There are many valid reasons to ban a particular request from sucking up your site’s resources; resources that could be better served to valid, interested users. I guess you could go further and take extra steps to remove the extensions altogether, but that seems OTT. What I was getting when trying: Create a script with something like this inside it.. Is there a way? Not your rewrite rule, that’s dead easy.

ScriptAlias for the cgi-bin. You could do it like this.. So I tried to do something like this: October 23, at 2: Grateful for your insights. The user simply picks under the source column where the lead came from and then in the type column they would pick what type it came in as. I might have a wee mess around over the week-end and see if I can work something out.

I mpvies like it to only count the dates in Safety that are within the last year when the sheet is refreshed. RewriteEngine On only rewrite is file doesn’t exist. To have it doen, you can simply write 2 regular Countif formulas and add up the results:.

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I want to rewrite: The confusion lies in the code presuming that the folder name and parked domain name will be identical.

I am not the programmer of the admin – I am the business ownner. I am not sure I can follow you. It all depends how complex a redirection you want to perform, you don’t say, so it may be possible, maybe not! It might be some cross-site attack script, or inward link from a place you don’t want to be associated with, or perhaps a web sucker or download manager, whatever. And they were just an example.

Asd really, it’s as simple as that. What you are asking is exactly the opposite of what you were actually attempting to implement in the first place. For instance, the below formula will find out how many products were purchased after the 20 th of May and delivered after the 1 st of June:.


But I had supposed that if I left in the http: I’m trying to calculate how many times a particular staff is scheduled to work during the week. If a certain condition is true, then do the rewrite that follows.

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Or why not just use some made-up link name, like “http: The overview has validation list for different months whicg relates to each of the muliple sheets. Let’s see if I can figure this one out For example, the following formula will pick all “b” locations ffr column B and return the total of corresponding sessions column A:. Check your HTML for hard links pointing to www. In a UNIX environment, extensionless files are generally executable binaries.

Exception when there is an movis filename. Even worse, they won’t even bother to copy to their own server to serve it up, they’ll just link to your content! It all depends on how your site is designed, and how your web server is setup.

October moveis, at 1: Is there a formula I can use to achieve this goal? I’d get as far away from them as possible. Fluxidyour rules are fine, technically.

If the above suggestions do not work, please send me a sample workbook at support ablebits. RewriteCond is similar to doing if For more 13245 about using subtotals please see this article – Using Subtotals in Microsoft Excel.

I have an alias url eg. Apps for Excel for Mac. For the formulas to work correctly, try the following: Currently i have a site thats in “C: I don’t even think it’s possible, by the time apache gets to.

Excel COUNTIFS and COUNTIF with multiple AND / OR criteria – formula examples

Or, you fd input your criteria values in certain cells, say F1 and F2, and reference those cells in your formula:. Their address bar still just shows http: And I don’t think http: And exactly what you expect at the other end, along with actual error text you receive. November 7, at 8: Do you vr if you can use countifs accross multiple worksheets? October 13, at 7: Hi Rodz, Sorry, I cannot follow you.


Could you please help me work this out? I’ve lost a few billion brain cells since I started trying to work this one out. If you want to just, say, send a word to a search engine, a-la corzooogle. Someone had been clearing cells by pressing the space bar and obviously a space is still a character so this was distorting any new entries such as formulas.

A20 Where A1 is the first and A20 is the last cell in the range. December 14, at The second part catches only image requests and sorts them out, you do do the same for relatively linked css files too, if you like.

And if you redirect from a subdomain to the main domain, it’s going to be very difficult to keep the address bar from changing, becasue you will be performing an “external” redirect, out of one domain and into another.

Add-ons for Microsoft Word – September 23, at 5: Column J is “Carriers”. And with an extra php request, of course.