The caves and lab surrounder her are dead. Sybil’s spine is repaired by replacing one of her vertebrate with a small device created by Trevor. He says to Aeon “my time is not your time”, thus implying that time does exist for him, but on another level. Maybe the baby is her child. The writer opens his parched lips and is about to start drinking when the producer unzips his fly and begins pissing — straight into the little pool of crystal clear water. Also, I love the show very much, and I think it gets a bum rap quite a lot, but there are some moments in certain episodes where I feel like they’re just being weird for weirdness’s sake. A Breen named Gildemere teams up with Aeon and tries to bring down Trevor and his evil ways, but instead Aeon turn on Gildemere as he is charged with the murder of the ambassador.

Now, she’s totally ready for the truth. By the way, as I guess I’ve said elsewhere, I agree “Jacob’s Ladder” is an amazing film, and it was surely an influence on my own writing. I might be way off and have too much imagination, but I would like to read other opinions. But if I were, I’d say he’s a manifestation of god or something. What if he is a personification of a hidden corner Aeon’s psyche that had never been able to surface before she was infected? The boy might just be her guide and when her journey is over he dies giving her the key to her afterlife, knowledge of time and everythign that has ever happened in time.

Sure, I have my own interpretations of it and everything, but I still want to know what was intended by those who made it. I had the feeling that the kid was lonely and powerful and, in the end, he got his way because and I’m reaching here Aeon’s refusal to accept change ultimately resulted in her change.

Are you feeling flyx Reraizure Full Episode S 3: The vial is unimportant and in the end, Aeon realizes this. I think he is a omniscient, omnipotent being who exist outside of time; and since he exist outside of time, he may have created himself.


It’s like watching a David Lynch film minus the few parts that make sense enough to string together a movie. So, Aeon repetitively tries to complete her mission not knowing she’s dead. Aeon is caught in a time loop, in a lab in the jungle somewhere.


AEON Flux S02E06 – Reraizure – video dailymotion

You see, for some reason maybe because she is infected with the Virus she gets caught in a time loop that sends her back to that slab everytime she dies. Watfh is an interesting episode, though, and an interesting thread.

When Aeon is killed byt the baby, she awakens on the slab covered in blood.

Whom does that “you And in the end, he got his way; a fantasy where Aeon was his caretaker and they where doing something together away from the cave, scientists, and everything else that had anything to do with their meeting. With that being said, it also represents the third eye. Your thoughts on the subject? Chronophasia is still a mystery to me and the interaction between Trevor and Aeon were some of the best.

I think I’ve watched that more than I’ve watched any other single TV show. I don’t mean that metaphorically; her immortality is one of the tenets of her reality. It’s also strange that she apologizes outloud to Rorty.

End Sinister Full Episode S 3: She steals some eggs and attempts to escape before one of the creatures finds and kills her.

Viewing the pool as blood ties death with the beginning. But if I were, I’d waatch he’s a manifestation of god or something. Alternatively, Trevor may have been led to a false conclusion after reading the notes of a scientist who had recently been infected by an escaped virus, driving him mad and making his notes seem ridiculous.

I feel your pain! Let me also take this opportunity to strongly recommend two great books, “Cosmicomics” by Italo Calvino and the long out-of-print “Memories of Amnesia” by Lawrence Shainberg I’m not sure about the author’s name. A little girl emerges from the room, and the Samurai pats her on the head, before locking her in when more alarms go off.

You could look at it as Aeon’s fear of motherhood, and the kid as trying to get her over that which each repeated death so that she’ll relent and be his mom. She moves through times and cultures all those costumesonly to find she cannot escape her regrets. And that he referes to the dead bodies as”unborn” displays his view of linearity While all alone, she looks at the picture, which includes a guy and a brief case. A number of possible dualistic alternatives are set up — waking vs.


Actually another screening of Aeon is well over due for me, this ep especially I guess. He appears to be from an older,immortal, and powerful race. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a lot of the stuff the kid says here just seems plain weird to me.

Can anyone really explain chronophasia?

Is the radical denial of this fundamental assumption the conceptual shift which ultimately frees Aeon from her imprisonment in the temporal loop? He speaks of willing her something and bequeathing his inheritance. Her memories are ghosts and shadows, driving her mad, forcing her to let go of the life she had.

His eternal youth suggests as much. The entire episode prior to the baseball game might be a test of faith or she has to proove herself, and her reward is to have a normal life as a mom. The visions are clearly drawing on her experiences and knowledge of reality, up until the last two scenes at least, so perhaps everything that Trevor explained was already known to her.

But the boy states that this is not so “you have looked death twice in the face, but have not yet guessed it’s secret. Mirror Full Episode S 2: On a more surface note, but also interesting to me, is that this is one of two full- length episodes where Aeon’s hair is down and she wears something other than black or red leather. She is unconscious and about to die but is desparately trying to hang on to life. First off, you know how Aeon wakes up over and over on that rock slab, then sticks her fingers in that puddle of unknown fluid?

I am embarrassed it’s taken me so long to recognize and give you some praise for the one you did for AEon Flux which I never had “cinched” since at last as I see it now: They then begin their escape He rushes onto their base, and starts to kill a lot of them as with Aeon did with their people.

Bregna’s new leader Trevor Goodchild introduces his surveillance system, Gildemere discovers the truth about Clavius’s disappearance, and Trevor tries to pin a crime on Aeon.