There dose seem to be already an Episode 2 of this show although it’s not in English it’s called Hagure Yuusha no Estetica: And for the people who just aren t patient: Dec 27, Messages: Yes its true more sales would help. Aug 3, Jan 5, Messages: Sep 25,

What anime should i watch or do you recommend? Jul 7, Messages: Aesthetic of a rogue hero season 2? Dec 7, Messages: Mar 29, MegaDork , Oct 11, And for the people who just aren t patient:

Jul 7, Messages: Take a look at “Cavalry of a Failed Night”.

Jan 13, 3. I know its been two years since this anime came out, but ya gotta let it go. Big Story Trials Rising Review.

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Sep 28, Jan 13, 1. Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero. Jul 12, So many 1 posters, lol. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Dec 26, There dose seem to be sason an Episode 2 of this show although it’s not seaso English it’s called Hagure Yuusha no Estetica: Not that that’s a bad idea but until someone picks it up it’s better then crossing our fingers and keeping it in the back of our minds.


Go look and watch other animes to buy some time, or 2. May 2, Messages: I m so used to little, unable, wimpy, weakling for the main character in Japanese harem series but with this the main character is actually a true badass and doesn t have to rely on a everyone else to do the dirty work for him.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica season 2 news?

Who are all these people. Jul 8, I seriously don’t think a new season will come. I’ve lived in Japan for several years now, and quite frankly I’m surprised such an anime even got a first season.

I hope to God they make a 2nd season, it was just getting good for crying out loud. Apr 8, Messages: Aug 9, I thought they would make a second season but it seems like they didn t The manga is back on hiatus since releasing a new chapter.

I may just have to get the light novel, or read the manga adaptations. Hopefully seaxon season 2 for this.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 02 Eng Dub

Jun 3, May 3, While I wish for a second season as much as anyone else here, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Seems like a lot dhb people want a season 2. That’s a lot of clicks. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. What anime should i watch or do you recommend?


Jun 4, Jan 13, 4. Dnw1Jul 6, This thread will never die.

I loved it, I found it amazing but it’s made me hate most animes with a passion. But it mostly depends on the sales.

And since anime is based on what sells good in Japan Oct 18, MegaDorkOct 11, SzLyyOct 9, TheRogueNightJul 12, Sep 25, ClutchLikeObamaSep 11, Yeah, I especially loved the humor in dxd and the same for yamada’s first time. From what I’ve seen it’s sold about copies over in Japan.

Jan 13, 6. Apr 8, Dec 27, Finally a harem-esque anime where the guy is actually capable, and of course there’s hardly any news for a second season. Dec 26, Messages: Any good romance anime recommendations?