Tujha Ni Majha Jamena. Janma Dila Maj Jyani. Ruturaj Aaj Vani Aala. On the fifth day of Brahmotsavam , Venkateshwara is dressed as Mohini and paraded in a grand procession. To humble them, Shiva takes the form of an attractive young beggar Bhikshatana and Vishnu becomes Mohini, his wife. Rahu , an Asura, disguises himself as a god and tries to drink some Amrita himself. Divas Aajacha Asach Gela. He will then fight him and defeat him.

Dhan Sampada Na Lage. Swarthi Pasara Sara Jagi. Man Ho Ram Rangi. Terms of Use Contact About. Her narration was like a commentary and as she took us forward the children did lovely acting and presented the scene. Mand Mand Ye Samir. Svarga Mala Subhag Aaj.

While the sages fall for Mohini, their women wildly chase Shiva. He was born on 11th January to Smt.

The name Mohini comes from the verb root mohameaning “to enchant, perplex, or disillusion,” [1] [2] and literally means “delusion personified. Anrut Kariti Lagna Majhe.

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Swamini Samatanandaji was the comperer. Nishi Dini Mani Dharila. Parichit Jo Ya Rasikajana. Baal Ja Maj Bolavena. With his wonderful redition, he brings in emotion of love and divine energy at the place of concert. On doing so, Bhasmasura is reduced to ashes. Nase Jit Paha Senani. He Prabho Vibho Agadha.


Adhama Keli Raksha Mama. Mhalsa is often depicted with two arms and accompanying Khandoba on his horse or standing besides him. Dhan Sampada Na Lage. So, Monini prays to goddess Tripurawho grants half of her beauty to Vishnu, begetting the Mohini-form. The prelude of the Ramakienthe Thai version of drrama Ramayanathe demon Nontok is charmed and killed by Mohini-Vishnu.

Dhav Ghali Vithu Aata. Ish Chinta Nivaril Sari. Mohini-astra seductionSudarshana Chakra. Under the guidance of Ashram Mahatmas the children had worked hard and prepared the skit in just two days.

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Madivari Chal Ga Gade. Nemiyale Maj Shatru Jayala. Bhasmasura is so taken by Mohini that he asks her to marry him.

Mhatara Ituka Na Avaghe. Tu Yeta Sakhi Majhya. Achala Vichala Davil Tav.

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Hridayi Dhara Ha Bodha. Swarthi Pasara Sara Jagi.

Prema Tichya Upama Nohe. Ya Nav Naval Nayanotsava. Ajitkumar Kadkade has given many performances and has been invited by many prestigious organization in India as well as abroad in places like USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia. This article needs additional or more specific categories. Saukhya Purna Devo Tumha.


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Women, androgynes, and other mythical beasts. As the consort of Khandoba, her chief temple – the Mohiniraj temple – is located at Nevasawhere she is worshiped as a four-armed goddess and identified with Mohini. Aravan frama to become the sacrificial victim for the Kalappali “sacrifice to the battlefield” to ensure the victory of the Pandavashis father, and his uncles.

Hiding below the ocean covered in white bed-sheets, they surfaced slowly as their name was announced. Official Government site of Chamba district. Shiva returns with Umayangana’s consent to find the female-Vishnu pregnant, who sends him back to get permission to bring a pregnant woman home.

They offered flowers to Poojya Guruji and Swamini Amitanandaji whose birthday was also on this day. Bhumi Jal Tej Pavaman. Menu Skip to content. Sawala Var Bara Gaur.