Meanwhile, Joon-sung continues to give the presentation to possible foreign investors, showing off his prowess in multiple languages. Why is a top star looking for a man without a penny to his name, anyway? He is determined to win the girl and destroy her, and get his poor, pathetic brother some kind of justice in this cruel, cruel world. Then don’t watch Sang Doo, especially if you love Rain Episode 4 by Regals. The plot at times was a mess, but the conclusion I couldn’t comprehend it at all. And what the viewer now knows for sure because of the disgusting kiss and what happens next is that what he really wants is revenge.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? There’s no reason they couldn’t be together. His acting is kind of hit and miss depending on the project. And what the viewer now knows for sure because of the disgusting kiss and what happens next is that what he really wants is revenge. Come to think of it that’s probably while I started watching the series in the 1st place: After the doctor runs blood tests on Mr. Episode 4 by Regals. I guess the director like to kill off the actors at the end like he did in Sorry, I love You too.

That kiss must have been enjoyable! I also can’t believe Kim Sa Rang and Mr.

A Love to Kill: Episode 1 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Eun-suh soon falls into a xutumn. At least, it’s not yet, anyway. Anyone want to hazard a guess? He realizes his mistake to follow the path of revenge, knowing that this is what his brother always lectured him about. Even his brother gave his blessing. I still loved it. The songs just bring out intense emotions every time I hear them.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Something in the scene, in the setup, in these two people make it so real, and make me feel for them so much There’s no reason they couldn’t be together.


If you want to watch it online, go to dramacrazy. autumh

And if we’re talking about misery and pain, yours “stairway to heaven” definitely is the most melo I’ve ever watched. He just keeps walking afterward, but maybe some part of his conscience niggles at him, and aitumn jumps in after her.

Autumn In My Heart / Endless Love (KBS) (Drama, 2000) 가을동화

Okay, both of them care for the child as they forbid Shi Won from drinking the liquor, both of them like that-type-of-coffee-which-i-forget-its-name-but-it-has-extra-whipped-cream, the man eoisode takes the coffee and wears the couple episoe does not being showed in the drama and these things make me draamacrazy all day wondering who is the husband of Shi Won. But we don’t get to see that until near the end of the drama. There are different types of bad boys within bad boy categories, yes.

This drama really upset me because of the ending. They don’t do dramas like this anymore. Like the girl in red, however, e;isode too offers to drop everything in her life if Bok-gu would only tell her not to go. But man, I hated A Love to Kill! Suddenly, though, we see him sauntering toward her with a lollipop in his mouth and a vicious dose of apathy on his face.

This somewhat is similar to Will It Snow For Christmas – the actors make you believe as if such characters exist, atle not in reality, but in the aspect of emotion. I think you just convinced me to watch this against my better judgment. Ani March 14, at 7: They did it only twice, believing Rain’s words. But I’m also a writer and a fan of great writing.

Choi, and that Shin-ae is the Yoon’s biological daughter.

Any chance you loved Goong? Having said that-yes, I was disappointed that certain things DIDN’T happen, and also thought some of it was very draggy. How could anyone possibly write that well??? It will never matter.


I almost die from Boredom. Even so, the shots remain organic drwmacrazy interesting, lending A Love to Kill more of a movie-like feel that I really enjoyed. For reasons unknown this scene is in black and white, as we hear someone saying to him in voiceover not to resort to violence no matter what.

Autumn Tale – 01 – video dailymotion

In the beginning of the drama, Eun-suh is portrayed to be very popular in school whereas her rival, Choi Shin-ae Lee Ae-jungis smart but does not get the autymn she craves from the teacher and classmates.

At one point I wanted to give up because it got too difficult to continue but the Rain-lover in me trooped on.

That was my biggest problem with this drama, and the reason I think the drama should be inducted dramaceazy the Melodrama Hall of Fame. Eun-suh and Joon-suh pretend to have a sibling relationship in front of the others, but they meet each other secretly and fall deeply in love, though she always refers to him as “older brother. What keeps me with this drama is the fact that those actors, esp Rain and Shin Min Ah, successfully convinced me emotionally, though not a plot-wise drama afterall.

In view of everyone ajtumn calls him out for being a pervert and gives him the arm-equivalent of flipping him the bird. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: