Lilah is subsequently put in charge of Special Projects. He refuses and instead takes part in a dangerous trial , attempting to buy her a second chance. What to read next. But he proves that he’s truly not a coward, because he does go back. After an empty night of passion with Darla, Angel wakes up with his soul still intact and has an epiphany. Angel attempts to help a girl with telekinetic powers before she falls into the hands of Wolfram and Hart.

She admitted that the pain was ever increasing as time went on, but that it was her job to use them to help people. They agree to do so, but not without some hesitation and doubt about trusting him again. Rebel Leader Danan Pere List of Angel episodes. Full Cast and Crew. Contner also co-producer directed the highest number of episodes in the second season, directing three episodes.

Instead, he undertakes a series of mystical ordeals in which he must ultimately sacrifice his own life for hers. Views Read Edit View history.

Silas tells his fellow priests that the princess has requested paper so she can write proclamations and do good for Pylea. Wes and Gunn join up with the rebel forces, Cordy tries to save Lorne, and Angel has to overcome the demon inside of him. Scripts for “Darla” and “Disharmony” are included. The Futon Critic named ” Reunion ” the 20th best episode of After firing his staff seeason cutting himself off from all help, Angel takes on Darla and Drusilla.

As the scene ended, what did Angel ask Landok about? It was unknown whether Fred was speaking directly to Angel or was making a wish out loud, but she said ‘make it quick’.

Top 30 Favourite Angel Episodes.

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Heavily guarded, Cordelia worries about mating with the demon, until Silas introduces the Groosalugg, who is a handsome and muscular young male. Thankfully, the Deathwok clan could live through a beheading, until their body had been mutilated. In season five, the real life powers that be required the series to have more stand alone episodes. You didn’t do anything.


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Yes No Report this. Angel assumed Lorne was dead, and when Landok showed them all his head, they began to mumble vague niceties about Lorne. Gunn is hesitant to go when Wes says that they might never be able to get back to earth.

Willow comes to L. Gunn and Wesley try to convince the rebels that they know the princess and suggest they use them to sfason her.

She ran away once they got off the horse they rode off on. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: One of Wolfram and Hart’s “senior partners” is coming yplea visit, and Angel is determined to take it out.

Index Newest Popular Best. Angel TV series Angel season 2 episodes American television seasons American television seasons. Winifred Burkle Brody Hutzler Goofs When Angel begins to gather brush to cover the car after arriving in Pylea, a boom mic can clearly be seen on the upper-right edge of the screen. Angel meets a Swami to end his obsession with Darla.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Angel season 2 List of Angel episodes. Season 2 – Best to Worst.

Throughout ‘Over The Rainbow’ Cordelia was referred to as a cow. Want to Make a Cult Classic? They escape but Cordelia cannot. While perusing the castle library, Wesley discovers “the cursed one” will have to perform something called a “com-shuk” with a Groosalugg.

It takes a while before Wesley can recognize Angel’s tattoo. Retrieved August 10, After an empty night of passion with Darla, Angel wakes up with his soul still agnel and has an epiphany.

In the next shot, Wesley is on the right, and the other person is on the left.


Lorne takes Angel to his family’s house, where Lorne’s cousin Landok identifies Angel as a hero. Because I pardoned you, and they wanted to teach me a lesson. The other runs and Angel takes off as well, leaving Fred frightened and alone.

Four Reasons to Revisit the ‘Angel’ Pylea Arc, 15 Years Later

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Also, Wesley and Gunn manage to escape from the castle only to end up as captives of human Pylean rebels plotting to overthrow the monarchy. Last updated Feb 26 Use the HTML below. Angel attempts to help a girl with telekinetic powers before she falls into the angell of Wolfram and Hart. Featurettes include, “Making up the Monsters”, which details the make-up design; “Inside the Agency” is a set tour of various sets; “Stunts” details the choreography of the stunts; and “Season 2 Overview” is a summary of the season featuring interviews with cast and crew members.

Groo explained to Cordy that his demon blood could carry the burden of the visions. Charles Gunn Andy Hallett Shawn Ryan was hired for the season and also served amgel a producer. Angel goes undercover with Gunn to prevent a mind-altering Shroud from falling into the wrong hands.

Over the Rainbow

Start With a Classic Cult. While the group tries to track down vampires, Cordelia gets a surprise visit from her high school friend Harmony. And are humans really so frequent an occurrence on Pylea that they have a vibrant slave base? I just want to go home.