It’s as expansive and broad as the director’s ambitious, multicontinental opus “Babel” from It is rare in film to be given the opportunity to know one character so intimately. Guillermo Estrella as Mateo. Uxbal is hyper-responsible in parenting, though at times he loses his temper with his son who is, like many a child, an irrepressible button-pusher. How To Train Your Dragon: Bardem plays all the nuances.

Cheng Taishen as Hai. Biutiful is a long, endlessly bleak gloomfest made worthwhile by a transcendetal performance by the great Javier Bardem. Chicago Film Critics Association Awards [17]. Tuo Lin as Barman Bar Hai. An attempt by a human trafficker to dump the bodies into the sea fails when they are washed up on the shore shortly after, causing a media sensation. Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards [16]. Best Foreign Language and Best Actor for Javier Bardem; his nomination was the first entirely Spanish-language performance to be nominated for the award.

Uxbal has also the ability to communicate with the dead and is the loving single father of the ten year-old Ana and the little boy Mateo. Dunia Montenegro as Stripper. Xianlin Bao as Hai’s Mother.

Meanwhile, an attempt at reconciliation with Marambra fails when Uxbal realizes she cannot be trusted to look after their children. Sep 8, Rating: There’s almost no break for the tragedy, and therefore, one becomes benumbed to the pain quite early in the two hour and forty five minute running time. Sonia Cruz as Stripper.

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Yodian Yang as Chino Obeso. These images are similar to those that recur in his movie 21 Grams. He is first a father, having sole custody of his 10 year old daughter and younger son, struggling to bring them up, get them to school on sunmary, have good food on the table, have after-school care, all the normal worries of a parent in the modern world.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Chinese immigrants suffer trying to gain a foothold in a new society, and are exploited by the Chinese who brought them to Spain who hold the attitude that no matter how badly they are treated it is better than being in China.


When Uxbal learns that he is terminal with an advanced prostate cancer and metastasis and has only a couple of months, he saves all the possible money and seeks out a person to raise Ana and Mateo. DFW critics join the chorus of praise for ‘Social Network, ‘ naming it the year’s best”. September 1, at 8: His profession summry a smuggler of illegal immigrants who are essentially slave labor makes him “bad,” but when he buys them heaters and frets over the best care for his children, he immediately earns our sympathy.

Leticia Albizuri as Chica Joven 2.

Log in with Facebook. Worse, he had been fatherless himself since his father plor while his mother was pregnant, something that bothered him his entire life, which he does not want to perpetuate upon his own children—and his own mother had died while he was quite young, leaving him no real family to grow within.

Uxbal earns a living by procuring work for illegal immigrants, a group of Chinese who make forged designer goods which a group of African street vendors then sell.

He is a fortysomething guy in Barcelona whose life is coming, or has come, to pieces: Please click the link below to receive movle verification email. Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards [16].

This is the story of Uxbal, a man living in this world, but able to see his death, which guides his every move. If this wallow in hell appeals, it’s certainly worth a rental, and Bardem is really worth watching.

Aroa Ortiz as Stripper. Apr 30, Full Review…. This sad and depressing drama wants to rely on an unbearable sense of tragedy that doesn’t always feel genuine, but even so summar benefits from a strong performance by Bardem, who is able to inject some complexity into his character despite the rather artificial plot.


This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat When life is less inviting than death, the eye of the beholder is inclined to look away. Views Read Edit View history. In a snowy winter landscape he is reunited with his father, who had died before Uxbal’s birth shortly after having fled Spain for Mexico during the Franco regime.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. With all the good filmmaking in Biutiful, the wonderfully human story of a father making sure his kids are well-cared-for after his death, I don’t summmary the film needs this element – the speaker for the dead subplots – in order to be successful.

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Biutiful – review

This is a director who has, in recent years, verged on self-parody with his glib internationalism and his repeated device of hooking disparate lives together with a random event. British Academy Film Awards [14]. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

This is not Barcelona of tourism and photo essays, this is the seedy side streets, the dingy apartments and warehouses, the claustrophobic tiny spaces in which individuals struggle to carve a niche for themselves.

It’s as expansive and broad as the director’s ambitious, multicontinental opus “Babel” from He hears his daughter calling him but he is already turned toward death and then her voice fades.

Luo Jin as Liwei.