Who is the Traitor?! However, Ichigo just wants the Snow Crystal for himself so he can turn human and wake up from the dream. Skip Gotei 13 Invading Army story arc Episodes It becomes even more difficult when Rangiku goes to take a hot bath, which gives Hisagi the urge to take a peek past the door. This Time’s Enemy Is a Monster!? Uninterested in Ichigo anymore, Gin tells Ichigo to get lost. Byakuya gets angry squares off with Kenpachi to see who is stronger. Baraggan survived the first time she used it because he made the missile age and redirected the explosion away from him.

Later on, the girl, recognized as Haruko, reveals that she can see spirits, which caused her boyfriend Ken to break up with her. All of the Soul Reapers and Vizards then join in to protect Ichigo from witnessing Aizen’s shikai , to enable him to finish Aizen off. She then fires a missile at Baraggan which leads to a massive explosion. Throughout a series of misadventures, Ichigo and the others encounter a magic lamp in a temple with the power to grant three wishes by a genie, in the form of Rukia, but by breaking the laws of granting wishes to them, she is sentenced to be executed in the “Lamp Society”. Since Hitsugaya can turn any water into ice, and Halibel can turn any ice into water, both of their attacks neutralize each other out. June 8, [6]. The episodes uses six pieces of theme music:

After it is revealed that Rukia, in the form of a succubusis the Snow Crystal, Ichigo transforms into a wolf. Kesshi no Saken ” Japanese: Elsewhere, as the battle between Aizen and Isshin still rages on, the bleqchget reveals that he has reached the limit of his Soul Reaper self.

Retrieved from ” https: When the fight ends, it begins to snow in Karakura Town which allows Yosuke to leave happily. When his victory seems assured, Stark is unexpectedly stabbed in the back. While Kon tries to rescues a girl from being attacked by a hollow, a mysterious person named Michel intervenes and defeats it instead, much to Kon’s dismay.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ichigo ni Himerareta Chikara! However, after Hitsugaya charges in, Aizen provokes him to attack with all his hatred. I’ve always wanted to write for a gaming site, reviews mostly but now I’m doing gaming news when ever I can.


But her attacks prove to be ineffective against the two, and she is gradually cornered eplsode the pair’s fine team play. Yamamoto and Wonderweiss engage in unarmed combat, in which the former shatters the latter’s body to pieces using hand-to-hand techniques.

Hachi makes an armored wall between the three of them and Baraggan to buy blexch time. Luckily for you, though, this writer is a huge fan of the series and is willing to put together a guide for the series. Yachiru goes back home to Kenpachi, bleachet she remembers that Masayoshi used to be close to her in the past.

Rangiku has her suspicions with the inn manager, but Hisagi is ever so struggling with his feelings for Rangiku. The following day, Masayoshi protects Mayu from a group of hollows, asking her to accompany him in his journey.

The New Year Special! It is known as the Arrancar: In anger, he fires out his Respira attack until he rots away Hachi’s right hand.

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Meanwhile the battle between Ichigo and Bleadhget continues. Ichigo and the Magic Lamp” Transcription: Kon is gradually getting suspicious of Michel, who later publicly announces that he is giving the hleachget of the team members special capes.

It is shown that the whole ordeal was dreamed up by Komamura in the Soul Society. Kon eventually defeats Michel, which dissolves all the capes. The Konso Cop Karakuraizer is assigned to investigate about a female arrancar they previously defeated that has returned to seek vengeance. How or where you watch it is completely on the viewer. Kenpachi scolds Byakuya for being useless and not finishing off Yammy earlier.

In the present, Baraggan, taking his final moments to remember his vow to blech his throne someday, tosses his axe at Aizen, but it disintegrates and Baraggan dies. Byakuya gets angry squares off with Kenpachi to see who is stronger.

Urahara has prepared a few tricks up his sleeve for the fight, including some special armor for Yoruichi when she later arrives as well. Hitsugaya releases his bankai as the other Soul Reapers join him. Hitsugaya takes leave from the Seireitei to visit Haru, a friend of his in the real world. Archived from the original on August 2, at 9: Later on, the girl, recognized as Haruko, reveals that she can see spirits, which caused her boyfriend Ken to break up with her.


Rukia, Chad and Renji go all out on him, but he successfully blocks all their attacks. Aizen then reveals that he knew about him since his birth, trying to tell Ichigo he is part human, but his speech is interrupted by Ichigo’s father, Isshin Kurosakiin Soul Reaper form.

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Loly berates Menoly and begins to torture Orihime by herself as Ichigo tries to reach Orihime despite Ulquiorra blocking bleacg.

You can follow me on twitter at erycjames and also on twitter antiemopoto. Mayuri arrives and tells everyone that he has managed to analyze the Garganta and offers to send Ichigo back to Karakura Town through it. Start your next Bleach marathon right! Ichigo finds out that this is all a dream and strives to wake up, while the others are intent on finding a hidden treasure called the Snow Crystal.

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Meanwhile, Ichigo and Unohana head for the world of the living through the Garganta opened by Mayuri, who discusses the after war period with Byakuya. Yachiru jumps between the two and reveals that Kenpachi told her how a hollow possessed Masayoshi, as proven when his love for sweets and the memory of his wife’s name were now gone.

Hey guys, I’m new to the site. Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow! Ichigo attempts to defend himself and peisode in an attack, but Ulquiorra is too fast and powerful for him. Orihime comes across Rukia and Renji, who were on their way to the local shrine festival. Masayoshi at first does not believe it, but Yachiru insists.