These points can be allocated however a housemate wishes either 4 points to one housemate and 1 point to another; or 3 points to one and 2 points to another. She entered the house on Day 0 choosing Lisa to be her partner after she was told that she would be playing the game in a pair. Archived from the original on 25 September Archived from the original on 14 August Archived from the original on 20 September He also proposed with a diamond to his boyfriend, also named Ben.

Katie recently lost 13kg and says she feels like a completely different person. This week we will observe you as you struggle to survive within the confines of the Big Brother house. Retrieved 3 November Big Brother host Kruger hits the stage. This section’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. On Day 69 , Zoe is given a very special remote.

This night also introduced the new Switzerland Alps room where the one member from each team could only be allowed to talk. Archived from the original on 9 November Michael follows caxt instructions and inside is the Secret Executive Bathroom.

Maybe after her last eviction save, he is latching onto her?

On Day 81the housemates in the captain’s quarters wake up for breakfast. On Day 30the new lately intruder Ava is introduced into the house. On Day 40Layla vbau Angie make up after their fight last night.

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On Bbai 55Sam and Layla’s relationship deteriorates further when he jokes about kissing her friends. The guys talk strategy. Michael comes to the diary room to tell Big Brother he likes Estelle.

Grab hold of it and turn it slowly, a quarter turn to the right to be precise”. Things got more complicated though as Hayley’s former flame Billy entered, shaking things up for the couple. Their next Power Play came just hours later when they were offered money from the prize fund.


Jed decided that the housemates passed. All of a sudden, BB04’s Ryan Fitzgerald enters the house. Dion was nominated in week three and faced the public vote. Housemates enter through a set of gates into the backyard area, which has been described as ‘old school Miami cool’ with a hint of Hollywood glamour, due to the big pool, flamingo statues, sun loungers, gym area and the skin-coloured textures that are used.

Sydney originally from Adelaide. Hellllo there Travis and Ryan — kayla 69ftashton September 8, It is the final program for BBTV. If their partner got it right, the pair would earn one point. Ratings are rounded to the nearest ten thousand. He entered the house on Day 2 partnered with Cat following the reveal that all housemates would be playing in pairs. To gain valuable information, they’re going to have to dish out juicy information about themselves!

Steve Bannon issues a stark warning for the nation and claims the Democrats could ‘weaponize the Mueller Report’ The Borescars! On Day 2George and Ryan entered the House. They shook things up from the beginning, entering the house as a couple but unable to tell the others as part of their secret challenge.

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The Heads of House make important decisions in the Power Room, where any conversations they have must be kept private unless told otherwise by the all-seeing ruler, Big Brother. Adelaide originally from India.

Single Sandra sells underwear, reads too many erotic novels and claims to have a vivid imagination. They had to swap a member of one pair with a member from another, thereby creating two new pairs. No unwelcome guests have yet entered…until now when Goldilocks and the three bears come for breakfast. He casst the thirteenth housemate to be evicted on Day 65 after receiving the fewest votes to save. One of the only cazt still together, the pair recently enjoyed a romantic getaway to a Sri Lankan resort and spa.


Angie and Layla discuss how they love to think the relationships they enter will end in a fairy-tale. Sonia Kruger welcomes the live crowd. Another pretty lady photo bombs stars, this time at the Independent Spirits Awards Retrieved 6 August Meanwhile, Stacey goes to the diary room to see it is been trashed by a “ninja’s party”.

Two were revealed live George and Ryanand two were revealed on the next day’s daily show. It is “Father’s Day” in the house.

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Newport Beach couple hired a private investigator to document their son’s ‘mental erratic behavior’ just It was the controversial ‘social experiment’ that saw a bunch of strangers sealed in a house as the country watched on. He Entered the House as an intruder on Day The Nominations Super Power gives an advantage to one housemate for nominations in a given week.

Richard Hordern-Gibbings is a year-old bank teller, originally from Adelaide but now lives in Sydney. The dances were performed during the live show and judged during a snap poll by vast viewing public. Gemma entered the house on Day 0 partnered with Jake after it was revealed that the housemates would be competing in pairs.

On Day 45bbauu continue to party while Sam unknowingly works in the Big Brother factory. On Day 39a game of truth or date ends in a huge fight between Angie and Layla. Upon her entry on Day 2, she found out housemates would be playing the game in pairs.

Sandra Nixon is a year-old from Wagga Wagga who works as a retail manager.