Freely travelling between the human world and Inferno, it is nearly impossible to guess his location at any given time. Though the personal insults are totally unnecessary. It’s a cold and calculated attack that has no time for banter. The first game showed no signs whatsoever of the Infernal Demons wanting to turn against Bayonetta to claim her soul because the contract does not allow them to. First things first, I want to address the idea of this being as Rodin. Bayonetta only ever fights demons that she doesn’t have a contract with, such as Hatred and Greed, because they’re not bound by a pact to aid her, nor have they been promised her soul. The reason the Infernal Demons rebelled in the second game were not because of them ‘choosing’ to break the pact in some sort of manipulation because they were demons. In the end, we have to assume that it is logical.

It’s a symbolic representation that Bayonetta is no longer in control of the battle as she always has been. The biggest thing that people have noticed is that Bayonetta is missing her beauty mark , something that Hideki Kamiya has gone on record saying that it is something that witches only get when they’ve undergone “some kind of experience that’s very important to them. Grid View List View. Now that I think of it, I always explained this to me like this: She is missing both of her earrings, the sleeves of hair do not have the chain patterns of the medallions that hang from them and she only has one ribbon hanging from her hair perhaps the one that ripped in the opening explains this? Even then, it does so either in a quick flash of light or in a manner of fading and disappearing on the wind, not through using portals. Good analysis, I appreciate that. With Bayonetta 3 , I feel the tables have turned.

At no other point in the game do any of the Infernal Demons that Bayonetta can summon break free of vayonetta control or attempt to kill her after this and it’s implied the reason for this is the younger Balder, having been brought to the game’s time period with the Right Eye.

It happens immediately after Bayonetta returns from taking Cereza home. All further referencing the first game. From the way that everything she tries that worked in the first teaser is countered bayobetta little effort to the enemy just floating there like some ghost, it’s like Bayonetta’s worst fears are being realized.

If the beauty mark is tied closely to a Witch’s power, then Bayonetta lacking it could simply be another way to emphasise her powerlessness during this fight.

With Bayonetta 3I feel the tables have turned. My point was primarily in reference to her attitude in fighting them as well as her control of battle when against regular wwatch and even the ‘rival’ characters of Jeanne and the Masked Lumen. Platinum, please give us more! Bayonetta fills this role because she is able to defeat him in both games and she’s the source of a great amount of income for him with all the halos she gathers.



With how easily this mystery figure seems to bayonstta Bayonetta in their battle, there’s no reason why Rodin would not use it if this was the sort of thing he was capable of. Another thing to consider is that the reason Unbran said that his Rodin’s motivations are a mystery is because Umbdan Guidebook in Bayonetta 2 says it flat out:. The first game showed no signs whatsoever of the Infernal Demons wanting to turn against Bayonetta to claim her soul because the contract does not allow them to.


The Umbran seal is then split apart as a wave of bayonettta knocks the guns away and forces Bayonetta back. Ahh ok I remember now, Bayonetta 1 just had a really confusing story and I only understood certain parts. Just very strange to see her unable to do so in this teaser. Day 2 – Umbran Tradition Once upon a time umbranheart and I were discussing headcanons, and at some point we mentioned that probably Umbran Witches used their watches as some sort of symbol for weddings or promises with their loved one.

Thus, Bayonetta is never sealed away and never loses her memories, awakening the Left Eye. While I admit that you are right in saying that Rodin would likely be her enemy if he was to become an angel again, the demon part I am unsure about.

It would be kind bxyonetta weird to play part 3 with the look of the first part.

So what could this mean? It implies that Bayonetta was worn down through the fight with this mysterious stranger, so much so that she was unable to react to its final attack in time.

umbran watch

Another throwback for my drawings of my favorite female videogame character, Bayonetta! She will be fighting against a foe much greater than anything she has before, something so powerful that even she might not be able to beat it.

Once upon a time umbranheart wxtch I were discussing headcanons, and at some point we mentioned that probably Umbran Witches used their watches as some sort of symbol for weddings or promises with their loved one. Another thing to consider is that the reason I said that his Rodin’s motivations bayonetya a mystery is because Lemegeton’s Guidebook in Bayonetta 2 says it flat out: She’s fought hard and long as we can see from the bullet casings on the ground, but she’s beat up, she’s bleeding and she knows she can’t do much else.

In the second game, he tries the same thing bayonteta by claiming he’s not bothered, but her sudden retort of gunfire actually makes him admit that he’s around to help this time.

This mystery enemy shows no signs of this being the case. Bayonetta has two ribbons in her hair but then one of the ribbons split in two and then she only has one. As the Left Eye awakens, we’re shown an alternate history. The only way either of these two possibilities can come about would be through some more time travel story telling or a bit of retconning to events established in the first game to make it work.

Has it been considered that Teaser Bayonetta might be a Joy or some other form of clone? Even umbrxn we fight him, his attitude of being cool and collected during his attacks shines through. I don’t think the answer is as clear cut as that, however. Bayonettaa thing to mention are the bullets that Bayonetta fires.

There are plenty of moments in both games that Rodin shows he has no reason to attack Bayonetta like this and that their relationship is nowhere near as adversarial as you make it out to be.


Unlike the past teasers, there are clearly weather conditions of rain and wind as we can see water droplets suspended in mid-air when she fires. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The new enemy doesn’t even seem to physically appear at first when Bayonetta is tossed around wwtch a rag doll, like she has no control over what’s happening to her.

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When Bayonetta questions why Infernals are after her, she remembers Rodin’s answer then too. After her encounters with her older self, particularly the advice of never losing her Umbran Watch, Cereza never took it off when she grew up.

Second of all is Rodin’s motivations. Anything’s possible right now. The figure has none of these abilities. Even with his dark comments about using her soul as a weapon, he hasn’t acted upon them despite having plenty of opportunities to do so in the time he’s known her and, as I mentioned above, the Infernal Demons are not normally Bayonetta’s enemies.

Both of Bayonetta’s hand guns umbtan on bayonegta floor, similar to how her bullets always did in the first two teasers and spin around until they almost come back together to form the Umbran bayonettta again. Anyways thanks for the explaining, as much as I love Baynoetta the story gets wacky but I guess it all fits with the type of game it is.

Log in or sign up in seconds. When Jeanne tries to stab her as part of the dealing ritual, the blade is blocked by that watch.

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Through the brief flashes of light from her shots, we can see that her face is bloodied and scratched. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

If Rodin really had this sort of power the entire time that Bayonetta knew him and only had his old powers returned when using the Platinum Tickets which, so far, are the only instances we know of where he has gotten said powers back why has he never shown this sort of power before?

But then again the Cardinal Virtues are clearly dragged to Inferno, at least in the first gameā€¦. The name of the guns being an alternate version of Scarborough Fair, the enemy appearing nearly symmetrical and then splitting apart to attack Bayonetta, Bayonetta’s literal split apart, it all connects into this.

After doing that, an alternate history is created after Cereza blocks Jeanne’s attempt to seal her with the Umbran Watch.

With the possibilities of opposites and duality, many have theorized this could be referencing some kind of alternate timeline, possibly conjured from when Bayonetta technically changed history in the first game.