A big thumbs up! That year, he began acquiring the equipment and organizing the sound library for his Panchathan Record Inn. Here are few messages to the people,specially the youth. However, as a viewer we do not feel for his cause as there is no specific incident or a goal portrayed clearly. The cinematography and editing which were handled by Ravi K. You will find it when watching the movie.

Saya” and “Jai Ho,” the latter of which won the statuette for Rahman and for lyricist Gulzar. The movie is easily the best movie to come out so far this year ahead of autograph, virumaandi and gilli. While the first half of the movie is almost perfect the second half seems to try to finish things in a hurry. The album reached record stores in 28 countries on August 15 of that year. There are other characters well defined – the State minister, Bharathi Raaja who uses Inba to control his opponents, Arjun’s caring but cool father, his younger brother – who helps him in his love life, Michael’s friend – who gets beaten up for standing by his cause etc. Common, Mani ratnam, a. They blend very well with the storyline. You will find it when watching the movie.

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Repeat mode for every music lover Kudos to Maniji for making an actor of each one ayuta them. Arjun’s background moves a little slowly though.

He comes off as a cunning and very humorous villain, and the exchanges between Surya and him are certainly something to see. The album reached record stores in 28 countries on August 15 of that year.

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If Madhavan was the typical North Chennai guy, then Siddarth is a typical south Chennai guy who falls in love with a girl from Taramani. Rahman finally seemed poised on the brink of the international success he desired.

The crowd was unbearable and it took nearly an hour to get into the theatre. He is a magician who can spellbind you with his music! This was perhaps the earliest movie that showed the lifestyle of people in North Chennai, a trend which was seen in many realistic movies made in the years to come like Pudhupettai, Polladhavan, Aranya Kandam etc. This could give you the feeling of watching a Tarantino movie.


Guru Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. A year later, his music could be heard in the U. At 16, he quit school and was following in his father’s footsteps R. Nevertheless going by the number of movies that have been inspired by this film, Ayutha Ezhuthu remains a classic film of Tamil cinema. Mani Ratnam is really a director who understands characters and shapes them with such heart and soul. He adds more dignity to an otherwise typical villain of tamil cinema.

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ayugha Esha deol is OK for ezhuthj first movie and trisha is also OK. I didn’t really know what to think of “Ayutha Ezuthu” after the first time that I saw it – I suppose I was expecting a much different movie – but after revisiting it, I really have come to appreciate and enjoy it.

Remember the prison scene where Michael and the other students are locked up in one cell? I bet you’ll change your mind and see the clear picture! This is one of the most matured performances Surya has given in his career.

The movie was well worth the wait and the price of admission. Overall it is a very good movie by Mani Ratnam. I agree that Amores Perros and Ayudha Ezhuthu story lines are different but the idea was really inspired from ayutga kind of movies only by Manirathnam. Here are few messages to the people,specially the youth. Rahman All Time Hits.

He seems to have finally lost that chocolate boy look with his new haircut and added weight. Rahman’s Hindi Video Essentials. My favorite Indian movies. Although unfair to the director, one way I can substantiate this statement, is by comparing it with another movie – ‘Mudhalvan’ where the protagonist is directly dragged into politics by a challenge posted by the Chief Minister or ‘Lagaan’ where the challenge posted by the British captain makes the villagers take up a strange path to fight him.

The nuances of his character really show, and the degree reversal from what we are used to seeing him as makes his performance all the more appealing. This movie reflects the present politics of south Asia region. Meera Jasmine, as his wife Sasi, has portrayed her suffering, in such a way that we empathize with her. The title of the movie is a Tamil vowel, which are 3 dots, signifying the 3 of them.


The real stand-out actor here for me is Madhavan, who portrays Inba, the street thug who aspires to overcome his low-life existence but does it in all the wrong ways. Madhavan as inbasekar, turns in a menacing performance and simply steals the show. Worst film of Mani Ratnam. For those of you who were disappointed with the movie when you were watching it for the first time back ingive it another try now.

Now come to the movie. If you had seen amores perros and understood the movie, you’d come to know that aayitha ezhuthu is completely different from it. Kadhal Sadugudu gudu kadhalsadugudu M A N I R A T N A M ArRahman ManiRatnam mounaragam nayagan anjali geethanjali agninatchathiram thalapathy roja thirudathiruda bombay iruvar uyire dilse alaipayuthey kannathilmuthamittal aayuthaezhuthu ayuthaezhuthu guru raavan raavanan ravanan kadal okkanmani kaatruveliyidai chekkachivanthavaanam.

Enthiran Original Background Score. While the first half of the movie is almost perfect the second half seems to try to finish things in a hurry. A big thumbs up! With all these why don’t why the Hindi version has got 7. If you’ve noticed in every frame Inba wears red, Michael wears green and Arjun wears blue in Arjun’s case he wears blue for the most part. There is also a conversation with his mother where we learn that his father was some kind of activist, which could have been the genesis for such goals.

Surya as Michael Vasanth the do gooder is also excellent. When Sharada Trilok’s ad for Leo Coffee for which Rahman penned the music won her an award, she introduced the young composer to her cousin, Mani Ratnam. Dileep Kumar on October 10th,in Madras, India, Allah Rakha Rahman was exposed to music from the time he was a child, entered in classical piano studies by his parents at the age of four.