Chef Musselmani also works at Rising Stars Academy and had previously competed on Hell’s Kitchen , appearing in the fifteenth season , where he finished in eleventh place after becoming the eighth contestant eliminated by Chef Gordon Ramsay in the season’s seventh episode. Grand Finale” advances to final round winner. Chef Bilotti had previously appeared on the reality television show Hell’s Kitchen , competing in its thirteenth season. This episode was dedicated to the memory of Lily Nichols’ father, Jeffrey Nichols, who passed away just prior to the airing of this episode. The worms in dirt were gummy worms and chocolate sandwich cookies. Due to the extensive prep time required for abalone, the abalone in the appetizer basket was pre-cleaned. While Chopped normally obscures brand names, the pomegranate juice in the appetizer round was POM Wonderful , a product of a Chopped sponsor.

Part one of a four-part tournament. North Carolina style barbecue sauce, pork spare ribs, rainbow chard, avocados Dessert: This is part 2 of a 5-part tournament where Alton Brown picks the baskets with specific scientific, gastronomic techniques in mind. Then Kamalakanta from Harihar team performs using his prop very well. Baskets were carnival themed, with each basket containing two deep fried items. A spokesperson for the boys says that they are happy with their career and management team and do not feel exploited or overworked.

The fried ;erformer in the second round was Kentucky Fried Chickenstill in its bucket presumably marking it episodw a sponsor of the show because most name brand ingredients are usually obscured. The tortillas in the first basket were given to the chefs as uncooked masa. The seafood tower included clams, oysters, lobster, and shrimp. Chef Corcos also competed in the All-Stars tournament prior to this episode. Chopped normally obscures brand names but the third basket specifically identified Bush’s baked beansa sponsor of the tournament.


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Birthday cake, lardo, Meyer lemons, candy fruit kabobs. The TV dinners bst the appetizer round included turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Every contestant was an amateur cook and college undergraduate.

This led to his elimination. Shania Thomas Episode Musicians compete for charity. The judges were the mentors for Season 8 of Food Network Star.

Last part of the 5 part tournament. This was a team competition, with perfromer team consisting of two amateur cooks meeting for the first time as blind dates. In this and subsequent rounds, the teen contestants were given 30 minutes for the appetizer round.

Click here to login. In the dessert round, Chef Gillet failed to bake anything in his dish.

Leslie Roark Scott Episode Brandi, Carnie, and Gillian had competed against each other before when they were finalists in Season 19’s Tournament Of Stars. To accommodate this, the baskets kept kosher, and the pantry was stocked with dairy substitutes such as margarine and non-dairy whipping cream. Reunion eliminated after the appetizer Jet Tila, Charity: Jo Marie Payton Family Matters charity: Due to the small height of the contestants, Ted had to help them reach for something at various times.

Chopped normally obscures brand names, but the third basket featured Blue Moon wheat ale a sponsor of the tournament.

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While Chopped normally obscures brand names, the cheddar cheese in the third basket was Sargento 4 State Cheddar – a product of a Chopped sponsor. The leftover steak was bone-in strip steak cooked to rare. The chefs were given 30 minutes in the appetizer round and 45 minutes in both the entree and dessert round in order to properly cook their pies. Contestants were asked to cook healthy, nutritious, and lighter dishes, with nothing too fatty or heavy.


The chefs had 30 minutes in the appetizer round instead of 20 due to the extra time needed for baking.

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A bst ingredient in the appetizer round champagne was initially unveiled as a champagne flute, and the chefs were treated to a small lesson from Alton on how fermentation of grapes results in perfformer. The contestants were given healthy, fresh ingredients and told to cook healthy, low-calorie meals.

Each basket contained different types of whiskey and wings. All four contestants were amateur cooks and religious leaders. All baskets featured a series of highly unusual ingredients. Host Amit and Jagriti start this show by calling Ravi on stage. Four pastry chefs competed in this episode where all 3 rounds were dessert rounds. K9s for Warriors winner. After that Madhusmita from Vishwaroop’s team does an Urban dance form. The 1st round barsx extended to 30 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes.

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Part 3 of a 5-part celebrity tournament. All barsx are veterans of the United States Military Services. Part 2 of a 5-part celebrity tournament.

Chef Hahn and Chef Vanderwarker were formerly in a relationship. Then Deepa, Ravi and Ramya from the Harihar team give their performance. Final part of a 4-part tournament.