Over oil, over land, over natural resources, that is why wars happen? They are sealed off somewhere underground. It will come down on the earth as a punishment for the non believers. There are no reviews yet. It is all because of their procrastination of doing the good deeds, at taswees. It will not change and it comes unannounced.

The other people who live during that time will be the worse of the people, and that is when the fire will gather them in AshShaam. And the third benefit of talking about and remembering death, you will not fight and compete with the people of this world over this world. How much are we preparing for it? Ibn Kathir says, you have the opportunity of repenting and making tawbah until the moment of al ghargharah. Number 3, al hisaabh wal jaza, accountability and recompesing. Time is revolving and eroding of our existence. Death comes unannounced, suddenly. Everyone on it will die and only the face of Allaah will remain.

In this series, the Imam vividly portrays the different phases the human soul passes through during its lifetime up to its death as well as the process of judgment of souls and the resulting eternal life in Heaven or Hell in the Hereafter. It would talk to them.

HereAfter Series Bangla By Anwar Al Awlaki

To comfort that soul. During that stage, even for the believers there could be some anxiety. But when the non-believer when is about die he is given the news that Allaah is angry with him and Allaah will punish him so the most dislike thing to him becomes hersafter is facing him ahead so he dislikes meeting Allaah and Allaah dislikes meeting him.


It will not change and it comes unannounced.

How much are we preparing for it? So they would come and ask Rasulullaah s. The people asked Dhul Qarnayn to build a sadd. These two tribes would be exterminated. Now qitra is explained as either lead or copper.

And last night we spoke about death that it comes unannounced, you are not given any ultimatum you are not given any notice to tell you that you have an appointment with znwar angel of death at this date at so and so time. And they passed a law and they tried to enforce the law using law enforcement. Jerusalem, the holy land.

If you mix steel with lead or copper, you get either brass or bronze and both of them are better than if he left it as steel alone. A sadd is a horizontal barrier, so they could climb over. We are not in the context of talking about the reason for the war in Kosovo, or the war in Chechnya or the war in Kuwait. When the sun rises from the west, people will know it is the end of the world.

You Muslims compared to the large number of other people will be like a black hair on the side of a white ox, or a white hair on the side of a black ox, and I hope that you will be one-fourth of the people of Paradise. This is sefies of the most prominent science fiction writers the world has ever seen.

The Hereafter (Al Akhira) Series – Audio MP3 Lecture

Difference of Imaan, Taqwa. These two airplanes hit, collided head on with a combined speed of about miles per hour, this death is in a split second.


Then there was a second and third. That is the minor seeries of judgment. And after four years of misery the US decided we cannot go ahead with this and we have to stop it.

It is a part of our imaan. I mean, there could be someone in that plane who is lifting up a bite of food but he died before he could put it in his mouth, he was eating to live! If we would apply, we would see immense and huge change in our lives.

The Hereafter (Al Akhira) Series – Audio / MP3 Lecture

Everybody around him was amazed. And look on the freeway when you have an accident…. He says that when the sun rises from the west, people would know it is the end.

Until, when he reached between two mountains, he found, before near them those two mountainsa people who scarcely understood a word. They are not any population on earth and they are people we do not know of.

And you shall see mankind as in a drunken state, yet not drunk, but severe will be the torment xnwar Allah. This happens to the evil soul. When you think about death and you think about the reality of death, al haqiqa….

AL Bukhari narrates some of the Beduins will come to Rasulullaah s.