Sammy announces to his friends that he and Ollie are dating, getting a mostly positive reaction, but was pressured having learnt that Ollie already told his friends; being somewhat ” outed “, Sammy stresses, initiating an argument and premature split between the two. His dad later gives him a surfboard as well as his phone number. Abigail, having trouble with Zach’s practice, is sought by Finn, the producer of the musical Ethan was initially choreographing, and new director Mistii, who both pretend to be planning to cast a ditzy blonde Mistii in the lead role. She heads to New York, where Kat is starring as a fairy in a show, to audition there but faces further rejection. Tara finds Christian at his dad’s surf shop. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Ethan attempts to kiss her again, but Tara flees. Retrieved 14 March This Week’s Top Trailers. When she sees him rehearsing together with Tara, she sabotages Tara’s costume. Grace, whose father cancels his visit to see her perform, tries to kiss Zach, feeling confused after their closeness during practice sessions, leading to her returning to the UK. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Kat creates a video of her dancing to one of teen popstar Myles Kelly’s songs and then posts it on the Internet.

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Sammy and the other students also think about their future prospects. After a party on seasoh yacht for him, Ethan is offered a job opportunity in Barcelonaand bids a tearful goodbye to everyone. Archived from the original on 6 July Grace and Abigail’s friendship turns sour when Abigail deduces that Grace has spent the day rpisode and manipulating to drive a wedge in between Kat and Tara’s friendship.

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The Academy’s performance of The Nutcracker is quickly approaching, and Tara continues to practice for her dance solo in Act 2. The newbies have a better party, with jacuzzi. She clashes with Jamie, the third assistant director assigned to look after the class, but refuses an offer to have dace dismissed and they end up on better terms. After Tara goes to see Natasha in her dressing room before another performance and Natasha makes her leave, she realises why Kat has been mad at her for thinking so highly of her mother.

He blows her off to be with his new and reckless friends. Kat and Abigail’s childhood friendship shows signs of being rekindled then and Kat moves into Abigail’s room. This crosses into Tara and Christian’s argument over Tara researching his father’s whereabouts.

Ethan requires a dancer for his hip-hop showcase and asks Christian on the basis of the favour he owes him; Christian agrees but opposes Ethan’s choreography. Abigail, having trouble with Zach’s practice, is sought by Finn, the producer of the musical Ethan was initially choreographing, and new director Mistii, who both pretend to be planning to cast a ditzy blonde Mistii in the lead role. When Christian interferes, he, Sammy and Ben come to blows; all then visit the club after Christian and Kat exchange photos and texts into which Grace had been prying —the pair later kiss.


Abigail is told to train Tara in her solo. Tara continues practicing despite her injury, acadwmy goes to see the non-academy doctor again as her friends become concerned. An injury means Ollie has to pull out of the festival so he accompanies Rhys to the wrap party; Rhys is disappointed that he seems more interested acadrmy networking but arranges for him to sing in front of the crew.

Ethan changes his piece for Showcase after criticism from his father, adding extra dancers including Graceangering Abigail. Grace becomes bored with dancing she considers beneath her natural ability, and seeks Zach out for more complicated practice. Kat convinces Abc to come to a warehouse party in Sydney. Ethan and Kat’s father, Sebastian Karamakov, arrives to direct the Academy’s end of year production, The Nutcrackerputting pressure on all the students to audition and compete for roles.

Kat, acting on advice given to her by Abigail hatches a plan to get Tara and Ethan back together so that Ethan will have a reason to stay in Sydney and not abandon her like the rest of her family members.

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Tara returns from the school holidays and is happy that she has great friends, a boyfriend and a scholarship, and she is finally allowed to dance en pointe. Tara’s back injury becomes a problem and she is told to take time off from rehearsals; with her audition coming up in a few weeks, she goes to see Saskia, who Rebecca has dismissed from the company, for advice.

Christian’s friend Aaron reveals the truth about the robbery they both committed. Sammy further struggles to find time to work at a restaurant to make money to support himself, while he and Christian spearhead an informal hip hop class since it was dropped from the peisode academy schedule, which becomes popular, although both are near-last and last respectively in classes.

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Abigail recruits two admiring first-year girls to dig up dirt on Grace, who has ranked first in every class after the first week. Sammy takes Tara’s spot in a dance routine with Abigail. There are three openings for fill-ins for the corps de ballet in The Company’s production of Giselle. Lucas tries to make a move while Kat swason drunk.


Tara arrives back at the academy, having recovered enough to present her case against Saskia. Kat leaves the Academy with Myles to road-trip around Australia, and Sammy tries to convince his father to continue letting him attend the Academy. Tara arrives at the Academy and finds out that she is considered the worst dancer there.

Miss Raine discovers Sammy’s job at the restaurant, and the two discuss his supporting himself. Grace tempts Tara to abuse her protected status after Saskia by ditching together and drinking spiked juice, which bring out Tara’s nasty nature. Vincent’s Hospitalwhere Peisode is coincidentally volunteering and helping children with leukemia put on a play involving space dog Laika called Space Rescue Mission Adventure.

Retrieved 14 March Grace and Abigail also participate in the flash mob with Ethan as the cameraman. Australian Children’s Zbc3 Fund.

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Christian catches up with his friends at the Academy and goes through an interview to renew his scholarship. Kat is rejected as a dancer so helps Abigail with her audition, but the director, Gabrielle, seems more interested in her.

Retrieved 11 March But spending time at the beach together playing beach cricket, Tara and Christian finally kiss. Kat also tells Christian that although she may have feelings for him, she knows that he’s only pretending not to still have feelings for Tara, who is literally being pushed to the limit in practice by Saskia, who injures Tara’s back by stretching her leg in exaggerated arabesque position to reprimand her.

Tara Webster Alicia Banit Tara worries about Kat after noticing she is not eating in public any more and gets hypothetical advice from Dr Wicks. Kat will not speak to her, and photos of Tara kissing Christian are showing up everywhere.

Sammy recruits Ollie’s help, saying he is the best hip-hop dancer at the academy, while both years practice their moves and throw parties the second-years’ party being quiet and relaxed compared to the first-years’ upbeat dance spisode with glowsticks and a hot tub. Tara shows genuine emotion during her performance, imagining Sammy helping her perform, and she receives a standing ovation and emotional responses from everyone, including Cance. Meanwhile, a movie requiring dancers hosts auditions at the academy, with Kat and Abigail auditioning for minor roles.

Abigail does not want to accept the changes in her developing body.