But none of these histories have survived either. In Alexander , the debate over proskynesis is conflated with another incident that happened in BC. Alexander insults Philip after disowning Attalus as his kinsman , which results in Alexander’s banishment from Philip’s palace. The alternative scenario is that what started out as political gestures gradually turned into personal belief. Morocco Zinedine Ibnou Jabal The ritual has three forms, depending on how far apart the two men are in social status.

The quarrel begins with Cleitus Gary Stretch accusing Alexander of accepting sacrifices to Zeus, and Alexander compares himself to Heracles. Furious over this, the drunken Alexander jumped up, grabbed a spear and stabbed Cleitus to death. Yes, you are right. The changes do make a difference in how we understand Alexander. So what about Alexander? One possible answer is that there was the same uncertainty about them as about Achilles and Patroclus. They preferred the image of a slave and body-servant of the king as used in the Alexander movie by Oliver Stone.

Consequently, the proper form of proskynesis when meeting him, at least on ceremonial occasions, was full prostration. But other sources claim that Olympias lavished honors on the dead Pausanius, including putting a crown on his corpse, suggesting that she was behind the crime.

The second piece of the problem involves Egypt. As I mentioned beforeone of the big problems with understanding Alexander is that virtually all of our information about him comes from posthumous sources that themselves only survive as references and alexnder in works written centuries later.


Stone also demonstrates that he has a keen mind for how to depict warfare on the screen. Audible Download Audio Books. This shortened the zlexander time from minutes to Stone also made an extended version of Alexander.

Overall, this is roughly what Stone offers bagoa, although instead of Darius making the first moves, he has Alexander attempt a flanking maneuver and then encountering the Persian cavalry. But in practice, things were probably more complicated than that.

Archived from the original on 10 July So what really happened? The Macedonians would have better reason to novie their king with divine honors; there was no doubt that once Alexander departed from men they would honor him as a god. Alexander is a epic historical drama film based on the life of the Macedonian general and king Alexander the Great.

Megas Alexandros: A plea in favor of Bagoas

This section needs additional citations for verification. Most historians believe that Alexander asked the bqgoas some question about whether he was a god. But Alexander was deeply steeped in Greek culture, and knew how to manipulate its symbols to build support from his troops. Aristander uncredited Abbie Hirst Athena July 21, at 9: This is a Great Man view of history, a common failing of historical biopics.

After bagoaas, while it performed well in Europe, the American critical reaction was negative. Male and female prostitutes were beneath him because they were lower class.

Bagoas (courtier)

Ptolemy dictating to his scribe. Shuang Lin July 25, at 8: Furious over this, the drunken Alexander jumped up, grabbed a spear and stabbed Cleitus to death.


And consider that it was only after Alexander went to Siwa that Olympias began to claim she had done baoas nasty with Zeus. But this was a complex relationship, because in the Greek world, sex was an expression of power relationships at least as much as it was an alexandrr of romantic feelings.

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Roxane Dancer Anjali Mehra But I think he is lucky in comparison to other great figures in history, because at least he had some people i. Bagoas Dancer Matthew Powell Peasant uncredited Fahar Faizaan Homer never explicitly describes the men as lovers, but by the Classical era in Greek culture roughly, BCthe two men were understood be erastes and eromenosalthough there was a debate about which role was played by which man.

Here’s a good Bagoas alecander. The oracle of Siwa and what it said is never mentioned in the film.

Octavia uncredited Charlie Hollway Macedonian Soldier at Zeus Statue uncredited. The Greeks are shown as rigidly disciplined while the Persians are shown as being a disorderly mish-mash of troops.

In this image of Achilles tending the wounded Patroclus, the artist has depicted Achilles as the eromenos the beardless one.