Possible Sex Reference This book has a lot of violence, and a possible sexual reference. But the one semi-modern thing they have is magic. It is fast paced, with characters I’d love to meet and some of the most original locations and story twists I can remember reasoning in a log time. Kid, 10 years old April 30, Not too long ago I read several epic fantasies which I found excellent back to back. Were you surprised some key characters died? Did anybody else cry with the deaths in beyonders?

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good adventure, because, trust me, this book is full of adventure. Maldor is one of the most passive villains I’ve ever known to be in a fantasy series, especially in this installment which would be great if his infrequent dialogue was properly menacing and smartly written, but most of it isn’t , so whenever Galloran started talking about how imperative it was that they stop Maldor, I didn’t believe the necessity of it. For all its other problems, the climax was pretty cool. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Seeds of Rebellion and Chasing the Prophecy go for something on a much larger scale a la Lord of the Rings, grafting in detailed world history, individual kingdoms and races, political maneuvers, massive armies marching to war, etc. Return to Book Page.

Common Sense’s Impact Our impact report: Paragraf ketiga, dialog Farfalee kurang tanda kutip awal. I understood and appreciated Ferrin’s moral dilemma of whether to betray or not betray at the end, but couldn’t the lurker have made it in time to save him?

Some things that did bug me Whether the character succeeded or failed, things were going to end up the same. Seeds of Rebellion, but I was wrong. I’ve finished the series. At the conclusion of Book 2, Seeds of Veyondersa seer reveals a prophecy claiming to be the only chance in a million to defeat the evil wizard Maldor in Lyrian. It was a somewhat personal story about an inexperienced kid getting caught up in a situation he didn’t ask for, and we saw him use what limited knowledge and cunning he had to overcome a daunting task.


Sign in or join to save for later. Together, they go on an extraordinary quest to figure out how to become the heroes that Lyrian needs, no matter what the cost.

As tropes go, prophecy is a well-worn device that’s as tough to pull off as time travel. Refresh and try again. Unless you’re the kind of person who has to tear everything apart to find the gaps, it works pretty well. A lot of detail and history were included throughout, which really pulled the reader or at least myself into the series.

I am sure he did right?

Chasing the Prophecy

Racheal and Jason go on to meet a special people called displacers that work for Maldor as highly skilled spies. This is the third in what I find to be a very To start off, I would say that this is the best boo I won’t say much about the story but it is definitely worth reading.

It would be like some caveman being sent to our time and being enlisted in special ops with an emphasis in computer hacking. She has her own list of beyondres and a different personality than Jason that complements him as a character.

The narrator’s choice of different vocal stylings for various characters added to the strange flavor in a good way.

A World Without Heroes (Beyonders, #1) by Brandon Mull

March 28, I loved this new series by the author of Fablehaven. It’s an ironic twist of fate in my opinion, especially with how I had such a problem with them if you’ve read my review of the first Fablehaven book, and my updates of the next two bdyonders, you’d see why. View all 7 comments. We can’t go through life alone.

Review: Beyonders: A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull – IMDb

Truly never has a book as this kept me up all night, unable to resist the tasty words. So, the only thing I really needed to know from Rachael was how she pulled it all off. That, in my mind, is the marker of a good story.


I was immediately mesmerized by this world the author has created. I loved it when it first came out, but having read true epic fantasy like The Stormlight Archive and A Song of Ice and Fire recently, I found myself unable to enjoy this book on any merits other than nostalgia. I’m reluctant to start reading his new series, The Five Kingdoms.

Parents need to know that like the rest of the Beyonders series, the publisher is marketing Chasing the Prophecy to ages 8 to 12, but ages 10 through 17 are a better fit for this fantasy trilogy. The book contains the first syllable of a word said to destroy Maldor, the requisite evil wizard ruler.

Maldor is no more and that land of Lyrian is once again save, as long as Nedwin really didn’t lose any of those worms! I feel like the plot and product could have been improved with a little more revision and care. The trouble is that I think a slightly older age group would better understand the addiction and apathy aspects of the novel.

I liked the book because of all the adventure and excitement that Jason and Rachel go through.

The story here is very much a standard fantasy story and you will have seen it’s like before unless of course you’re just learning to read and this is one of the first books you’ve picked up. Maldor, this is a name of an evil dictator that rules over an unknown land.

When he investigates, he’s accidentally swallowed by the hippopotamus.