As such, giving you strategies to get through them isn’t always possible. All are extremely useful, except for the explosive gel. As in the Azrael side missions in the game, the challenge will end if you take any damage. Each drone you destroy gives you a 10 second bonus. You don’t want to waste 3 minutes driving in circles like a maniac for nothing. The second ending definitely seems like the proper ending.

Freeze can help Batman. Call the Batmobile while gliding high in the air. Many of these are just rehashes of the riddler racing challenges. Batman considers tryng to save Nyssa with the remaining Lazarus sample, but true to her convictions, Nyssa refuses the damaging Lazarus elixir. It’s interesting to note that there is no Joker commentary for any of these missions, despite them occurring in the middle of the main story. Enter your email address to subscribe to OAG and receive notifications of new posts by email.

This area should be filled with goons by now who have gathered together because of the smoke. About Billy D Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space. Another hostage is located at the lighthouse on the edge of Gotham City. You’ll earn 3 Waynetech points for defeating The Mad Hatter.

A Flip of a Coin – 1 achievement worth 49 TA.

Batman: Arkham Knight Season Of Infamy Gameplay Walkthrough – One Angry Gamer

knighh The mission starts at Grand Avenue on top of a rooftop. Look across the street to the west. After you dispatch the enemies in the room, grapple up through the vent in the ceiling.

Follow the path and you’ll find a group of assassins around a barely living Ra’s Al Ghul. If you chose to save Ra’s I really enjoy these hybrid races, where you have to race through the city, stopping for small drone battles along the way.

Players will follow the trail of blood all the way to the roof of Elliot Memorial Hospital. Other times the grapple has stubbornly refused to lock on and I’ve had to jump. You must have the gadgets while gliding batarang, and two other gadgets.


To reach Deacon Blackfire, you have to power down the four generators directly below him batmzn stop the electric current running through the fence around him. Regardless of how walkthgough time you finished the fight with, you have 40 seconds to reach Deacon Blackfire and save Jack Ryde. From there, players will have to try to get into the morgue after heading to one of the lower levels.

With their leader dead, the rebels disband, while the loyalists retreat underground to wait for Ra’s to recover. This will knock the enemy back and he will knock several other enemies to the ground, and it also counts as double the hits toward the combo meter.

Drift continuously for 3 seconds. Eject from the Batmobile and glide m. Just find a roof without a railing, hold and press as you run off the edge of the building to unlock this challenge.

Try the Contact Page. There’s a hole nifamy the window just to the right of the fuse box. The first couple of minutes is mostly just rescuing the trapped guards. Once there, Batman will have to defuse a bomb natman playing a simple minigame on one of Batman’s gadgets.

Batman: Arkham Knight – FAQ/Walkthrough

Challenges can be accessed by selecting a challenge with and then following the bat signal to the challenge location, or, simply by exiting the game and accessing the challenges from the main menu, saving you the travel time.

Challenges if you access them from the menu. Sign up for free! This will stop the enemies in place and keep them from seeing what’s happening inside the room.

You have to complete the mission from inside the game to unlock it, however. As Bruce Wayne, exit the elevator and comfort your secretary, then enter the double door into the main offices. I don’t use the voice synthesizer often, but it’s an extremely effective way to take out one or two enemies per predator encounter.


Execute 3 throw counters in a single combo. It turns fo this was just security footage that Batman is watching on his arm computer. As Batman, you simply build your combo as high as you can without getting hit bqtman breaking your combo.

Completing Scarecrow’s Nightmare 2 from the main menu will not unlock Scarecrow’s Nightmare 3. This trophy requires you to spend a total of 3 minutes drifting.

Flip the switch to free the Warden. When the Batmobile can reach Miagani Island Unlock: You also must complete Scarecrow’s Nightmare 1 after reaching Miagani with the Batmobile to unlock this.

Don’t have an account? It’s up to you if you want to go around them, or go through them and make their day even worse. You just have to get really good to score the 24, necessary for 3 stars. The mission is nearly 10 minutes longer than any other mission in the Season of Infamy. Complete 3 optional objectives for 1 star each. You don’t even get rival points for doing these quickly.

Batman: Arkham Knight FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by burqawitz – GameFAQs

Return to infa,y hospital, and enter through the front door. This is one of the toughest challenges. If you talk to him, Jervis will give you additional clues as to the locations. Challenge menu provides you with many options that are not available from within the game, such as attempting the challenge with a different character or vehicle.

Posted on December 28, Run and dive directly off a rooftop. The ensuing conversation with Lucius will play out much differently depending on whether you do this mission before arkhham after the events of the main game.