Take down 3 vehicles without the Batmobile. Look across the street to the west. This is the hardest of the training missions, but I really can’t give you much advice that isn’t given in game. If you already did Scarecrow’s Nightmare 2, you’ll have to do it again. An assassin’s cowl and throwing dagger are placed in the evidence display in the West Wing. Several of the cultists do have knives, so you need to be able to handle these weapons with a blade dodge takedown, or use a redirect to avoid their attacks any time you see the yellow counter symbol.

This DLC mission becomes available while Lucius Fox is analyzing the datachip from Barbara , looking for her location. After encountering Scarecrow on Stagg Airships. To reach Deacon Blackfire, you have to power down the four generators directly below him to stop the electric current running through the fence around him. It looks like the remote hacking device, but if you’re doing this quest when it first becomes available, you don’t have that gadget yet, so Three police squad cars went missing at the same time Tetch turned himself in. While you’re fighting, Ra’s recovers. Again, there are only so many predator encounters in the game, so if you don’t do this during the story or side missions, you’ll need to do this during one of the predator challenges. Challenges will become available, however, after each challenge is made available there is some requirement for you to do in game before the challenge is unlocked, with the exception of the training missions which unlock automatically at a certain point in the game.

Down the hall opposite this mess the floor has collapsed.

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The in game A. These challenges combine driving with combat. As in the Azrael side missions in the game, the challenge will end if you take any damage. After interrogating the Arkham Knight’s henchman and finding out about Penguin’s involvement.


If you can last out the time limit you should have no problem earning the 30, points you need for 3 stars. As Batman, fight a series of thugs on a rooftop. Once outside, call the Batmobile. Completing Scarecrow’s Nightmare 2 from the main menu will not unlock Scarecrow’s Nightmare 3. I have personally earned several trophies while working on A. Again, there are only so many predator encounters in the game, so if you don’t do this during the story or side missions, you’ll need to do this during one of the predator challenges.

Challenges that have been released as DLC, sometimes free of charge, can only be accessed from the main menu, and the A. When the Batmobile can reach Miagani Island Unlock: Proceed down the hall and jump across the broken floor, then turn around and jump to the small bit of floor left next to the now open door.

The third location is the small salkthrough with the statue of liberty knockoff in the wwalkthrough of the map. The path for the batarang is the broken fan on the wall near the place where you broke through the weak wooden barrier on your way in. Also, try to wait until the enemies are grouped together and be aware of obstacles that might block your path. There are rumors floating around that you can’t earn trophies from within the A. If there’s one challenge you should think about skipping, it’s unquestionably this one.

After completing stopping the Chinatown Bank Robbery Unlock: When you reach the location, you’ll be able to hear the siren if you listen carefully.


If you perform significantly better than the requirements for a 3 star ranking, you will be awarded with rival points.

After capturing Harley Quinn in Panessa – though you won’t be able to unlock it until much later. This DLC mission becomes knlght while Lucius Fox is analyzing the datachip from Barbaralooking for her location. The key to getting high scores is to build up a large combo. There’s an electric generator, electrifying a puddle of water preventing you from progressing.

Make your way quickly across the building in the knigjt of the room and do a takedown on the guy in the last room through the glass on the ceiling. Some of them are fairly easy, some of them are amongst the hardest challenges in the game.

Batman: Arkham Knight – FAQ/Walkthrough

Challenges are basically a series of training and challenge missions designed to let you practice and hone your skills. Complete the Two-Faced Bandit side mission. Challenges from the menu. As such, giving you strategies to get through them isn’t always possible.

They’re just used for bragging rights. When you’re ready, use the retinal scanner on the computer at your kniggt.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? The resulting battle is the same regardless of your decision.

Drones are constantly spawning all around you. When Riddler presents his challenges to you and reveals that he’s holding Catwoman hostage. Completing the first challenge and then reaching Miagani dpc not unlock the second challenge.