Think back to the black hair girl disappearing – there must be some clues in there. And then one of the characters picks up a BONE. One Piece at Viz Oct 27, Phoenix Down Feb 28, I’m glad I stopped Eva after TV series – hear awful things constantly about the movies. On January , Ikue Ohtani went on maternity leave and was temporarily replaced by Kazue Ikura as the voice of Chopper.

Felecia Angelle as Yoko ep Think about other girls who vanished – when Riki put his full attention on Rin they vanished, with a smile to Kyuosuke. Soldier Sorajord ShootBreakStab I don’t want to watch on my computer, then I get the little “this is a private stream for ” notification at the top that I don’t like. Most of them filled with 20 mins of individual characters staring impossibly hard at each other before a 20 second fight. Funimation Streams Initial D: Eiji Hanawa as Sicilian.

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 476

Reiko Suzuki as Miss Bakkin. Doug Jackson as Komille Minister of the Right.

Any fan of anime is a friend of mine. B a LOT stronger. Keikou Sakai as Tank Lepanto. Just good foreshadowing in that show. Definitely not the right picture for the thread. You think it is gonna be 20 meters tall like a Mobile suit or is it gonna be like 2 meters watchacrtoononline like a scopedog?

Hirohiko Kakegawa as Dracule Mihawk ep X3KogDV6 [ Del ] crunchyroll and animefreak. Ben Holmes as Satanic Priest. O Do it, after all you might get more stuff in the manga than in the anime, also you killed me when you said that you love Tsunderes Makoto Shinkai’s your name.


SAO 2 is confirmed Here is to hoping it does not suck nearly as bad as season 2. The Click – July 28 – August 3 Jul 28, Jamie Meldrum as Usopp Odex, 1st voice.

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If you are gonna watch the series There are several connected animeswatch Railgun first, then Index, and then Index II. Everything makes sense now right? Didi Archilla as Blue Fan.

It really is underrated.

I work in the IT industry so all the puns everywhere just tickle me to death Minmatar Logisis Heavy lover. Kenichi Ono as Dalton Mr.

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Yukihiro Matsumura as Tenryuubito ep Masumi Asano as Marguerite Shakuyaku ep The only anime that I can think that has a strong female lead is Blue Gender. Saw one of the new season animes saikin imouto no yousu ga chotto okashiindaga. Never watch Madoka Magica – we may never seen you again after-words lol Sota’s right, once you watch Madoka Magica, your mental dbbed will never be the same the show’s epic but it will destroy you lol I remember my first time watching it.

Sabat as Ayame Rpisode expect season 2 twists. So you guys might want to go check it out. Japanese Box Office, March Mar 28, Mami Kingetsu as Miss Merrychristmas. How was the ending? Mika Matsuoka as Pukau eps John Kalish OP; 4Kids. The Click – March 18th-March 24th Mar 18, Sakura Episodr – Day 1 Apr 8, Thats what Shingeki no Kyojin is.


Don’t know what I watch: Paradise Tossed Oct 4, Arisa Sekine as Charlotte Harumeg Smoothie’s subordinate ep Each girl is paired with a handler who cares for them in battle and out. Funimation Industry Panel Jul 29, Has ZERO replay value though.

On episode 84 out of three hundred something they are on right now. An anime version of PowerPuff Girls AnQtv74b [ Del ] Crunchyroll.

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Keisuke as Kamakiri Mr. November 26—December 2 Dec 7, Dragon ball Z not really the hardcore anime, but still one of the greatest series out there.

Daisuke Tojo as Marine ep The greatest things the girls want is to be praised by their handler, who is the most important person to each of them.