Her performance isn’t bad per SE, it’s just that you really don’t buy her as an Assistant D. But apart from those relatively minor quibbles, the film is excellent, and I’m definitely going back on opening day June 15th, and seeing it a second time. Why do we fall? This is better than Burton. In fact thanks to everyone who worked on this film. Pretend it never happened, and start the whole series over again with a talented director, compelling story and capable cast.

Gordon, the only decent cop in Gotham, and he truly makes the role his own. Gone too, are the silly villains!!! I got a chance to see ‘Batman Begins’ just this past Friday evening. I grew up reading the comics, watching reruns of the Adam West TV show and then getting Burton’s celluloid vision. Holmes does indeed look like a teenager playing grown-up. You are almost teased throughout the first half of the movie, waiting to see the excellent Christian Bale in the costume, as it keeps holding back to keep you in anticipation. That said Bale is not just good, he’s superb. I never thought I’d really be able to envision anyone other than Michael Keaton as the definitive Batman for me but since seeing Batman Begins a couple of days ago Bale has cemented himself in the position.

Another aspect of the film that’s so refreshing is that instead of the focus being on the villain, Batman is the film’s star. Gary Oldman is also superb in a rare wholly decent character for him as Lieutenant Jim Gordon who gets far more to so here than Gordon has ever had to do before.

Thankfully though, Nolan has gone back to the roots of the character, portraying a confused and angry Bruce Wayne, who ultimately rises to become Gotham’s greatest champion. You are almost teased throughout the first half beins the movie, waiting subbtitles see the excellent Christian Bale in the costume, as it keeps holding back to keep you in anticipation.

That said Bale is not just good, he’s superb. A third and fourth viewing is definitely not sunscene of the question. Well, this is the kind of Batman you can expect from Bale: Nolan also puts a lot of trust in his audiences to stay put while the first hour of the film comprehensively explores Bruce Wayne’s backstory, with no cape donning and few fight sequences.


From Wayne’s training through the early stages of the film to his early missions as Batman at about the half way point to a thrillingly choreographed chase sequence and an edge of your seat finale this film delivers the cool quotient in bucket loads. Actors of this calibre would never have gotten involved in this project if they didn’t have faith in Christoper Nolan’s talents and thankfully they took the leap I wasn’t sure a cast of big name legends like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and well known names like Liam Neeson and Katie Holmes wouldn’t detract and distract from Batman.

Perhaps Keaton will now be able to escape the spectre of Batman he hasn’t truly shaken off for 13 years. Nolan and thank you Mr.

I was spoilt for choice as a kid but as an adult now I was concerned revisiting the franchise, especially given Warner’s record over the last decade of screwing up summer blockbusters with potential all over the place dare I bring up the Matrix sequels? It sickened me in the past to see the Batman movie franchise slowly digging it’s way to an early grave. Goyer is quality stuff, it’s true that some of the dialog exchanges can seem kind of contrived, particularly between Wayne and Liam Neeson’s character, Ducard, but it sounds so classy you tend not to care.

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This is better than Burton. Thankfully, in this movie the bad guys are actually fairly ‘normal’ and manage to be menacing at the same time.

Why do we fall? Hopefully the next film will open up the fight sequences so we can actually see Batman use the martial arts skills he developed during his exile.

Batman finally Begins from here For me, Michael Gough will always be the definitive Alfred, but Michael Caine does an excellent job of taking over the role, giving a very strong and often funny performance.

And that is how it should be.

Cillian Murphy is creepy as hell, Liam Neeson is authoritative and imposing, Katie Holmes is strong and sexy I particularly thought she’d be insipid, she should jettison Tom Cruise and let her talent – which she does have naysayers just watch Pieces Of April – speak for itself and Michael Caine is an Alfred you’ve never seen but in fact far more likely as a butler than the aristocratic pomp with which he is usually portrayed.


To me, these film lost the essence of what drives Bruce Wayne to do what he does and turned Batman into more of a pop star than misunderstood hero. When Batman does finally turn up on screen, it is well worth the wait.

It’s only Katie Holmes who didn’t ring true for me – not because of her performance, but simply because she looks all of 15 years old sorry Katie.

Bravo Mr Nolan, bravo. So what could Warner Brothers producers hope to do to resurrect the franchise?

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It’s very hard to find a weak spot in the incredibly strong array of performances here, but if one had to be found, it would have to be Katie Holmes. Within beginns minutes into the movie, I turned to my date and said to her, “This is it! I love Michael Gough? Again, this concerned me prior to seeing the film. And it really works, the Batmobile actually interacts with it’s environment, and looks so much better real than computer generated. There is some humour, but it’s fairly dry.

The emotional bond between Subbtitles Wayne and Alfred is actually a wonderful human heart to the film than Nolan and Goyer have written perfectly.

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A darker, stormier knight. Jack Nicholson was the perfect Joker but from there it went downhill. There’s even a surprising twist near the end, which is doubly surprising because it actually comes as a shock. This is the movie! Gary Dnglish looks just like a young Commissioner Gordon and doesn’t dominateMorgan Freeman and Rutger Hauer give solid heavyweight support to the boardroom machinations at Wayne Enterprizes.