Fire one more straight ahead through the remaining snow blocks. My high score of I got lobbing high through the verticals wood on left and cleaning up the right. Under the rock but two shots. This is on an iPad, fully zoomed in Just to the left and slightly above the OB in the slingshot is a bright 5-pointed star. I ended up with my one decent score by sending first one over the right side of the pig on the BIONIC ice bank which crashed through one of the bottom right vertical wooden planks and landed nicely in the pocket. At least it gives you a reference point to adjust your aim.

It has been tons of fun getting there. With a little bit of luck, debris can trigger both tnts, clearing the level. Today I tried again and on my second attempt the TNT lifted but drifted to the right, exploding near the bottom right hollow block. Finally was able to break the K I had for the longest time. It should then fall perfectly in between the stones, so let it inflate on its own. And ty ppl for the strats ,i have some work to do ,im still in the ,s. Thanks for sharing, and I hope this helps.

With a little bit of luck, debris can trigger both tnts, clearing the level. Not even up to average yet. Only k though.

Of course I know there are nesters who are absolutely supreme with this game. Hello Chris and welcome to ABN, please be kind enough to observe our Rules and Regulations by not posting scores on the walkthrough comment pages, we have Leaderboards for that purpose.


Great strategy, I gotthis way. I think my subconscious made me forget about it.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham 1-6 Walkthrough 3-Star

But that may wnoderham be the frustration talking. I use the star behind, lining up the birds tail. I have been playing this strategy constantly for 3 or 4 hours, the difference between my 2 posts, and have played hundreds of games.

Second shot was right under the white blocks, expanding on impact, for a total ofThanks xebic88 for the mention. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our wintee rates. Thanks for the gift Sal9 — Will have to try some more later today.

OB has a red feather sticking out right from his head. I have been at this level for a week! There is a chance for me after all.

Its odd but once you have done it a couple of times it feels like it is a natural shot. This is the last thing I need before I can 3-star all levels and open the 3-star ornament.

Aww windwalker and redzym you both make me blush! Got me a one birdy and a score of I can add tips for the iPhone, which appears to have the star located slightly farther away from the sling than the iPad. This will allow the bird to pass cleanly through the wooden box with the TNT. Did get a one birder by flinging high and onto wonverham snow and exploding at base but only yielded anvry, this way.


Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Walkthrough 3-Star – Видео Dailymotion

I just fling and pray. The entire day trying to copy you shot but until now… Great shot anyway, congratulations!

Luck is definitely the key factor. I hate this level!!!! I had some extra time this AM so thought to try my hand finger really at these new levels. I also thank all the others who have posted above prior to the video to help me improve and obtain a better score ofThe red feather needs to be just above the star, and the black tip of his beak wapkthrough to be just visible on the star, on the upper right point.

Activate first bird before he gets to far to the right, activate second bird right after he plows through the snow — just in front of e TNT.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

This was a tough one, e-star. It took a while to get the level going as you said, but I understood every detail and got a k score. Two Bird — 3 stars: Should clear the lot.