May Allah reward you the best on behalf of this Ummah. This knowledge is the mother of any knowledge that any genius or intellectual among us would use to progress and lift this Ummah from its current status. Page 61 of Jordan, president nuri al-sae’eed of Iraq, king saud of Hijaz and Najd69, where all of them were hated by people. Before that government, there was the government of agent suleyman al-nabulsy, who got the trust of all members of parliament, including Ekhwan ones, except Sheikh Al-Dao’or. It was a funny story when lawyer “abdul-Khaleq yaghmoor” decided not to allow the Shabab to ask him any questions during one of his election speeches. The most famous among Islamic movements, other than the , before the appearance of Hizb utPage 51 of Tahrir was the movement of Al-Ekhwan Al- Muslemoon56, which is a movement with long history in comparison to other movements, as it was established by Hasan Abdur-Rahman Al-Banna watch-fixer , may Allah SWT rest him, during early 30’s of the 20th century, in Egypt. Leaflet of Weekly Commentary , which lasted for one year.

The Principle was mature in his mind at that stage, as “The Message of Arabs” illustrates, but it was just getting crystallized, and this crystallization needed further trimming, and whoever is hyper-sensitive in his search for truth is always in nonstop search and exploration. When they stick to their principle and stand fast, they will regain the Ummah’s trust in them. There is no problem in mentioning this incident, rather it must be mentioned and declared, and not saying this is simply hiding facts and history faking and contradictory to saying Haq in an outspoken manner. The second option is to deviate from its principle and get loose about it. The words and statements of Sheikh Ahmed in the parliament used to be printed in booklets with the Hizb’s unique cover page and distributed to people. Starting from episode 6, and upon getting the author’s full permission, I started to edit a little bit. In case there is any historical, political, intellectual or sharii deviation between this book and the adopted literature of Hizb ut-Tahrir, then for sure it has been committed by mistake and Hizb ut-Tahrir cannot be held responsible of it. The principle danger comes from the group’s trend, and the wish to meet its instantaneous requests.

This word evolved to become a term used by the followers of the Hizb to imply the members, as the Hizb states in its literature that all its members should carry the Dawah as energetic youth, regardless of their age. The majority of the Sheikh’s declarations and statements were printed and distributed to people, the most famous of which is Refutation of Civil Law.

The Dawah so soon realized in individual and was felt by people, and the Hizb started to hope for the society to carry the Dawah with it, thus lessons in mosques and lectures were wide-spread… and there was the first conflict with authorities. In such circumstances, the Hizb will be in-between two burning options: Rather, it worked as much as it can to allow simple persons, laymen, workers and labors to its ranks.

I recall these memories, and every time I take the pencil to write them down my tears start to run on their own for their memories, thus I recall some and forget many.

Saeed Ramadhan, came fast from Egypt. He had his hand paralyzed and his body totally weakened due to the severe torture the tyrants implemented on him.

Five of the leaders of Al-Ekhwan won: Myself hated their intellectual arguments, not their evidence but the topic of their evidence, and I used to see their sayings after months or meeting with them, reading their books and listening to their explanations, I used to see their sayings as intellectual dirt, and their evidence as if they sink into realistic dirt.

Thus, when the Hizb interacts with the public, providing it with the Hizb’s opinions and thoughts, working hard to rectify its concepts, to revive the Islamic Aqeeda in it, and to create honest atmosphere and good public customs, through the Hizb’s concepts, which requires calling and campaigning and advertising, to gather people around it on the basis of principle, in a way that would strengthen the Ummah’s belief in the principle, and create trust in Hizb’s concepts, and respect and appreciation towards it, and carry the Ummah to the status of willingness to obey and work.


Crises that almost destroyed the Hizb, Sticking to principles Page 42 of Iraqi borders with Syria.

Al Araf Adel Imam Episode 1

Thus, all statements and interpretations in the text belong to the author, and those in footnotes belong to me. The second option is to zl from its principle and get loose about it. During the interrogation session before imamm, intelligence sergeant al-hosany in the police station in Al-Khaleel, in the street of Bab Al- Zawyah, threatened the elderly man Yaseen Al- Joneidy to rape him if he doesn’t cooperate, which our brother used to criticize them and inflame the feelings aedl people against those thugs, getting to the balcony of the police station which overlooks the area of taxi cars, calling the people and asking for their help: In Amman, the same was imm after Asr prayer in the big Husseiny Mosque.

Page 88 of Due to the increasing interest in the Hizb and its audience, and epusode of the fierce intellectual struggle that caused big bang and extreme interaction in the society, with flood of new recruits, the government issued a law on Thus, the Hizb took the decision in November to conduct a general experiment, using a very strong arsf in a very ordinary leaflet, and the Hizb insisted on the means strongly. The Leaflet of Delivery of West Bank Page 39 of partisan stands due of which they were chased, arrested and jailed for various times.

On the other hand, if the Hizb leads the public before the completion of interaction with it and before it creates public opinion in the Ummah, then its leadership will not be that of the principle rulings and ideas, rather it will be by diagnosing the feelings of the Ummah, inflaming its sympathy and emotions, and leading it to believe that it can acquire its wishes soon.

Also, the sentence being repeated by the kids of Ekhwan of leave them, they will end where the Ekhwan started and that Shaheed Seyyid Qutub said it, this sentence is untruthful and they made it up for cheap propaganda, and they were alerted several times that it’s a lie.

They were sentences for 1 year of compulsory residence with the necessity to visit the police station 4 times a day and never leave home during night. epiaode

Ramadan 2018 series starring Emam, Youssef to air on Saudi TV

As during the beginning of the establishment of the Hizb, Sheikh Al-Badry and his friends had heard the news of the establishment of the Hizb in Al-Quds, thus they came from Baghdad to Al-Quds questioning and searching. When they stick to their principle and stand fast, they will regain the Ummah’s trust in them. Salla Allahu alayhi Wassalam: Similar houses of condolences were set in Amman and elsewhere too.

May Allah rest you, O Abu Talat, you were our teacher and big sheikh, one of the pioneers in the Hizb, the companion of Abu Ebraheem and Abu Yusuf in the Dawah and before it, you slapped the Hizb and its challenge in the face so badly, you let down the Ummah that had put its hope in the Hizb so badly, and you were awarded by “hasan alkateb” as he had promised you with an elegant position; the manager of the house of 66 Rasool: Rather, he must always stick to principle and state it fearlessly… the Messenger of Allah SAW Page of came to the world with his message in a challenging and outspoken manner, believing in the absolute Haq that he calls for, challenging the whole world with it, declaring war on all people with no consideration of habits or traditions or religions or creeds or rulers or public, he cared about nothing but the message of Islam, as he was the one to be offensive against Quraysh98 mentioning their gods and criticizing them, and challenged them in their beliefs and deemed them ridiculous… so the Dawah carrier must be, outspoken and challenging of everything: Page 9 of Arabic.


It was so funny and tragic at the same time, as I cannot imagine Mr.

إنجليزي | Mansha Jajja –

And it only increased them in faith and submission. After that the halaqa of limited number started, as known nowadays regarding its shape and organization, where it’s not allowed to eat or drink unless water. This meant that the body of the Hizb cannot handle striking the relationships in a non-stop manner; in other words: Page 8 of reader to understand the point and get ijam idea, nothing else.

While, when the fire is caught by wet sticks, it spreads out so slowly, but hardly goes away. When we present these memories, we present them to you o youth of Hizb ut-Tahrir: The first interest that was adopted by the Hizb was the visit of pope of vatican to Al-Quds in the years of s — I don’t recall the year exactly — where the Hizb exposed dpisode real target of that visit, which was making Al-Quds an international affair, and the Hizb decided to foil this american plot by all means.

Few months later some of the Shabab, around 10, were arrested for the charge of adrl in Hizb ut-Tahrir, among them: The danger of having new joiners because of wild emotions is a proven danger.

What I have sought of publishing these memories has not been the historical narration of a giant Hizb, and has not been to keep the records of those great sheikhs, or rather genius figure men, otherwise I would have never given them what they deserve. Its members are well-known with their rudeness, dullness, stupidity, roughness and extreme love to the ruling regime.

The fox started to play the role of an advising saint, that’s when our brother Sheikh Saleh, Abu Maa’moon, said to him: The number of Shabab who were sent to this prison is huge.

This Page of was like jewelry to the body of the Hizb, where the faith of believers became sound and stable, regardless of anything. The Sheikh was born in the village of Ejzim in in a house of knowledge and 18 The Blessed Lands: This young man was one of my best friends in schools, and it was difficult for arwf like him to be close to any one.

Thus, it sent to the minister of internal affairs “informing news” through the governor of Al-Quds, dated Ways to knock on society’s door — Launch Point.

How petty it is for some people to unjust themselves and how petty it is for someone to place himself as a rock in the episoe of a call to adhere to the rules of Islam. The establisher and coordinator of the episove team was out brother Mr. This means that we have taken our Dawah to the darkness of nightmares, with fear excuses, turning to the status of silent Satans, which is intolerable for the Epispde by any means.

He worked in the field of Sharii education in the ministry of education until the yearwhen he moved to practice the Sharii judicial profession. And you want me not to pray, O man? When the arab union was established between Jordan and Iraq, as a response to the unity between Egypt and Syria, ebraheem hashem was appointed prime minister of the union, maybe because he was too old.