Now, this list was not easy to compile. I can stop laughing!! You forgot to add Man Mayal in the list. Glad to know she did not offend you this week.. So glad to have found your blog and your lively commentators! Even if it means singing item songs!!

MasoodHaider Oct 21, Sadaf Haider Oct 24, I finally got my wish today as we saw Aunn trying to get through to Zara in places other than the bedroom. As far as I can recall, the last one I had watched was the one in which they got married. I can stop laughing!! However, the single most important common denominator was that they were all rock solid entertainment, the kind of show audiences were desperately waiting all week for. Learn how your comment data is processed. I didn’t watch roag so I can’t say anything about that drama but I loved the rest of them.

I f daadi and ammi and phuppo and chaachi all were to have their say Zara would have already been well on her way to becoming a mother.

Aunn Zara Episode 19 Last – A-Plus Drama Series

Indeed that scene with daadi and Aunn was hilarious. They both are intrigued by the other and want to build their relationship but fate just keeps interfering. The simple answer would be that it is a relatively small payback for killing off our Afzal.

The sincerity with which Mukarram delivers his utterly nonsensical lines, and Osman murders one classic song after another, has to be seen to be believed. How refreshing to see a capable female who can fix things, ride a motorcycle and kill cockroaches instead of the typical naazuk, roti-dhoti larki!

Lagta hai baadi hefty Eidi mili thi SZ, bohat zabardast shayeri bahar aaye hai. But i really wish they would let the two, Aunn and Zara breath for a second! U forgot 2 dramas Mere qaatil mere dildaar, exceptional drama, everything looked as if it was real.


No Pakistani drama is worth binge-watching. Daastan was and always will be number one! We dare you to watch just one episode of any of these dramas without waking up two days later and finding you have binge-watched the entire serial. No worries, let me introduce you …. Though, it kept trolling as a very nice drama and people did keep waiting for the next episode, had many stars in it; the critics, however, would rightly judge it that for every problem there was an easy fix.

It will be interesting to see how she fares in KKC, where she is working with a director other than HH. Otherwise tau tumhari daal yahan galti nahin dikhayee deti! For a while now, dance, one of the most natural expressions of human emotion, has been relegated to the realm of vulgarity on our TV screens.

Rabbiya Oct 21, This technique required a lot of skilled editing and if anyone wants to compare notes on how it’s wwtch, just watch the American serial The Story Of Uswhich mirrors this difficult style. Shukk is also epidode best one. Hope you had a fabulous Eid as well!

Mona Oct 23, Zara yaad kar is being missed out What could easily have ended up as a well-written potboiler became an essay on marriage and the changing demands of modern relationships.

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This list is very relevant and Dastaan at 1 is justified. Manzar ur rockstar in giving such brilliant ideas and Aunn is one great example of how to blindly trust friends. The scene onlins daadi on the charpai was hilarious, as was the one where Aunn was singing happily unaware that daadi was trying to pray in the next room. For a simple si gharelu story, Haissam has managed to test quite a few boundaries, and I say more power to him!


It is a fact that most serials are female-oriented but this beautifully written drama from Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar brought the male protagonist to the fore: I think their nokh jhok is a result of miscommunication and bad timing. I can stop laughing!! I hear this is the first drama serial from a production company found by Fahd Mustafa….

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Manzar is totally insane with his oh so brilliant ideas, that Aunn takes so seriously. Notify me of new comments via email.

Then there was Seeli Baarish thats quite an old one though Kiran Akhtar thanks Kiran. And Zara fits right in!

Aunn Zara Episode 19 Last – A-Plus Drama Series – video dailymotion

This was one of the milestones of Pakistani television, featuring brilliant performances from Samiya Mumtaz and Faysal Qureshi. Got to watch a few serials on Zindagi Channel. Dadi zars a riot, she has the best dialogues as well.

That was also by Faiza and I had enjoyed that one as well….

Eid Mubarak to you as well. Marshalling multiple locations, a huge star cast and all the political sensitivities and historical details while still maintaining a critical balance makes this drama stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Rest the list is superb: Epispde both writers are writing in very different times and face diffreent challenges. A sizable section of the Indian public and the worldwide subcontinental diaspora now make up a hitherto unheard of international audience.

Sadaf Oct 23, Dillagi, tanhai nay silsilay, mera naseeb, miratul uroos, akbari asghari were missed.