I have filled in the winners with help from Kannywood Scene: I felt like I had been adopted into a family, and I spent much of my time in Kano in studios and offices, hanging out, listening to gossip and political debates and jokes. She comes to my house to visit me, and we talk in Hausa, she braids my hair and asks to see photos of Kannywood. There was an opening prayer by a Muslim and Christian, and, in addition to the various ministers and representatives of governors, there were representatives from Nollywood and even of an Ijaw youths association. On set of Jidda, Kaduna, January Then it was time to act. Posted in African cinema , Hausa film , Kannywood , personal. Fever of love, Fever of passion.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Fever of love, Fever of passion. Allah ya kiyaye mu. One of the brains behind the award is filmmaker Hamisu Lamido Iyantama who suffered a great deal at the hands of the Kano State Censorship Board from , and whom I have blogged about a lot in the past. Like any fan, I have watched dozens of his films—playing in the background on Africa Magic Hausa as I would write in my room or in the little kiosk where I bought yoghurt and bread when I lived in Kano. Even with all of my exposure to Kannywood, I remain bashful in the presence of fame. I heard his voice singing on the radio today, as a broadcaster mourned him.

When hauss director and producer I did not know approached me on Zoo Road with the idea for Ibro Ya Auri BaturiyaI laughed and agreed without too much further thought.


The director gave us a minute of instruction I was to speak in English at first and later in broken Hausaand we were off.

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On set of Abbas Sadiq film, Jos, I liked the idea. I felt like if produced differently it could have, perhaps, been funnier. I completed my scenes with him, a few more were cut, perhaps, and he rushed off euhu his next film.

Ibro is a brilliant comedian and knew exactly what to do. See my post on the awards.

Today, though, I am missing Kannywood. I felt I had acted terribly. I will post the video and my transcription below that. Hzusa will try to update this post with the winners after this weekend.

Homes left behind never are. Fever has come to my body.

Bayan Duhu

I finished the PhD and then just kind of collapsed. The Nominations, which I got from the organizers of the awards, are as follows.

I got what I could. Female back up Chorus: She comes to my house to visit me, and we talk in Hausa, she haksa my hair and asks to see photos of Kannywood. We arrived at a village a little bit outside of Dutse in Jigawa, and we ate lunch before starting to shoot. Kannywood Award Posted on Bayzn 22, 14 comments. Most of all I miss that. Much love to them all. The original vcd cover for Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya. Abbas Sadiq working the aisles.


In Kano, hajsa was a familiarity, in my own hahsa community that spilled over to the larger public once people began to recognize my face. Uwar Miji Zainab Yunusa Odariko. Although certain moments like the actually quite informative speech by the Minister of Information dragged on, the audience kept themselves amused with photo taking,selfies, and wandering around chatting.

It can be used in the metaphoric sense as a fever of love, and that is the sense in which the audience would most likely initially interpret word.

He was only in his forties. I had written throughout the last four years of my PhD programme, even through the defense. Eventually, I was able to overcome my embarrassment enough to watch parts 1 through 3 of the Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya and to look at it with enough distance to include an analysis of it in my PhD dissertation.

I tried to ask him about his ordeal the year before, at the hands of the Kano State Censorship Board.

Bayan Duhu (2014)

Missing Kannywood Posted on May 9, 9 comments. Zazzabi ya kama masoya, zazzabi ciwo mai zafi. Update 24 November But the director fulfilled his part of the bargain, and we had a brief minute interview. Ahlal Kitab Nafisa Abdullahi [Winner].