Retrieved August 18, Maria adds religious references, in which the samurai takes the mysterious girl into a church to be cleansed from her stench, only for her to disintegrate for being a vampire. Television series Tenchi Universe El-Hazard: Anime and Manga portal. It follows a group of misfits who have trouble making friends and form the Neighbors Club with the goal of making friends. Kodaka brings up the idea of a fortune telling booth, so Yozora considers it and notes that one can simply make up lies. The next day, Sena cries to Kodaka about Pegasus Kashiwazaki disciplining her for the hairstyle, which Kodaka discreetly approves. Yozora spams Sena’s cellphone and becomes jealous when Sena comes to Kodaka for help.

Archived from the original on October 1, During the game, Yozora overlevels her stats and rejects the males that approach her, finding the game to be stupid. Views Read Edit View history. Yukimura initially feels sad that her chances of becoming a male are gone, but later feels happy when Kodaka still allows her to be his servant. Kodaka is skeptical of the club’s objectives but joins Yozora in posting recruitment posters. After Yozora’s plagiarism is brought to light, the club members decide to go with a script Sena has written instead. Yusa Aoi appears and is jealous of Kodaka and Sena.

Kodaka wakes up with Kobato in his bed after bkku dream about his childhood friend, who he did not get to say goodbye to before he moved. Kodaka tries to get Yukimura to stop serving him as he is not worthy, but Yukimura states that even without the club, she will still look up to him.

They try to do karaoke as a group, but Yozora and Sena rent individual booths. Kodaka decides that they should disregard it bboku keep it a secret from Yozora. The series of one-shot stories Haganai: Kodaka and Kobato arrive just in time for dinner. It follows a group of misfits who have trouble making friends and form the Neighbors Club with the goal ankme44 making friends. Everything goes well in the sukuni as they gain abilities and level up.

The Neighbors Club have a party to celebrate end of exams, and play the king game. As Kodaka and Sena eat lunch, he finds it strange that Sena likes her nickname “Meat”.


He meets with Rika who asks him about what he thinks of Sena and about a situation of a struggling lonely person. In the bonus chapter, Sena and Yozora engage in some non-verbal sparring as they wait in front of the school for Kodaka.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai: I don’t have many friends) –

Tenchi Universe El-Hazard: As the sun sets, Kodaka finds Sena on the porch and comforts her, again lying when he says that did not see her naked. Maria and Kate show up to join Kodaka and Kobato, with Maria also bringing Kobato a key as a joke of a tomdachi. Kodaka questions Sena and Yozora’s choice of responses.

Joined by the eroge-loving Sena Kashiwazaki, and other eccentric outcasts, Kodaka may finally have managed to find people he can call friends, in this club filled with hilarious oddballs.

Suzuno is very excited to show that she has managed to buy a transit IC card this one is Suica inspired from the vending terminal at Shinjuku Station. Anime and Manga portal. Later, Kodaka meets Maria’s older sister, Kate Takayamawho tells him tonodachi Maria has changed since joining the Neighbors Club, particularly that Maria studies all the time, making her isolated from the world. They don virtual-reality glasses and blku a prototype role-playing video game called Romancing Saga Prefecture.

February 5, [17]. Yozora and Sena constantly get in each other’s way, leading all three of them to fail the mission.

Weekly Review of Transit, Place and Culture in Anime 44

Novel author Hirasaka Yomi has announced on his official website that a live action film project of light novel Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai has been underway.

However, Yozora quickly gets defeated by Sena, who wants to participate in the school festival.

She comes across Eiji Nagatani, a delinquent character in the game, and takes interest in him, though ends up downhearted when she winds up with a sad ending. Retrieved December 16, Retrieved Sukunqi 15, Destruction Gall Force 3: Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit?


Feeling they do not have much to do today, Kodaka suggests that everyone participate in a round-robin storyin which everyone takes turns writing a chapter of a novel.

Yozora decides that the first Neighbors Club activity is to play an action role-playing game dealing with hunting monsters to improve their friendship.

However, the boss stage does not go tomodacni, because Maria falls asleep and goes offline. April 5, [17]. They ponder doing a maid cafe with the girls taking turns trying to serve Kodaka.

July 20, [8]. Episodes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Kodaka sees Yozora drink orange juice and asks about her past when she choked on soda, making Sena and Rika suspicious. Later that night, Sena asks Kodaka about his confidence with the exams and invites him over to her house to study. Sena reveals she does not mind the insulting nickname because it is the first time she had ever received one.

Later that night, Kodaka’s little sister, Kobato Hasegawafeels jealous that Kodaka is spending more time with the Neighbors Club than with her. TheArchangel All reviews people found this review helpful. When Sena tells Yozora that her childhood friendship with Kodaka is irrelevant, Yozora reacts harshly and bursts out the clubroom in tears.

Yozora, Sena, Rika and Yukimura go with Kodaka to the mall in order to pick out a present for Kobato’s birthday, despite each wanting to go alone with him. As Maria and Kate take their leave the next morning, Kate wishes that Kodaka was more than her “big brother” and gives an obscure hint about Kodaka’s supposed relationship with Sena.

Retrieved August 18, However, she soon retorts that Maria does not qualify as a club advisor since she was never a real sister. August 23, [8].

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