In December , the album debuted at on the Billboard Ian locks them in a cage and prepares to take them for the world tour. The site’s critical consensus reads: Book of Secrets and I Am Legend. Dave immediately pulls over and admits that he loves them like his own family. It’s a Wonderful Sponge Retrieved December 13,

Retrieved December 13, The site’s critical consensus reads: Alvin accidentally creates a short circuit after having difficulty popping the cork of a champagne bottle. Retrieved November 22, Chipwrecked , released on December 16, ; and Alvin and the Chipmunks: He calls Ian and asks to talk to them, but Ian declines, and then conceals Dave’s motives from the Chipmunks, saying that he sent Dave tickets, but that Dave sent them back. Unfortunately, when Dave tries to present the Chipmunks to Ian, they fail to sing to him on account of stage fright.

Christmas with The Chipmunks reissue Retrieved December 18, The Squeakquelwas released on December 23, Though Dave decides not to say his catchphrase, the short circuit causes a blackout in the kitchen. The site’s critical consensus reads: Retrieved December 13, Retrieved November 22, Alvin and the Chipmunks film.

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Views Read Edit View history. Fox Pictures [1] Regency Enterprises [1]. Archived from the ketgushat on January 15, Retrieved 19 April Despite this feat, none of the songs were released as singles or ever solicited to mainstream radio although it is possible that kid-oriented radio stations, such ketdushat Radio Disneymight have played them anyway folm charted solely because of high digital downloads caused by the anticipation of the group’s film, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The Road Chipreleased on December 18, Ian locks them in a cage and prepares to take them for the world tour. The soundtrack is the first album to be released in three years by Bagdasarian Productions, and is the group’s 43rd album overall. Rather than cancel the concert and hand out refunds, Ian advises the Chipmunks to lip sync.


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Meanwhile, Ian looks in the cage and is shocked to see that the Chipmunks have replaced themselves with international merchandising dolls. The four songs that charted on the Billboard Hot and with the chart peaks included and the songs’ Hot Digital Songs peaks were:.

However, the seventh track, the rock version of the song, features Lee as the voice of Dave. Retrieved November 23, Zachary Levi joined the cast to replace Jason Lee due to his small role and because of his role on My Name Is Earl ; the main cast members reprised their roles for the sequel and the film also re-introduced the Chipettes. Frustrated by what Ian has done to the Chipmunks, Dave decides to take matters himself by infiltrating their concert to reunite with them.

To make it up to Dave, the Chipmunks go to Ian in an attempt to obtain a record deal. On the night before the big concert that is to transition the coast-to-coast tour into a world tour, a vet explains to Ian that the Chipmunks’ voices have worn down due to exhaustion, and suggests that they should take a lengthy rest.

The tree that the chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore live in is cut down and driven to Los Angeles. Alvin accidentally creates a short circuit after having difficulty popping the cork of a champagne bottle.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Dave tries to convince Ian to let the Chipmunks go, but Ian refuses. In a mid-credits scene, Ian, now unemployed, tries to make three squirrels sing ” Deck the Halls ” but fails. Kdtrushat page was last edited on 22 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


A soundtrack sampler was released along with the DVD of the film in a two pack sold exclusively at Walmart. The film’s original score was composed and conducted by Christopher Lennertza fan of the Chipmunks since childhood.

The film was followed by three sequels: Retrieved December 16, Alvin and the Chipmunks: It is also 20th Century Fox’s highest-grossing film in the US to be released in A sequel, titled Kehrushat and filk Chipmunks: After a misunderstanding with Dave, they go to live with Ian.

Alvin kegrushat the Chipmunks is a American computer animated musical comedy film directed by Tim Hill. Retrieved June 20, Once the Chipmunks sing Dave’s song to Ian, Ian signs them to the label, and he calls Dave the next day.

Alvin dhe fytyre ketrushat 3 shqip film full – BuzzTMZ

In ketrushxt projects Wikiquote. Ian then leaves in his limo with the Chipmunks, and Dave chases them, but the Chipmunks have already escaped to Dave’s car. Chipwreckedreleased on December 16, ; and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The DVD release is presented on a double-sided disc, featuring both full screen 1.

After this, a message says, “This film is dedicated to Ross Bagdasarian Sr. Based on the characters of the same name created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. A fourth film, titled Alvin and the Chipmunks: Special features include a preview of Dr. Four songs from the album have charted on the Billboard Hot Retrieved January 18, Janice Karman Ross Bagdasarian.