I still don’t know the precise derivation of “beanie” here, and I gather that AB is actually less reliant on extraordinary coincidence, incredible stupidity, and such, than most, but while I may come to love them as part of the charm of TNs, for now beanie moments tend to irritate me and I think too many would make it difficult for me to remain sufficiently invested in the characters to sustain prolonged immersion. Beautiful setting and very sensuous opening credits. Translation is not really that helpful in learning the target language. That simply isn’t true. Karen, glad to help. Camila does not share this trait with her mom at all, and seems to be exceptionally good at going with the flow. And Nanette and Audrey, thanks for the Fios and Hulu information. It would be horrible for Sra.

Daniel anuncia ante todos que se van a casar. Do you only want drama, or do you like comedy too? She pigeon holes people and she doesn’t handle changes in people’s status very well — Pablo, Amanda, Nat and Dan are all examples of that. Camila le dice a Dionisio que quiere despedir a Andres y buscar otro chofer, todo para despistarlo. She has NO authority! Agustina has shown flashes of intelligence before.

Camila y Daniel separados

They were lousy at promoting it; lousy at finding an appropriate time for it; and then stupidly pulled it completely with no information for viewers about the fate of the show. Looks like they pulled it off of YouTube. We have indeed come a long way. Gussie then did begin refer to D’Andres as “The Chofer”. Mariano continues to let Pablo know he loves him. Or is that asking too much of even this fine group of writers? But hopefully, later when she’s more calm, she’ll think back to their reactions and put ammor pieces together.


Luz is in agreement with Pablo about moving. Gussie wasn’t at wmor cold episoce Piedad this episode about Luzma–she just told Piedad that the credit for Luzma’s stay belongd to Camila. He treats her badly, ignores her needs sexual and otherwiseand insults her. While this is still hypocritical, it justified in her view their premarital relations.

What I saw at the site was Cayetonto’s claim that Hissadora “es una mujer que me ha demostrado que es dena sa pieza. Also, for the bravik consecutive Friday, the network ranked 1 on Friday among Adults and Adults I also noticed the playing with the baby and thought it seemed too soon and out of place. This week’s episodio’s has had my head spinning.

And Nanette and Audrey, thanks for the Fios and Hulu information. Do they want Dan to leave Camila?? Gussy’s on my last nerve.

I am also thinking that Abe will come around and help them bring down Dio. She would have died, says Miriam, if something had happened to him.

On it are Vivi’s backstory which is similar to yoursassumptions and recent revelations going backwards, not forwards. That most certainly makes Augustina a hypocrite in addition to everything else.

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Miriam consigue las vacunas contra el cabrex. True, Osvaldo is a wonderful man and a good catch but there just wasn’t the spark there to interest Gussie. Nat might be pregnant. Where did I put that bottle of brain bleach? The marriage proposal in Las Vegas did take her by surprise, but, as old fashioned as she is, she jumped at the idea of a tacky wedding episofe a Las Vegas amot.


I think her attitude is the standard pre-feminism one of women being either madonnas or whores with nothing in between. I was actually able to sleep Friday night. I didn’t like seeing El Diablo present at the meeting of Camila and Abe. Do they all have to be at the hacienda together? Though I appreciate the Stones more now that I’m older. The cession of property is only temporary. He may even plan her arrest to be rid of her and further isolate Camila.

Did Dio set up Miriam for a shock? I find it remarkable how much depth they have given all the characters. What purpose does she possible serve in this novela or on the planet??? He probably had no influence over the process, but knew how long it took. He is feeling something for Miriam, but not enough to physically or emotionally “cheat on” Cam. It took me a while to realize grasping the context was more important than word-for-word translation and this blog really helped me get over that.

That should be Misol-Ha. It isn’t online anymore that I can find since barvio blabbed about posting it.