1880 in Papatoetoe.  He married Edith Mary FOSTER in 1914 at Marton.   Edith was born in 1892 and died on 16 July 1968 in Auckland.  Henry died on 4 May 1952 in Auckland.  They were both buried at Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu.  
Their daughter Stancy Adelene was born around 1915.  She married Wallace Olive GURNEY.    Stancy died on 8 December 1964 aged 49 years and was buried at Waiuku Cemetery.

13.  Richard was born 7 October 1882 in Papatoetoe.   He married Rose Georgina Rebecca SCOTT on 4 August 1909 at St David's Anglican Church, Wiri.   Richard died 3 September 1944 in Waiuku.

14.  Catherine Ann was born 3 May 1885 in Papatoetoe.  She married William CRICHTON on 27 June 1910.   Catherine married a second time to  John Henry PEEBLE.  Catherine died in Auckland on 7 January 1937 and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu.


Margaret McLarnon

Margaret was the eldest child of Thomas and Lydia. She was born 30 November 1861 in Papatoetoe, Auckland. She married William Henry Haslip in 1885. They settled in Otahuhu and had three children, Thomas born about 1886, William born 1888 and Margaret born 1897. 
Margaret died 18 September 1935 aged 73 years and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu.

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