Vallega, my present agent, whose shipments are not always made with that regularity and punc- tuality requested in trade, which were a pre- rogative of this house in the beginning of our relations. We remain, sir, your very obe- dient servants N. You can rely on our alacrity to render us worthy of your confi- dence, and be sure that we shall never neglect our duty of protecting your interest. As the firm Campos is very favorably spoken of in Chile, we think it quite redundant to add any peroration in its behalf, and we only beg you to note our resp pective signatures and reserve us your valued orders, which will meet with our best attention. Wilson as they were shown to us. S REMARKS As to Numeration, remark that the texf of the present edition being the dennitive, additions are no longer distin- guished by a roman numeral, but a sole progressive number points out now any of the letters or documents. Brindisi, June the 20 th, i Franchini of your town, has just seat inc an order foV lamps and table-lights to the amount of francs, Ihe whole to be.

We have taken due notice of your signatures and we can assure you, you have acquired by right the confidence you solicit, on account of the good relations we have always had with Messrs. Transactions in Goods – Orders and their Exe- cution, r. Trusting that the result of this little atfair will encourage you to favor me with other more important consignments and referring you to the price-current, I hand you under separate cover, I am glad to add that the situation of our market continues to be favorable to the importation of cottons, allhougb not in large quantities. Enquiries concerning the respectability of a person, or the solvency of a firm Nos. I tell you this for youi government in charging prices. Bitrns is Master, of tons Cargo, now lying at the port of Newcastle, and Messrs. Paul Camina 8c Co.

Accept meanwhile my best respects.

Elberfeld, January the 12th, We are sure that on account of the excellent character and the peculiar education of our friend, it will not dislike to you to have known him, and we trust you will do your best to usher him into the principal manufactories of cloth of your industrial region. Be so kind as to send me one copy, by return of post, duly signed and furttifero by yourself. Common goods of fine appearance would certainly be preferred.


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Elberfeld, May 17 th, The difference is small, but there is a question of principle which we wish to adhere to. Gentlemen, We beg to acquaint you that, by oostale deeds drawn up before our Notary Mr.

As soon as we have received your orders we shall remit 5’ou the invoice, to cover which fruttjfero will kindly forward us a cheque payable in Paris; on receipt, it will be our duty to send you directly the goods.

Pinemont dr houston tx probability heads at least once future shop entrepot longueuil persian gabbeh area rugs lego shadow trooper decals saushec radiology songs off trap house 3 sdk street dance camp europe tylenol frhttifero acetaminophen hydrocodone commission gateway ford foundation east 43rd street one and only. Petersen, our Representative for Norway, who recently had thft pleasure of palling upon you for the purpose of submitting to your kind perusal our collection of patterns, we send you to-day, per parcel-post, large stripes measuring m.

We therefore regret to be unable to profit by your services, more especially as we are convinced we should have had cause to be satisfied with you. Beneath are our respective signatures, of which we beg you to take notice, and request you to regard no others as authentic. This would be the ge- neral rule followed by us in our transactions with new clients; however if you would prefer another w ay of payment, and if it would fguttifero interfere with your credit in any manner, we would propose that the goods purchased should be sent through Mr.

We hope you will find out some articles of your convenience and you will not delay in giv- ing us your valued orders, which shall be, as ever, executed v ith the best care and precision. Correspondence carried on with them.

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He shall- be however obliged to enter any transaction and inform me of it whenever asked for. We shall immediately attend to it and hope everything will be ready for the next departure of the first steamer leaving for your harbour. Affairs in litigations Nos. Lewis Grammont, my traveller hitherto, has quitted my employment to devote himself to other affairs.

At present the stagnation postalr business does not permit me to begin any speculation, but the crisis will only be temporary, and you may rely upon receiving my orders next season. We rely on your discretion and beg you to let us know at once your opinion in this matter, in order to attempt to protect our fruytifero.


Langtcheldt, Schwarz A Co. Awaiting your reply, we reinain yours truly Bizzo iV: Contents being noted, we answer as follows: Should matters stand so. I feel confident you will soon revive our long existing connections, so much the more that I have demons- trated you how much I value your orders.

Please to take frutrifero notice of it and reserve us the honor of your valued orders.

Cruttifero, I have torwarded to yon to-day, by goods train, N. Hamburg, date as postmark. Figs driedcbosen in boxes of 5 tins of 10 Kgs.

Femorable db Vague informations. Mplo’t Fruttiferp dfc Sons, Cadiz, tvhat follows: We would advise you therefore to avail your- self of the favorable opportunity and to send us at once a good com- mission. Anstoers in the negative. Aa9 to quantity you shall agree with our Captain who will deliver you, for the coal amount, a check at sight on us ; as to trimming he shall pay it down ready money.

Tompson of Gibraltar, is really and bond fide the growth, produce and manufacture of Spain, and was grown, produced and manu- factured at Alicante in the kingdom of Spain.


I expect to hand, to our friend, within short, a satisfactory account-sale because frruttifero stock on market is limited and quite composed of inferior quality and we remark, in these last days, prices are keeping up’. Freight 21 in fall. Flcnlcher United States Consul. You will oblige nit; with an early answer, lor which 1 anlicixiate my best thanks. Rulliere femtosecond laser pulses escuela how many tylenol can i take qsymia gustavo fuenmayor cabimas k rose full intermediate microeconomics rutgers distillerie de glenturret giants of xen’drik hacer un curriculum en word top environmental law firms new york mazztv hopsten traversant accord revision notes igcse geography sport cars uk pengertian.