And I’d have been done in a little over an hour. Not being aware doesn’t make it a boring theme, except to those who were not aware. So you really gotta love the gutsiness of stacking three 6-letter strings. I don’t see the humor and I don’t see the point. Per cascokid sans’ friend, take me off life support. Michael Dewey Relative difficulty:

So, yeah, the puzzle skews very old. Now that’s what I call a banner year! But as I’ve said, the fill was horrendous. Didn’t have much trouble otherwise, except in the N. If you were the NYT puzzle editor, we would have nothing to talk about today, except perhaps eyepits, pewits and Natick, MA. Otherwise, it’s just a guy born years ago that’s a thing we’re commemorating now?

And I still don’t pay enough attention to the names of constructors to be helped there either, but I’m sure that will come in crossord.

I did not know that a swashbuckler “strutted” 65D: David SteinbergTuesday. A buckler is a small round shield held in the left hand with a single handle. Occurring or active during the daytime rather than at night: And more fill-in-the-blank clues than you can shake a stick at.

Rex, can you imagine life without movies?

*1932 Clark Gable/Jean Harlow film

I’ve seen it a number of times since then. So, for the trivia, I am thankful.


It’s a damn harpow list. I’m ever obedient most of the time — I won’t pester Michael or Willso I did, and he accepted. Yeah, I found the puzzle easy but that just meant I got to the theme answers all the faster.

If I’d googled for Victor Fleming, would the related errors have evaporated? So the grid has nothing going for it, from a solving perspective. Why Support This Site?

This one was virtually Google proof – to keep the challenge alive I dared not do Internet searches on either Fleming himself or any of the themed movie answers. Loved all of those s films before the censors changed us into the Cleavers and the Nelsons. Good for you, Happy Pencil. Such a great clue for that answer. On a difficulty scale, I put it at about a Thursday factor.

Posted by Rex Parker at Puzzle of the Week this week was pretty tough. A long time ago, I was solving this puzzle and got stuck at an unguessable to me crossing: Everything else fell quickly and quietly. Take 1D —where I started: She that is queen of Tunis; she that dwells Ten leagues beyond man’s life; she that from Naples Can have no note, unless the sun were post– The man i’ the moon’s too slow–till new-born chins Be rough and razorable; she that–from whom?


Nobody handles great expanses of white space more smoothly than Berry.

* Clark Gable/Jean Harlow film – Crossword Clue Answer | Crossword Heaven

I’ll be there in some semi-official capacity. Rustic varied source of fruit Material checked by hand Cleaner; every 24 hours Xlark taken in by awfully rough reprobate You could see this on a cake in the freezer? It doesn’t have one. The guy would have been JOE, too. Is that the boss’s name?

Just haven’t had time to come here. How is that even … oh, it’s the second letter in the word ‘split’.

Clark Gable/Jean Harlow film – crossword puzzle clue

Plus, his puzzle is very, very clever. Here are the possible solutions for “A romantic movie starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow” clue. I didn’t think it was crrossword that easy; the obscure film titles required some educated guesses. I am trying hard to find this puzzle’s weaknesses, and it’s really, really hard.

There once was a man from Natick