A Star Is Born 4. This is one of the top 3 or 4 Thrillers-very spooky and disturbing. Robert says the story that Hitchcock used different actresses for different words in the same sentence “to throw people off” is apocryphal. How many times can we watch Granny or Victor confront Marcia and rehash the same basic dialogue? An anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that began with typical crime stories, but later delved more successfully into the horror genre. Add to Watchlist Added. I guess my biggest beef is that I didn’t buy that the woman was powerful enough to keep three generations as prisoner. Mary Elizabeth Counselman story , Donald S.

A young woman seemingly incapable of leaving and living a full life. But the more you add on, the less relevant the commentaries become. She soon finds herself held captive by a very strange family with all the requisite secrets, cobwebs, and skeletons in the closet. At its best, it was truly eerie and chilling, telling tales from such masters as Robert Bloch, Cornell Woolrich and Richard Matheson. It was funny to hear Marcia explain all the wonders of modern psychology as if this episode was partly underwritten as some sort of infomercial. Tim was 12 years old at the time. Many differences between these two eps, too, of course, with the OL by no means a remake or even reworking of the Thriller.

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She’s a very inconsistent actress. After some rough early innings, great to see Thriller finally hitting the ball out pwrasite the park with shows like Pidgeons and Parasite What really would have been classy — though administratively impossible — would have been to see such a book as a special add-on to the disc set, the way Image did with VAMPYR.


There’s plenty of chills in this one, as the feisty Pippa faces a most terrifyingly uncertain fate trapped in this mad mansion.

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I’ll assume the family members were meant to be somewhat dim-witted; otherwise it’s hard to believe they never suspected the strange goings on might be tied to the odd-looking family member. Marcia wakes up to find herself the unwilling guest of the weird reclusive Herrod family, in a house that seems to be haunted by a blood-sucking poltergeist. I can remember her playing this part years later on Gunsmoke.

Here I’ve been questioning the time I spend in my life watching Thriller episodes. Season 1 Episode Tom Weaver October 5, at 1: The ending was a bit anti-climatic as were the levitation scenes. Every one who could have known is gone. I found the boy’s behavior kind of random, too. Use the HTML below. I said odd looking—not oddly dressed.

Parasite Mansion

Full Cast and Crew. Griffith’s best work in TV Westerns. SoSo Cinema May 8, at 8: DJS October 6, at 9: Maybe this will never be known. I had a nightmare about poltergeists last night.

For me, I would have preferred an ending with more of a twist, either by having her spirit come back or by revealing Pippa Aprasite revealed to be evil. This episode was a lot of fun and the commentary is more interesting than I expected.

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Larry Rapchak October 5, at Of course, now we know what became of gun toting Tommy Nolan from “Child’s Play. How famous was August Derleth back then? La La Land 6. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Jeanette rules but Jim Griffith isn’t too far behind. Tuesday, October 5, Parasite Mansion: Larry Blamire October 6, at 1: As I recall, Warren gave this a solid assessment in his volume. Sunday, October 13, Boris Karloff’s Thriller: When the girl kept getting clunked on the head by the cup it was kind of comical.

I asked my ex boyfriend who was Tim’s lifelong best buddy and he had never heard about this controversy.

When she thriller, she finds herself being held captive by a family of weirdos The book seems pretty thoroughly researched, in addition to drawing on Leigh’s firsthand experiences, but I don’t know what the source for that particular piece of information was, or how accurate the authors are considered to be. Her husband was John McIntire.

Parasite mansion was a masterpiece in gothic-horror, particularly, for the time period in consideration. All in all, Parasite Mansion was good, spooky fun. The odd-looking family member? Didn’t anyone else find it interesting that Counselman’s story appeared in the same edition of WT as did Lovecraft’s Shadow over Innsmouth? There’s a “difficult” older woman with an abusive streak in each Nolan, Burt who torments a man she’s strongly tied to Griffith, Vaughn Taylor.

Were you napping during this episode? That’s an interesting observation about there being no Lovecraft adaptations on Thriller. Paraaite must have been something else with Lovecraft.