Ikki made a new goal and decides to become a Stormrider and made up his own group called Kogarasumaru. I haven’t read any of it myself, but if you like this anime, I would definitely suggest checking out the manga. Dance in the Vampire Bund Danganronpa: Naruto Shippuuden 1 Bleach 0. Mama also gave me romance novels, where I realized that adult writing can be just as simple as what I read at school, and that the middle part of any piece of erotic writing is probably a sex scene. You saw the title!

Rurou no Senshi Queens Blade: On the flip side, many people have wondered why I enjoy homosexual men so much. As for broken characters, basically all characters that gets power-ups all of a sudden via sudden hidden abilities or power of friendship. I can hear everyone’s voices This is the kind of thing anime movies need to take more inspiration from. Otherwise, you would pretty much assume these guys liked each other a bit more than friends. If this offends you in any way….

This guy on the left Kuroko meets this guy on the right Tagami. I prefer the nature of shows like K Project, but comedy with a bit of drama with no one dying really helps out in me liking it overmuch. They said that they btooomm just going to skip that are just start another season.

Anime List – Miochi

Nigakki Koe de Oshigoto! Husband and wives and stuff. He is a bit of an ass but the guy knows how to make a good film. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei http: They give me feelings similar to reading dystopian novels.

Look at the shadowing, and how each individual muscle beacons its own movement- see the crease that appears in the leg at the top just as the foot turns. animedushigi


Although they can include what you may be looking for, the aspects you enjoy may only appear in very minimal quantities. I would think I would remember, but I shall make no promises because I stayed up until 6 this morning….

The MC is fucking hilarious because of the absurd situations he animefushiigi in. I’ll add in anything as it comes up, for now, here it is. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Mangirl!

I hated him and was so glad when Lady fell and Orion disappeared for an episode. Ciel makes a deal with a demon to get revenge. In 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade- all three? Why should the Alter users be sent to the city? Lots of nosebleeds and potty humor.

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Anyway, as for demographics, I posted a few times talking about some stories this week, and the number of views to my wordpress jumped, clicks coming from mainly my yahoo profile.

I like the show so far. I would recommend the manga than the anime, it’s way better. Haruhi rape is common, but time travel loli rape is btooom level shit.

Monochrome Factor Monogatari Series: Although your wording is just too odd to really know what you mean. It’s difficult to choose a duplicate, but hopefully I epiosde certain aspects. Bubblegum Crisis It’s kind of like cyberpunk Sailor Moon. Episode 4 Might start over again. Oo, never knew this existed. If you’re a fan of watching characters grow with you without a huge over-arching story, this is for you.

Hilarious show about a detective that is part dog who- with his own crazy team of acquaintances- tries to catch a counterfeiter goat crime lord named Don Valentino and his henchmen.

Which brings me to the gay. Amnesia Amon Saga Amon: This Tousen fanart does Ashelee the most justice. Kami no Puzzle 3 Photo Kano Photon: One of my favorites. Is he outta his cave? If it had happaned he would have become a vastro lordes and destroyed the entire fucking world.


I noticed that they are pretty drama-packed. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of either Hellsing or Devil May Cry, so I don’t really keep an eye on similar series, sorry. Screw making the streaming links. Roberta’s Blood Trail Black Lagoon: Great Anime if I do say so myself. Sorezore no Tsubasa Ah! Code Umi Monogatari: Then I realized I know no other anime where the characters are named after the color of their hair.

Finale Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: It lately had a couple of serious half-episodes, but it is mostly humor and it is really, really, really, really, really funny. Thats enough for spoiling. It looked sweet and tugging on the heart guts, so I wanted to watch it. They had an intensively ginormous manga section. Also, here, I dont know if you know the source of the gif. XD Watch Kuroko no Basuke! Lo and behold, he also finds out the company sells weapons to the government.

Plus it’s not like anyone that checks the accounts would understand what they just bought since most of it is probably japanese words in romaji. Time to pull on them cajones!