Nov 29, Girish rated it it was ok Shelves: For this her aunt I enjoyed Fasting, Feasting enough to finish it but can’t really say it is was one of my favourite reads. Published February 3rd by Vintage first published Whether it is suicide or murder is unclear. Desai is a keen observer of human behavior. Being a freethinker, I liked how Mira-masi Uma’s aunt was a pilgrim who devoted herself to religion or more specifically,to her chosen deity, to her Lord Shiva and despite all that , she was no saint at all. Both girls are seen as burdens to be disposed of and you could say they were betrayed.

We are left with great sympathy for Uma and her simple kindness as she survives as best she can in a not altogether friendly world. On the second her parents accept her marriage on behalf of her before finding out later that their dowry has been spent and the engagement is cancelled. And the family never sits together for a meal. In both, she suggests, family life is a complex mixture of generosity and meanness, license and restriction: After much hard work, Arun wins a scholarship to study in America. Uma resembles the good, frustrated woman in a Victorian novel, which is unsurprising given this family’s traditional structure.

However some of his observations on American culture rang acutely true. Dec 31, Wanxuansoh rated it liked it.

In flashbacks scattered through the novel’s first part, we gradually see how Uma arrived at this imprisoned state. Trapped between border and Constitution. I also like the writing style that Desai utilizes. I began it, very excited after reading the introduction and began to like it more and more with every page, until when something changed and made me feel like I do while reading every other internationally acclaimed book by an Indian author, like it’s missing something and that they’re trying too hard and being too elusive and ambiguous.


She seems to maintain optimism throughout her ordeals.

You’re just picking up information, thinking about what was presented, continue reading, and repeating the cycle. It would definitely recommend this book to others. And then the part two of the novel, it was a little incomprehensible to me.

Fasting, Feasting

No trivia or quizzes yet. Jun 03, Jonathan Pozzi rated it it was amazing.

Two cultures are explored in this text, the Indian and the American. The heroine is not a fascinating woman but a plain, nice and simple one and I liked that, I liked being able to understand her and to see her as a person rather than a two-dimension character. Mama is protective, perhaps selfish, and not a little indolent.

We are also told of the episode of Anamika’s Uma’s feastiny sad fate. Wish me luck in my exam okay? Because Arun comes from India to go to school, I was intrigued by the culture shock that he experiences.

Mom does all the shopping and cooking to feed the unappreciative men and the daughter who cannot eat.

“Fasting, Feasting” by Anita Desai

They go out onto the veranda and sink onto the swing which seems to rock upon an ocean of heavy, sultry air that heaves with the expected monsoon. Quiet and expressionless, Arun has been vegetarian since childhood, to the dismay of his parents, who see it as weak and old-fashioned.


Probably for the Western world, it might be informative. At the core of her story are two families based in these two parts. This book is not for those who enjoy plot driven novels full of action or even conclusions. Patton he sees similarities with his own mother. I have “nothing to apologize for”.

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The father then lifts each slice, placing it ceremoniously in his mouth. Nevertheless, this did not detract from my enjoyment of a wonderful piece of writing.

Apr 22, megan freeburn rated it it was amazing. Given great care and attention, Fzsting studies to the point of exhaustion every night under the supervision of a forceful Papa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

“Fasting, Feasting” by Anita Desai |

Interesting in the beginning. Whether it is suicide or murder is unclear. While apparently close, the family are actually distant from one another, something very different from Arun’s fastign of family life in India. Which guides should we add? But what of Arun, the disabled boy? Trivia About Fasting, Feasting. She is put upon by them at every turn, preparing food, running errands. Views Read Edit View history.

The second part of the story follows her little brother Arun, who has gone to study in America.