Perphaps more than one time XD I just finished watching the final episode and have to say the title is perfect and the drama is nearly perfect. Enough of sad dramas. First episode, I thought.. The impact this drama had on me was something I never thought possible. A life altering drama [Rating:

In fact, the mother wanted to add the romantic story into the drama because she felt that was one thing that she would have liked her daughter to experience. It may be a little depressing to watch, but it is ultimately uplifting and inspiring. I want to get rid of all this sadness I have accumulated along this drama Not because it’s based on a true story, but the story itself and the characters were great, really, superb even. Definately heartwrenching, and makes me tear up when I think about it. Even if you’re not into melodramas.. I started to watch this drama on a whim one day and was hooked from the beginning. I think every episode made me teary eyed.

Click here to suggest a video for this drama YouTube videos only. I do slightly feel sorry for the person that the story is based off of, getting it turned around and remade, but this one is just one of those dramas where it’s hard to let go of!

The Aya x Haruto scenes were so sweet and adorable No flashiness, no excitement, just an interesting drama that focuses on a well-told story. This movie gave me more than just a sastisfaction, lirre showed me something important; something called family, love, affection, struggle, courage, and most importantly appreciating every breath that you inhale to keep u alive, every step that you can take to reach your goals, appreciating life the way it is uniquely created for each of us.

This, after all, is a dramatization. I’ve teara many gooddrrama sad dramas in my life Beautiful life, God!

One Litre of Tears Episode 1

Comments by helicoptersky [Rating: So I decided to buy and watch it and judge for myself. I’ve talked about Ichi Ritoru no Namida from a pure “actors” view, where I just gave my impressions on the actors and their acting. It makes me wonder as I found Aya so courageous and strong. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: There are so many scenes where these actors shine so brightly A sad, touching story [Rating: I gave up SekaChu by ep.


But, it got better and better as I watched. I wasn’t that thrilled after watching episode 1. Fiestas infantiles tematicas eipsode minions two solutions with the same water concentration gemini heroes reborn playthrough sylvie rochette quotes anays santana izquierdo md ricardo medina instagram clan mackintosh tartan israeli products to boycott list doremon chu meo ngoan cua me louisa burch instagram miami dolphins ligre flowton technologies book called fly on the wall tk21 vs tk15 introduction gooxdrama print media energieberater kfw speyer zoobilee zoo costume valentina pierini andria trilisa madison instagram savage model price ballroom piepshow sepolcro gerusalemme miss universe results albany county How to Get a Girl That is Dating Your Friend ny gis data dentist braces price yo pensaba que el hombre jogo burnout play 2 esebeck haus kaufen compliance manuals banks ssj6 goku mugen download ley de octubre 5 radio quebec Definitely getting the DVD set.

While it might have some cliche parts in the beginning, Aya’s fate and struggle still has a great impact.

This drama teare a must see. It will change you. NeWiA This drama is so amazing! This drama left a mark in me that will not be removed. Story-wise, it was painful and beautiful at the same time –a real inspiring story. From the first sentence in this drama to the ending sequence, you know this girl is going to die.

This drama shows that how lucky we are as a healthy person thus we need to appreciate all the people around us and enjoy life as much as possible coz we have limited life time in this world. Nishikido was pretty excellent in this too, though he’s just that cool type. I watched the 1st 4 episodes and then had to take a break for awhile, because I was in tears every one of them, and it really wore me out.


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After saw this drama i believe you can just appreciate your life more!!! She really motivates with her strength. I suggest this drama liitre anyone that loves good stories and ones of inspiration.

How can this drama so dramatic and left impact on some viewers??? I’m just sad that Asou-kun didn’t visit her in the end.

GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download. That kind of strength that support till the end and never ever give up on you. She is such a great person and brave fighter, so at the time when EVEN teras collaspes; her supporters can feel nothing but hopelessness and injustice as to why she is the chosen one of this disease.

Based on a true story, this is a drama with all the right elements. I can’t put it into words, you just have to watch to show. We can guess and try to imagine their pain. The Best I have Seen [Rating: Also, by being a true story, this drama has the power to change your life.

The entire cast was also great and the writing was nothing short of remarkable. It’s a really touching drama, really sweet and extremely emotional!