Joined Feb 8, Messages 2, Reaction score Why exactly does Charizard have Slash instead of Seismic Toss, again? Navigation menu Namespaces article Discussion. Ash stayed by Charizard’s side all night trying to help it recover. Ash asks if Charizard would like to rejoin him on his journey, and the answer is an enthusiastic yes! Share this Rating Title: His mind made up, Ash makes a phone call to Professor Oak, requesting Charizard to be sent to him.

While visiting a Kanto festival, Ash sees a Charmander, which causes him to recall memories of his Charizard. Charmander’s tail rises from the rubble, indicating that it’s at least somewhat fine. Joined Jan 19, Messages Reaction score Charizard knows two new moves as well. Joined Mar 6, Messages 5, Reaction score 6. Iris begins the battle with Dragonite’s Flamethrower, which Charizard copies and counters. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

What will they reveal!? Joined Mar 5, Messages 2, Reaction score Despite the evolution, Charizard was still disobedientbut nevertheless chose to help Ash defeat Blaine’s Magmar at the Cinnabar Gym.

Damian voice Michele Knotz Joined Jun 10, Messages 3, Reaction score 3, This site uses cookies to help personalise lizarson, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Ash’s glove has the same coloration as the one he wore during the AG series. Also, is anyone else happy it’s just a flashback? Just like Tepig, Charmander was abandoned by its original Trainer. While visiting a Kanto festival, Ash sees a Charmander, which causes him to recall memories of his Charizard.

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In this episode, Ash is reminded of his home region, Kairyydue a festival he and his friends are at, and he reunites with an old friend.

Ash’s Charizard tried to test its powers with the Charizard in the Valley, but was proven lizardpn be seriously underleveled compared to them. Iris begins the battle with Dragonite’s Flamethrower, which Charizard copies and counters.


The flashback’s, Lizardon’s return, Iris’s being confused was hillarious. That was the best thing I’ve ever seen. What will they reveal!?

Audible Download Audio Books. Noticing it’s true strength, it’s ,airyu trainer, Damian returned asking it to come back with him. The animation in the flashbacks bugged the hell out of me.

Joined Feb 8, Messages 2, Reaction score Oh, and it may just be my lack of Japanese – but was there a reason stated as to why Charizard was back at the lab? This resulted in Ash making a very difficult decision; he told Charizard to stay at the Charicific Valley where he could train and become stronger. Start your free trial.

I lizarodn think Ash has never really been the one to get Charizard himself. Shit, I’m even torn if I want to see Georgia and Burgundy appear since they just may suffer another loss.

Whether Seismic Toss is out or not, I really don’t care. Ash compliments Charizard’s Flamethrower, and they do a fist bump.

Charizard’s attitude did not change, and its disobedience at the Indigo Plateau cost Ash his fifth round battle at the Indigo League. Byrn, this is Best Wishes. Guess I’m not so above nostalgia after all: En ildfull og varm gjenforening! It’s possible that Charizard learns how to use Dragon Tail in replacement for Slash. During this battle, Charizard is shown to have learned three new moves: I need the around the world to throw them animation at least once in the episode to have full nostalgia, otherwise its waste.

N notices now strong of the bond that both Ash and Charizard have. Joined Apr 7, Messages 3, Reaction score 1. Loved, absolutely loved N and Dent. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet?


No account? No worries.

Ash decides to show the results of Charizard’s training by having it to counter a Dragon-type attack with another, and tells Charizard to use Dragon Tail. Joined Jan 12, Messages 1, Reaction score 2.

Joined May 21, Messages lixardon, Reaction score This excited Iris and Cilan as they wanted to both see a Charizard in person as well as see how the bond between Ash and him was. Charmander had been abandoned by its Trainerwho had left it on a rock, promising to return later, even though he had no intention of doing so. Her exultation ends when Charizard emerges from the dust cloud kajryu roars loudly.

Reminiscing has left Ash wanting to see Charizard again, an idea that excites both Iris and Cilan, who want to see how Ash’s relationship with Charizard differs from the one he has with Pikachu. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Charizard then takes flight, but Dragonite follows right on its tail.

The battle was leading to Charizard’s favor, however the battle was then called a draw by N, stating that both Dragonite and Charizard now know each other’s strengths and both were now satisfied, which both Charizard and Dragonite oizardon.