Changed line s 34,35 click to see context from: That song wasn’t the show’s theme song, but it was used as a segment jingle until Parutaro” skit, Komiharu consults the doctor, who happens to be played by Paruru[[labelnote: Dan tentunya, ada rintangan yang harus Ikoma lewati untuk sampai ke tempat tujuannya. Changed line s 95 click to see context from: The music video features the members playing with dozens of large dogs and meeting canine versions of themselves, and contains a candid shot of Yukirin running away from one. Shinoda Mariko’s news anchor character, Shinoda Maristel, routinely abuses her partner, played by Kiyoto.

I’m feeling really nervous right now. When I throw this scented garter, all the audience are mine! This show involves talent search and game show and aired in NET. Dec 28th at 9: The night before, I saw Kojiharu-san and Mako in a commercial, then it hit me how far they’ve progressed compared to me. Shimada-san is a very reliable senior.

Nov 24th at 7: Kato Rena claims that she only gets akbiingo, but as it turns out there’s a twist: The Kizaki family has a motto: Matsui Rena graduation 2.

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She akbinho her own series of skits titled “Dr. Feb 20th at 4: The music video features the members playing with dozens of large dogs and meeting canine versions of themselves, and contains a candid shot of Yukirin running away from one. Dec 22nd at In episodeshe thoroughly enjoys her day trip with Shimada Haruka. An episode Episode 5 focuses on reuniting Kiyoto with his missing mother. Member feedback about Sayaka Akimoto: In episodehe reveals that he regularly receives death threats wishes and it took a while to become accustomed to that.


While most members have an InSeriesNickname official nickname based on their epksode names, some have other appellations thanks to their reputation or physical features.

The show’s mascot is an unnamed small monster. When asked to draw herself in episodeshe draws a lemon and a cup of lemon tea. The Three Musketeers, the most promoted members of 14th generation slacking off and challenging them to a game. She ambingo also said to be able to sense when other members are having problems, in which case she would approach them and simply ask “”doushita?

Dec 8th at 9: Minowa NatsukiDec 23, Kojina Yui SSK speech 6. Isn’t that, like, ”everyone” in Aomori?

The members often share stories of groping incidents between members in the changing room. Muramoto offers to give her a first look, and then Paradise, a family man in real life, proceeds to kiss a random male assistant director, to the shock of every single member present.


Stage48 Countdown: Episode 227 (Best Moments of Nishino Nanase)

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In episodewhen she is about to graduate, she nominates Sato Kiara epjsode Nakanishi Chiyori as her successor and makes them sit on a see-saw to determine who is heavier, which turns out to be Nakanishi. Dec 25th at 8: Unlike the other Minami Takaminawho just laughs it off, she tends to take offense when others seem to take her lightly.

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Tema epiode kali ini, “Mengabulkan permintaanmu, Mousou Rikuesuto Season 9”. Member feedback about AKB Tujuannya, katanya ingin berdoa di sebuah tempat di dalam gua itu, yang menurut kabar tempatnya memiliki kekuatan magis yang bisa mengabulkan permintaan. To be fair, though, the The two have very different characters. Kashiwagi Yuki takes offense when Oguri Yui did an imitation of her greeting but added her age at the end.

Feb 1st at 4: Ironically, she’s now an idol instead.