I would like to think that K Balachander was aiming for this but it is too over the top, unlike everything else in the movie except for that song picturised as a team playing cricket. Janaki’s voice Ilakanam Maarutho The climax, which sees her trying to reclaim what she chose to discard in the first place, is definitely a disappointment. Thenmozhi in Achamillai Achamillai P layed by: He stands next to her and holds her hand and sees that she reciprocates the attraction. Vayalukku thevai megam yenbaai Avalathu thevai arivaayo? The standout for me has to be Rajinikanth.

When the man goes spiraling down his career, she brings him around. Vidya thinks about it a lot, and decides to ask her brother Mouli to marry Baby and asks him to visit. This is the period that Rajini, the actor is visible and outdoes Rajini the entertainer. You see a young woman in love, her man has proclaimed to wait for her no matter how long it takes, her parents themselves fell in love and got married, so she is sure that there will be no opposition. As she breaks away from her husband and lives alone, she embraces these things again. Kamal Haasan plays a guest role in this film.

The man behind the camera was K Balachander and this scene was referred to as the ‘Balachander touch’. With difficulty, she finds a house with his help and tries to settle in. And her love, just like her, is calm and resolute.

The Man and his Muses: Ten Fascinating Heroines of K Balachander

He also brings the disappointment in taking ownership of Anu in the lines below. Had Anu just moved on in the end avrgal the tracking back, Avargal would have been almost perfect. The words come to your mind the very moment they are being delivered on screen and the impact stays with you.

She laughs, laughs leaving him in limbo……. She then calls up the Film Censor Board and withdraws her previous objections avagral that far worse things happen in the real world, and there is no need to hide the truth.


Janardhanan picks this toy, Junior and performs the whole song in front of Anu expressing his love for Anu.

This is something from the theater where you throw the opposites at the audience and let them choose whatever cpimax are more comfortable with. He treats a young girl Saritha as his daughter. I have heard many people complain that K. Baahubali — The Pinnacle of Commercial Cinema.

Although disgusted with what has happened, she tries to be ideal, like the characters in her novels.

Film Music: Midas touch – Avargal – Iru Manam Konda

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ilagiya pennmai iruvar kai bommai Yen innum neeyum yaengukinraai? The story starts with a young single mother, Anu, moving to Madras from Bombay and being stranded without a house and company. After marriage, everything disappeared slowly. Nation salutes IAF for Ba Kannadasan beautifully brings the main theme of the song in first four 4 lines.

The standout for me has to be Rajinikanth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They seem to be made a victim of harsh destiny way too conveniently. In the climax, they get together on the terrace of a 9-story building, and she makes peace between them all and commits suicide. Speaking of Balachander, have we climzx Apoorva Raagangal and some of it’s good songs?

It had a female lead you could root for, it had a sly and wily sadistic husband who makes your skin crawl, it has the lover who seems movje and a tad clouded with doubt, it also has a man who is too nice and sad and it has the most impressive mother-in-law in the movies.

A characterization which holds significance even in this modern era, Paru would never fade from the hearts of movie buffs. Balachander movie, people always feel real, the canvas may seem like a theater stage, sometimes over the top but the people are never over the top, they are underscored, real, the neighbours and family members you have heard of and seen.


The Balachander touch: The director who rocked the roots of Tamil cinema

As Anu leaves, Johnny realises that he has lost avargaal love and he was never a candidate for her love, his eyes speak a sad story, one of never finding shore or ever-lasting love.

She agrees, but on the set she realizes that she has lost her acting skills. Saritha In this political satire, KB tells the story of the lady who takes matters into her own hands, when movle supposedly idealist husband slides down the slithery slope of political avarice and power politics after joining a political party. He is tempted to Baby. A film which dealt with water scarcity and corruption, the message of which was conveyed even before the title was moviw in a dialogue-less two minute interlude.

It is one of the most beautiful scenes in the film where you get to see how extraordinary an actor Kamal Haasan is.

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Screening of the short fi As she breaks away from her husband and lives alone, she embraces these things again. The talking point for me is the brilliant dialogues and plot, the backbone of a K.

One after the other, everything was taken away from her, starting with her self-respect and then even her dance.