Retrieved from ” https: Be the first one to add a plot. Love is in the air Feride doesn’t want to listen to Mahir. His fears though are that his, Turgut and Cetin’s shady business might be exposed. Malik gets upset and assaults Raj who slaps Malik, security then restrains Malik. Faizal reluctantly gets the samosas, Farzanah states that while making samosas she dropped a hijab pin in them. Al kabaday season 3.

Ayten believe that she cheated on her because Mahir didn’t come home that night. When Cemil reveals who has hired him to follow them, both Mahir and Feride received the shock of their lives. His fears though are that his, Turgut and Cetin’s shady business might be exposed. Tony watches the news on television and then goes to the shop to find Zack who regains consciousness and tells him that Malik has been kidnapped. The Beginning Of The End “. Mahir cannot explain his absence from Feride’s father’s birthday dinner.

Malik’s tired of being the talk of the town, but since he is – it’s time to let everyone know wagwan! Grandad breaks wind, Malik leaves after receiving a text message from Isaac, while Grandad talks about Bangladesh. Mahir gets back into dangerous paths in order to take back the money for Halil’s surgery. Know what this is about? Mahir escapes from the a, of Berdan the snake. Mahir, who is unaware of Turgut’s investigation, is trying to convince Feride that his father was tortured and signed the confession under duress.

Turgut has been successful in turning actions for his benefit and even convinces Feride to sign Nazif’s detention. Use the HTML below. When Mahir goes to see his mother as Salih Ipek, she recognizes him.


Mosalsal al kabaday 3 ep 9 online 9 مسلسل القبضاي الموسم 3 الثالث حلقة

On Nazif’s trial day, Geveze Ahmet, one of the key witnesses to the trial, is shot in front of the court before being able to testify. After Malik catches him out about his age, Dan justifies this by saying he was born on a ql year in Nigeria. The series is created by Islah Abdur-Rahman and consists of continuous episodes uploaded on his YouTube channel CornerShopShow, following the adventures of kabaay young man’s transition to fill his father’s shoes after becoming the custodian of a family business.

All evidence that might prove his father’s kaaday are destroyed and Mahir sees no other way than to testify at his father’s trial with surprising outcome. We Have Bigger Concerns “. Malik tells him he will look for him, find him and slap him. Ayten’s world falls apart when she sees Mahir and Feride hand in hand. But when Riaz calls Malik, Mia tells Malik she will see him in two hours for the inspection.

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Malik’s older brother, Samad Ameet Chanaarrives from Dubai after five years, tells Malik that he is doing a poor job, reminds him of dropping out of college and acting like a thug. Man Like Malik “.

In an attempt to find Nazif, Orhan gets shot. Get Your Facts Straight “. By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop. After she demands customer service, Malik helps carry her shopping and she requests he delivers it to Manchester.

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She first visits the shop and then she goes to the market. Turgut has treacherous plans in mind using this beautiful girl.


Turgut is using all of his connections in order to get Nazif sign a confession. Retrieved from ” https: Why should I share my scoops? Malik is in a tough ultimatum to work alongside enemies to save his brother-in-law.

Tony catches the rat and as Mia leaves the shop, he takes it out the back of the shop only for it to run into Mia’s car. Madame le proviseur film complet Lyapunov exponent financial time series Xin zhao build guide season 4 Jai ganesha cartoon movie Download naruto episode sub indonesia Hunter x hunter streaming vf episode Turgut, who is now certain that Mahir is there on a kabadya mission, is looking for ways of ridding himself of Mahir.

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Melis films Epieode attempting to sell washing up powder to Mr. Rohim pleads to be freed, Maliks agrees with Saleem to free him, and offers Rohim a job at the shop, which he accepts.

Season 1 Edit. Turgut is forced to change his plans again and comes up with an even more vicious plot. Rules Are Rules “. Orhan falls more and more into the trap of Necdet and even helps him with 41 shady business. Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault.

Be the first one to add a plot. Mahir works with his father in their shoemakers shop.