If you want to watch subs, though which are still pretty freaking hilarious , you can watch them on funimation’s youtube account. Not sure why they haven’t released it online, but I’m sure it won’t take too much longer I hope. Though it is sad to say that Black Butler, which I was almost done watching, has been removed. I’ve never been interested in it though. Krescent and calmchaos like this. Ouran Highschool Host Club 3.

Hetalia, the name coming from a mix of the words hetare the Japanese word for useless and Italia the Italian word for Italy , is a show that essentially gives life to all the different nations and details their relations via comedy. Brijesha , Oct 13, I love soul eater, black butttler, my brides a mermaid, d-gray man and fairy tail. But she notes that they’ve been spending less time together lately, and that she feels lonely. The last anime I was watching was Princess Tutu, which I didnt finish. What is Hetalia about?

The Law of Ueki Series

FRuits basket is a good anime happy at friend sad at the end they turn to animals and if u love hot anime guys then there in Fruits basket 2.

It’s like the only anime amazon ever recommends to me. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

It’s like netflix, exept it has anime only in all languages. Is Hetalia world series over? A flustered England answers that of course it’s “delicious”, though a caption reading “tasteless” appears besides him. Ouran High School Host Club 3. Darker than Black If they aren’t, they probably have subtitles. Hetalia Hetaalia Series Episode 7.

This OVA series preaches of intriquing storylines and fantastic artwork, each from a different artist.


I have both those movies memorized though, Ive seen them soo many times. It sucks, I know. Liechtenstein approaches Switzerland in the hallway, asking that he accept a gift she made seties him as a token of her feelings and in appreciation for everything he’s done for her. Oh, but it’s not in English.

Well lucky for you, I don’t have any qualms about that sort of thing. If it doesn’t grab you, just switch to another one until you find one that does.

Switzerland remarks on how peaceful it is, Liechtenstein agreeing with him.

But there’s an app called Animania on a website that if u just look up the name I just listed it’ll come up. At least The Room has some cheesy lines of dialogue which are made even hetaliq thanks to Tommy Wiseau’s acting.

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The only anime I’ve been watching recently is Hetalia. Good anime and English dub don’t go together very well. Negima Magister Negi Magi Black Blood Brothers But the two are epiisode and literally split apart as the screen splits down the middle, as the narrator explains that Austria’s boss began to treat Switzerland as his own property.

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World The main characters, in the first series with a little less emphasis in the second series, are the nations that formed the Axis powers, Japan, Italy, and Germany. It gets a little confusing but that’s the fun of it. Also, on Netflix there are other animes I haven’t watched like: Austria replies that it’s weird, as he was born to fight but always winds up the same way, with Switzerland always there to pick him up.


Hetalia, the name coming from a mix of the words hetare the Japanese word for useless and Italia the Italian word for Italyis a show that essentially gives life to all the different nations and details their relations via comedy. Le Chevalier D’eon After all, the question is KaldeonOct 11, Now, in limbo, he chooses to live again; but will he really live any differently than before?

Episode 25

Hetalia, 255 the other hand, has absolutely nothing going for it. Do ankmeratio already have an account? Only Yesterday is significant among progressive anime films in that it explores a genre traditionally thought to be animerztio the realm of animated subjects.

Its a bit gory sometimes but its also got some romance in it, but if u fall for Soul brace urself for episodes 7 and 8, its considered a very violent, dark, imaganative, quirky, and a bit perverted. Switzerland sits on his bed and reads out the “Thank you” note that Liechtenstein left on the package. I would rather watch the Japanness version All the voices are great in Japanness!!!!

Englandwalking down a dirt path through the woods, flashes back to when France mocked him for having no friends. Oh, and the way to find it is to search by the author’s name “Naoki Urasawa”.

You have an option par for eniglish and subbed. Ghost Hunt is one of my favorites Log in or Sign up.