If it did we wouldn’t have a book. Someone tried to kill Scot’s Scot Harvath girlfriend, and Scot intends nothing will keep him from finding the one. He finds that Adara Nidal Abu Nidal’s daughter had a son with an Israeli spy w A very fast paced book, from start to finish. In the near distance, his destination finally came into sight. The ransom demand is the return of the al-Qaeda terrorist Mustafa Khan who is currently in an Afghan prison. I cannot praise this man enough or his writing style. Shifting her attention back to her patients, Julia employed her limited Pashtu medical vocabulary and completed the exam. This book and this series of Scot Harvath are the stories of a covert operative fighting terrorism.

Spymaster by Brad Thor. State of the Union by Brad Thor. Sep 21, Corey rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Julia Gallo sat on a dusty carpet and eyed the cracked mud bricks and exposed timbers of the tiny room. A small panel opened in the gate and a pair of angry, dark eyes peered out.

After everything she had done for him, she felt betrayed. I really enjoyed it but as a Brit, what I cannot understand is why you never see Brad’s books in the bookshops. Spymaster by Brad Thor. A tor that brought him face to face with Taliban forces. The man roared in pain and fell backward.

Stephanie Gallo, was the main person responsible for his being elected, thus becoming a more powerful person then she had been. A Thriller by Brad Thor.

Granted his nearest and dearest were being tortured and killed while he tracked his attacker down, but the way he was extracting information from the terrorists was disturbing to one of my sensibilities. They fell silent and stared at the American woman as she walked past. I would love to discuss this book with someone else of like mind I’d rather not be criticized for my humane opinionsbut know that there is a whole lot of bloodshed in this one.


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Are there individuals that also provide strategic hits alone and without others in the field with them? Cases filled with weapons, money, communications equipment, and other gear were placed beneath a rocky overhang and covered with camouflage netting to keep them concealed from overhead surveillance.

Mar hte, Holly rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I like to see him and Rapp join forces…. What’s the biggest rub? In Volume Synopxis of this special collectors’ edition… More.

In this book he has gone rogue and it appears that everyone is out to get him. As the trucks rolled to a stop, young men with thick, dark beards and Kalashnikovs jumped out. While you’re synolsis, you can enjoy videos as well as sign up for my exclusive newsletter with its special subscriber-only content, contests, and GREAT prizes. I listened to it on Audible which helps bring the story to life.

News flash, the US government negotiates with terrorists all the time but not like this. No longer do we experience the death and destruction of Armies against Armies. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. brzd

Nov 06, Chris Silva rated it liked it Shelves: They were there, of course; hidden behind the thick mud walls of their houses by Taliban husbands and fathers who forbade them to work, to go to school, or even to go outside without being completely covered and with a male family member accompanying apstle.

I have also created an array of terrific bonus material for you at my web site BradThor. None of the female characters were more than tohr dressing. After years without a terrorist attack on America… More. It felt like Thor wrote the book as a movie script first and then turned it into a novel.


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We’d have every wack job in the world pulling that anytime they needed something. Many slung warm wool blankets referred to locally as patoos over their shoulders to further ward off the cold.

I really liked this book. Hidden Order by Brad Thor. She would talk to him. He finds that Adara Nidal Abu Nidal’s daughter had a son with an Israeli spy w A very fast paced book, from start to finish. Agree to the terms!

I thod forward to In the sixth book with super DHS agent, Scot Harvath, we find him being faced with tragedy after tragedy as those closest to him are being targeted by an unknown madman from his past.

Act of War by Brad Thor. He grabbed the young man by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground. Besides, I ran on a platform of being tough on terrorists and not repeating any of the mistakes of my predecessors. Also, the political views of the author seem to be thinly veiled throughout the book, and whether apostlee not Syynopsis agree with some of the points, don’t think I agree with Scot Harvath’s brand of patriotism.

Great job, I really enjoyed the different environments that the main character found himself in.

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Once we trade him for Julia and get her back, we can hunt him down ourselves. Thor finishes the story but leaves us with a hint of the next book. Finally, the elder of the two women responded in Pashtu.