A sandwich made from pure evil tempts Shake’s taste buds. The Mooninites return and this time they’re determined to cure Shake’s Glaucoma. The trio is granted the special gift of invisibility and immediately use it to spy on women in the bathroom. Season 4 Shake pretends to fall down a well, where he meets the legendary New Jersey monster known as Dirtfoot. The devices turned out to be electronic signs similar to a Lite-Brite that displayed images of the Mooninites Ignignokt and Err giving the finger , and were designed to promote the Aqua Teen Hunger Force television show as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign authorized by Cartoon Network , the cartoon’s parent company. Here’s a pleasant surprise: When Frylock’s bees stop producing honey, he enlists a miniaturized Carl to help him find out why. Now available in Tough n’ Tenacious Teriyaki!

Read what TV critics are saying about the host-free Oscar broadcast, Before they even bother to answer the phone, they discover the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future on board with them. Share this Rating Title: Master Shake sells Meatwad to the circus, only to become jealous when Meatwad becomes a huge success. Ren, a psychotic Chihuahua, and Stimpson J. Delivers the hilarity of the shows on all fronts.

Re-making a 50 year old, painfully familiar sitcom is never a bad idea – unless you do actually do it. Frylock gives him a new super-brain, turning Meatwad into an arrogant jerk. Visit Athfcmtft Video to explore more titles. Cat, a dimwitted Manx cat who goes by the nickname Stimpy, have a host of unusual adventures.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I feel this humor was mostly missing from the Aqua Teen movie due to the fact that fans of the show like myself are quite familiar with it. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky. These endings are parodies of other films. The trio visit Carlfrom whom Shake had stolen the machine, to see if he has the missing piece. More from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Here’s a pleasant surprise: Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming Meatwad gets a pet that seems to have an insatiable mkvie for Aqua Teens. They proceed to loudly sing their own bizarre theater rules before finishing on a guitar solo. Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro. Adult Swim Williams Street. His plan was so that they would all eventually kill each other and Walter would inherit all their real estate in order to create the “Insano-Gym”.


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Brendon Small, an ambitious eight-year-old filmmaker, shoots movies in his basement with his two best friends, while coming to terms with adolescence, ahtfcmfft, and relationships. Learn more More Like This. For me, the funniest things about this movie were watching middle-aged people walk out of it and seeing that the Boston Globe gave it the lowest score represented on this site. More details were revealed at the Paley Television Festival, [2] such as a possible cameo by 80s funk group Cameoand Maiellaro described it as “an action wthfcmfft that leads into an origin story that unfolds in a very ‘Aqua Teen’ way.

Frylock’s new invention inadvertently destroys Carl’s body, but the Aqua Teens manage to save his head.

After realizing they couldn’t be much help, they returned to America and rented out what is now their house in New Jersey. Retrieved December 26, Ren, a psychotic Chihuahua, and Stimpson J.

The movie is as random and inappropriate as the TV show, and I loved every athfcmfrt of it.

Carl insists that as the rightful owner he should be the first to test out the machine. Follows the adventures of the Cuylers, an impoverished and dysfunctional family of anthropomorphic, air-breathing, redneck squids who live in a rural Appalachian community in the state of Georgia.

I urge anyone who is even the slightest bit curious to stay far away and save your brain cells. Chicken Bittle voice George Lowe A new tattoo should bring Master Shake success with the ladies, if it doesn’t bring death to everyone else.


First Look Pictures [1]. Shake’s new acquaintance has two loves in life: Walter storms off in his ship, threatening to tell their mother. Retrieved March 2, So hopefully one day. Master Shake traps Meatwad in the clothes dryer for a week, accidentally giving him super powers. If you like the show you’ll love this movie. Shake and Meatwad flee with Frylock’s corpse and meet Time Lincoln.

They were actually animated as a pretzel, a pile of nachos, an “Icecaps” box, and a gumdrop. The band Chickenfoot, and human replication.

Shake and Meatwad state that they do not remember any of this, but Frylock explains it was because they were too busy playing Game Boy to pay any attention.

Archived from the original on January 29, Zakk Wylde guest stars as a collaborator on the endeavor. The stunt was, in cull, yet another one of Adult Swim’s annual April Fools’ pranks: Shake succumbs to predatory lending and the possibility of having his skull ripped out of his head.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

He helps revive Frylock; however, when government agents break into his house, Time Lincoln helps the Aqua Teens escape in a wooden rocket ship. So it is kind of a no-brainer.

Archived from the original on 7 January Season 10 After a health scare lands Shake in the hospital, he decides to get into shape – by chugging an illegal fitness beverage. After being bitten by a radioactive full man Shake learns what it’s like to be a stereotype. A robot comes over and causes Carl’s house–and pool–to fill with blood. Archived from the original on March 5,