Punching at a non vital point is useless. I accidentally voted for Soi Fail but Koma stomps. BBCode off you go! This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Fake Momo is one of my favorite fights int he entire series because of how much I hate Hitsuguya and love anything bad that happens to him. Well that was interesting.

I really wanted to see how Kenpachi would fare against Soifon’s Suzumebachi. Preview Manga Manga Store. But the Komamura vs Soifon fight seems promising as well. Status Not open for further replies. Btw where is the real Soifon? I accidentally voted for Soi Fail but Koma stomps. If your going to complain that Yu-Gi-Oh! A stronger version of himself, to boot.

I can’t wait to her fight. Status Not open for further replies. Was this recorded before or after Soi fons VA passed away. She marks both parts of the body front and komamkra on a vital point and it’s a done deal. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Hinamori is a Vice- captian. I just wanted to write that. InfernalFive InfernalFive 6 years ago 6 rasenganfreakup posted More Top Anime vleach Fullmetal Alchemist: In retrospect, wasn’t it overkill? I didn’t expect that both Hinamori are regai, I thought one of them is the real Hinamori.


Then Kyoraku just got kicked into a mountain. Someone wake me up when Ichigo dies for the upteenth time.

He was like “bye Kenny” lol. Wish they gave Toshiro a real fight. I kind of wished that he would’ve died.

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It’s going to be a letdown if her zampaktou turns out to be lame though. Ukitake is my favorite captain. What are you talking about Member Jun 28, Haha true, but Yamamoto is probably just kicking their asses over and over again just to humiliate them.

Btw where is the real Soifon? And then he fights himself, and wins.

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But the Komamura vs Soifon fight seems promising as well. C I’m hoping this arc isn’t that lengthy, just because I’m already getting bored of it.

Does sajin ever win? Wahaha It was kinda weird of Komamura trying to steal an opponent from Zaraki. I like how Ukitake actually surprised him when he caught his sword.


BBCode If you want me to see something, or reply to something, quote me. Soi Fon to the rescue! Regai are supposedly stronger, and there were TWO of them. Member Jun 24, Well they can stretch this arc out for awhile if new regai can be created after the old ones get killed. In PvP you must kill first the healer! Can someone give me an explanation on how Sui Feng got her left hand back or is it that easy to recover with kidou?