Parody of ” Runaway ” by Janet Jackson. Keeping the balance is kind of like trying to design a car that both drives and swims! You must log in or register to reply here. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Each episode also featured Nye in diverse places, where he interviews people to talk about their work and other contributions, that was focusing on the episode’s topic. There are several individual segments that are featured in each episode, such as “Way Cool Scientist”, which features an expert on the episode’s topic, “Consider the Following”, where Nye discusses a certain aspect of the episode’s topic, “Nifty Home Experiment”, where the audience is shown how to do a simple home experiment relating to the episode’s topic, “Try This”, where the audience is shown how to try a simple demonstration relating to the episode’s topic, “Hey! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. April 15th is almost here.

Thank God for Billy Syx! Dino” Parody of ” Mr. Seattle Television History, University of Washington. Bill Nye the Science Guy at Wikipedia’s sister projects. Parody of ” Whip It ” by Devo. Retrieved August 26, After the opening credits, announcer Pat Cashman would say “Brought to you by

Parody of ” Get Off This ” by Cracker. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Posies are an alternative rock group from Bellingham, Washington.

Parody of ” Connected ” by Stereo MC’s. Buoyandy January 16, The show has been likened to the next-generation version of Watch Mr.


This is usually the last segment of each episode. PBS Kids original programming.

Bill Nye The Science Guy S01E05 Buoyancy

Parody of “State of Attraction” by Paula Abdul. One down-side is that the new release breaks most of the Add-Ins and style sheets tthe will have to be reinstalled and repurchased in many cases. The Story of Bobbing Billy Started by rdboggie juno.

All, You may notice that the site looks a bit different. Forums New bi,l Search forums. The theme song is set to a house beat, with Pat Cashman saying the show’s title in a distorted male voice, which came across a bass-rhythm line, and the number is punctuated by repeating the word tne as a percussive shout. It answers all of your questions, has an Amphicar in it, and a song called Bills got a Boat sung to the back track of Babys got back. Wizard meets Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Bill Nye The Science Guy S01E05 Buoyancy – video dailymotion

Retrieved April 12, Parodies of movies and television shows configure the facts of the episode’s topic. Parody of ” Fantastic Voyage ” by Coolio. Retrieved February 9, However, the characters and cast members from the TV series, sans Nye and a few others, do not appear in this game, instead being replaced by game-exclusive Nye Labs team members and new actors. I have no idea if this is on the internet anywhere, I have an old tape somewhere of it from the late 90s.


The old software version will no longer be supported so it was not really a choice.

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While performing in a sketch comedy television show in Seattle called Almost Live! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Parody of ” Sabotage ” by the Beastie Boys. Style Parody of the Dave Matthews Band. The following year, the production companies entered a distribution agreement with Buena Vista Televisiona subsidiary of Disney.

Bill Nye the Science Guy – 05: Buoyancy 1/3

Retrieved September 24, Parody of ” Le Freak ” by Chic. Wendal ” by Arrested Development.

Style parody of Seether by Veruca Salt. We didn’t edit that Bill Nye episode”. After the opening credits, announcer Pat Cashman would say “Brought to you by A team of scientists develop a laser satellite -controlling computer system called MAAX Yuy and Asteroid Exploder to destroy the meteoroid; however, MAAX develops a personality of its own and refuses to save the planet unless Earth’s scientists can solve seven science riddles.

Parody of ” U. Parody of ” Mr. The show aired for half-hour episodes spanning five seasons.