Gauls, I arrest you in the name of the Queen! Yes, yes, all right I apologise. Well, what do we do now Caesar? She’s a nice girl but her nose is easily put out of joint. I know how much i owe you Gauls, and you have earned my heart felt Say, will there be any boars on this galley of yours? If you fail, I will have you thrown to the crocodiles. The work is too hard.

I must say the boy never fails to surprise me. Where do I find the Druid, Getafix? May we come in? Return to the battle! They don’t want to go on working. We are being besieged.

I’ve treated you unjustly, Oh Gauls, I will set you all free, you may go! When you make a bet you’re supposed to play it fair and I had every right to I’m the hottest, I’m the richest, I’m the That’s the tower of Pharaoh, it guides ship into the harbour, We ought to let Cleopatra know, she is the only one who can get This potion will neutralise the effects of the poison.


Do you think we might go home now by any job? This language was rather difficult to understand. I’m shall loose face with Cleopatra. Well get going, you really don’t have much time. My dog is no good. Hey look at that, who are you and where is our druid Getafix gone?

Quite a job, hey. This is lunch hour, come and see the plans for the palace. Look here, I’ve got one hump, I’m a dromedary, not a camel!

Dogmatix is not too small. Step aside, we are coming out!

Halt, you can’t come in. But he’s much too small. They are back again! What’s that light on the horizon?

Asterix and Cleopatra – – English Subtitles

At last one fine morning Very well, if that’s how it is, I have an idea, a great subtitlws. Look, the Romans are lifting the siege!

My friends, the best of luck to you and I hope the sky never cleopatrw on your heads. Tomorrow we shall go and see the Sphinx and the pyramids, they are worth a visit.


Astérix et Cléopâtre subtitles

Welcome to my house. May we come in?

I hear you and obey you and Ardefus my master. Dogmatix, you leave her alone Dogmatix!

May I Obelix, if you don’t mind. There’s non stone left. My people have built the pyramids, the tower of Souls and the sbutitles, the obelisks! There’s no much beer or boars here. The palace is nearly built Caesar and you know I think I’m Are crocodiles good to eat Skbtitles Finally my friends, you are back at last. I will have a magnificent palace built for you, here in Alexandria. Well I’ve been told to build a palace for Caesar within three months, and