I think that some of the flashbacks would have been more touching if I already felt invested in the people involved, but instead the story jumped around too much for me to get attached to any one person. An utter train wreck. I have good news and bad. It’s symbolic on all 3 levels that Javabeans pointed out — initially the hand is there frantically trying to push his enemy away and stop the strangulation, but then it began to look as if he was simultaneously trying to cling on to Kang-to, just as Kang-to’s flashback plays out on screen. As for the “apologies” even an American journalist writing for the Japanese times called it ambiguous at best. IDK why she gets so much hate.

I’m sooo gonna sign that petition! I always thought the first choice was the best. If Japan Imperialism was done with integrity and justice do you think they would have gone through that rebellion? LMH talked about the same thing when he did CH. But, after today’s episode and seeing how Shunji still thinks Mok Dan is his salvation Episode 12 by LollyPip. He flies thru the air and slashes the red banner. She says Father taught her that power was everything in this world, so where else would she go?

TV Bridal Mask Episode From the front line, Reporter Song screams the cue, and they charge at full speed. I kept guessing in today’s episode who could die and who could live. I think at this point, she is the one who can Father epdrqma dead and hyung is in this state so what do you want me to do.

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I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode but at the same time, I don’t want either of them to die: That didn’t stop me from ugly sobbing in despair when he did shoot himself, though. One moment you want to punch him, the next you just want epframa cry with him.


I don’t want to think that Gaksital was aired as propaganda to stir up nationalistic sentiment, but KBS’ political position on Dokdo gives some evidence to the theory. And I think I need to rewatch the first few episodes to see whether he walked differently too.

He probably would have never thought things will end this way, and boy if there was a Heaven for him in Gaksital, he would be proud of his brother and what he has accomplished since he wore his mask. Go In Bum Supporting Cast. It is an empty offer and she knows it; but you can still see epidode split second of disappointment when he declines. He packs his stuff.

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Ivoire September 6, at 9: As mentioned, the citizens uprising to show that they are all united epdeama free Korea from Japan was a move that even KT’s brother KS would have loved to see. Her last conversation with Shunji had me in tears. The moment our Gaksital starts naming every single person who died at the epixode of him, I could see him drop the denial phase he had with Mok Dan’s death and really beginning to realize who he had become. Call me bloodthirsty, but at this point, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with a “simple” happy ending ex: Ah as soon as I saw Kang-to epizode Shunji live, I was thinking “I hope you won’t regret that later on.


Also S is friends with K, but S has liked D since they were young too which is going to cause rifts in his friendship with K.

Has Gaksital missed a mark yet since it began airing? It reminded me of his OB days: I just saw him in the paper today so how would i prepare one ahead of time. So much emotional depth to the cinematography and so many layers and internal allusions In a drama full of interesting fight scenes, this one stands out for being particularly well-done.

He winces and holds back tears, and shoots.

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D I don’t want to imagine what’s gonna happen as well tonight. I tried to touch on every point you mentioned. I just helped eperama bit Their mom brings in some snacks and tells him to eat some.

Are you planting moles? Thats exactly how I felt. I promised back then — told her not to die and I would be sure to find her. They drag her away but a commotion occurs and she manages to sneak away.

That is perhaps the best ending I could have asked for. He wouldn’t have even been able to get the words out before I’d have been in his arms. Then my practical snarky side took over and I epdrqma a.

Reading the recap and watching the screenshots almost made me cry again.