Although it was hard reading it till the end. CNU and Gongchan had a plan to surprised Sandeul by attending to his first day of performance. Some fans responded to it as funny joke since they might understood it was only a little mistake, but few of them also got upset coz of this thing. He’em I’m sad coz tmrw is like Monday to me After 4Days without sch, it’s the time sch to open again T. I’ve been searching ths video for ages Actually I’ve found it a little earlier. BTW, Sungyeol is acting?? It’s been awhile rite??

Watch other episodes of Roommate Season 2 Series at Kshow I kind of liking the background music.. Currently, the time here is I’m free with books and stresses now.. Tuesday, October 29, Vote now!! Wait, let me ready with the list

Did you hear it? Thursday, June 13, [] Jinyoung’s twitter update. I’m free with books hofline stresses now. Monday, July 8, [] Twitter- Sungyeol. I’m a hardcore BANA!!

Mtv Hotline – My Bling Boy

Full with just his name for this month!!! Sunday, July 21, [] Jinyoung’s twitter update. My stomach keep growling. A3 A jacket or boots that seem like a European gentleman.

Wednesday, August 7, Explanation for the late sub. Did you watch it?? That’s one of the reason and the other is just ‘LAZY’ to update. You know for what right. Babababababa nana babababababa nana Haha! Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, Seriously, I have a lot of work to do Please kindly forgive me hmm?? I’ve been searching ths video for ages Actually I’ve found it a little earlier. GOD Is this real??? BTW, here some updates from B1A4. Season 2 Episode 20 an hour ago.


It was too late REcently, I’m so busy I guess. But my stress reduce with this: I’m such in hurry! T Same with Gongchan’s case: Posted by chaerin21 at 3: Then, I’ll sleep in the morning. Posted by Mixedflavour Bana at 9: My Neighbor, Charles Episode 35 3 years ago.


seaason Kids These Days Episode 11 8 minutes ago. Since zub would be awkward to just meet with the girlfriend, I would go together and sit next to them. Something like that will only happen when the Earth collapses tears. Guess what special is today? But not for so long Here is the long-waited Hello Counselor!! I think I’m free only with books but not stress. To see B1A4 on a street is difficult. Sign in then vote for B1A4 under. King Of Mask Singer Episode 10 minutes ago.

I’ve to help my sensei to beautify our school and some rooms. It is proven here. I’m gonna post this thing actually not babbling something doesn’t important. What should I do guys?? And with that CNU hotlone to update his twitter by tweeting: After all, it’s a good thing,right?


Posted by chaerin21 at 6: But as time passes, Jinyoung’s kissing scene seems so “beautifully made” Haha! Tuesday, August 13, [] Baro’s twitter update. Q3 A fashion item you want to try out this fall and winter?

Roommate Season 2 Episode 3

Although it was hard reading it till the seeason. Translations are done from Japanese to Korean translations. It’s been awhile rite?? B1A4 will make a parody.

Did you agreed with it?? Thursday, July 4, [] Baro’s instagram update.