My Anime list page is http: Good anime but didn’t like it much. But still, this Evangelion shaped the history of anime. Oh wait, you have already watched Bible Black, so there’s no need for it. Shiro was way more badass in the movie than the anime. Will add them in my downloading list

Tell me, have you watched any of Key’s works? A girl carrying twin caliber bring down army of bad guys just sultan rahi with AK Angel Complete 26 Episodes Genres: Of course they should be, as they still have loads of fans still cheering for them, long series are not necessarily bad unless the mangaka has to end the Manga abruptly due to financial or fan-based concerns like what happened with Mx0, I was really sad about this. Small notions from myself are more than enough for an anime etc. Otherwise, I forget the story and it is not good.

Do you mean the anime wouldn’t have been great without eroge? If I’m not wrong I don’t understand why people love those anime, over at animenewsnetwork: These are all similar to Evangelion and at first everyone dislikes or even hates them. D the ending’s amazing The one in which the girl is touching other girl’s cheek. I loved her bedlzebub.

Anime recommendations ?

So finished HOTD today I know i am not the biggest anime fan out there, i even like them in english: Got something like this to watch after a long time: Rise of the Yokai Clan”.?? Kuroshitsuji is turning out to be really good On episode I also like those series but they keep on going for so long so I have stalled them, it’s not fun getting stuck at some point of the story and watch those damned fillers.

Its pretty simple but in case you guys dont know how i’ll explain further. Well, I don’t consider ecchi bad. The developers and producers have allowed us to go through our fantasies, Otaku style! According to the laws that govern anime and what the watchers want, it is better to preserve originality and carry over the content from the original thing.


I did not pay attention while watching an anime and sometimes did not get to know the story properly and rated the anime low because of that.

I’ve been away from the anime scene since i last watched Code Geass [the 3rd time lol]; tried a few others; Rurroni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and some other lame ones. Neither will I bdelzebub responsible if this picture below makes you want to search for more Saber pictures and scans from websites like Konachan. Adding a little bit of story after years where most of our supporting young heroes are married or something like that would’ve been the best way to end it.

Animeultima – kalendaryo HD

Watched animeulitma episodes until now. This type of thing happened to me too in the past. Thanyou Dude,GTO is kinda funny but love hina doesnt fall in the category ‘funny’. Has anyone here watched Serial Experiments Lain? Printable HD Animeultima have some pictures that related each other in the collection of images below. Yaar this was one awesome anime. You should wait for the Blu-Rays to be released, they will have a lot of episodr episodes. What from this anime made me laugh, laugh bad: It has changed my views about anime as bieng little kiddies’ cartoons and now i’m completely addicted to anime!

There is no instant payoff in Haibane Renmei; you are forced to watch the story unravel piece by piece. Taking a small break from Anime for now Anyhow about before, I think it would be nice if you posted a “official” thread of each anime you watch and then write the synopsis and small spoiler free review.


Rikuo is destined to take over his grandfather berlzebub but his human side has no interest. Btw this anime doesn’t come near Aki Sora It even has sex scenes: I did not hear about the third one.

I just wanna see the end that’s it Started watching Anikeultima Geass R The anime will be followed by two movies which will conclude the story. Also the series is a montage to all action movies American, Chinese, HongKong, Japaneseso a Sultan Rahi animeuotima action is expected, but it also provides a good back story as well. And most of those series i’m done with and yes they sure are good Jun Maeda once again proves his awesomeness!

Death note u’ll love it i assure you 4.

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Haruka x Sora is fine too but if this is the canon then I would want the alternate canons’ to be shown in the many extras that will be released in the Buru-rays. Actually it won’t as most of you will be concentrating at the compromising position Saber is being held in rather than what is or may happen.

Most Animes are hard to judge by their covers. Give me a Break the anime would have been much much better without eroge.

Want to rant about it then come to this thread http: Yes they should be given credit for creativity as they keep coming up with more and more mangas and episodes, but then again I doubt they’ll end it. Seriously, are you joking?