They repulse a Huk attack on the way to the plantation and are met by Stephen Rogers, Bart’s father and the village schoolteacher. Fidel starts apprenticing with the town’s lechon master, Mang Carding Jun Urbano and falls in love with Carding’s granddaughter, Carmel Karylle. Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat Their May-December love affair is hampered by the dictates of a prejudiced society. Sally Malasmas applies for a US visa. Start your free trial. A Pinoy Mano Po! American soldiers stranded in the Philippines after the Japanese invasion form guerrilla bands to fight back.

Yuddy, or ‘York’ in English Leslie Cheung , is a playboy in Hong Kong and is well-known for stealing girls’ hearts and breaking them. This movie has two episodes depicted from investigative crime show. As they get caught in a web of machination of corrupt government officials, their jobs lead them on a head-on collision against each other with their loved ones as collateral damage. Police Sergeant segment “Balintuwad” Mike Jeres He finds her enigmatic withdrawal even more mysterious as Trina continues to be a doting presence from a distance. The film begins with his capture by Philippine and US forces under Frederick Funston’s command in , then flashes back to , when an old woman gives Aguinaldo and his childhood friend Candido Tirona cryptic prophecies. He denies her visa, beams one last sweet smile at her and turns his back before she could protest. Laida Magtalas is a modern-day Belle who works hard to provide for her family while hoping that someday she will meet her prince charming and that they will live happily ever after together.

Ina now lives a simple life with her beloved children, together with her long-time best friend, Rowena. A few months after Ina left the position as the President of the Philippines, she is back in the media limelight as she releases a book of her life in her journey as a mother to her children and as a mother to the people of the Philippines. During the perilous trek Alex befriends a virginal young soldier whose only desire is to have sex once before he dies.


Sam Andi Eigenmanna rebellious, carefree and happy-go-lucky woman, who thinks that she can get away with her every dilemma.

The Most Notorious ‘Calvento Files’ Episodes—A Tribute To Tony Calvento

This serves as his direct involvement in the story which will definitely be always present in every episode. Viveca had balinthwad one-time aff Fidel is compelled by his mother, Inay Viring Maricel Laxato come back to their hometown in time for the first death anniversary of his father.

The widow presses charges against the killer, but the killer hounds both the woman and her traumatized daughter in an attempt to scare them to dropping the charges against him.

Ricardo Lee screenplayTony Calvento based on an incident written by. An investigation starts into his death. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on filees phone or tablet!

Retrieved from ” https: Two professionals, Jeff and Marty, take a business trip to the Philippines. Now, seven months later, Lara is still in mourning.

Said treatment is submitted to the headwriter and the creative consultant. In spite of the fact that a relationship with Miggy may prove to be a long shot, Laida revels working in such close proximity with the man of her dreams.

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But their relationship is tested by conflicts from their worlds. Rodolfo segment “Balintuwad” Lito Pimentel You Changed My Life Attaching a steel prosthetic in place of his missing hand, he and his men set out on the mission, which turns out to be not quite what he was told it was.

Enter the Ninja The movie is one of the official entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival. Bituing Walang Ningning As the story moves forward, Fidel is constantly confronted by his familly’s over-dependence on him, even if the eldest in the family is his Kuya Roger Gerard Pizzarasan ill-tempered trisikad driver.

Before they do that, they try to investigate on the heroism of the Philippine national hero. But Will thinks Sally does not have enough ties to the Philippines that will make her come back.


The first is of cakvento nanny accused of kidnapping the child in her care, and the second is about how a rich family tries to cover up the murder of a poor man. Juliette and Liliane are inseparable best friends, and aspiring actresses, who hang around outside the TV studio.

The film begins with his capture by Philippine and US forces under Frederick Funston’s command inthen flashes back towhen an old woman gives Aguinaldo and his childhood friend Candido Tirona cryptic prophecies. Marcos announces Proclamation No. The Sea Gypsies Nonetheless, she falls in love with him, and as events unfold that threaten their relat But Ram is a survivor.

All available articles given by Mr. Closer to Home weaves a universal, haunting tale of two people inexorably drawn together for vastly different reasons. He finds her in a lonely and vulnerable movei that one night, an intimate encounter becomes inevitable.

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The Movie 8. Mobster Asiong Salonga ER Ejercito rules the mean streets of Manila with an iron fist—until he is betrayed by a trusted friend. Amidst the holidays, Gibson reconsiders and redefines his relationship with his family, with himself, even with his dead brother: Its being a docu-drama is enough to stand as its unique selling point. The Steel Claw She is back in Manila for the holidays after working hard for two years as a front desk officer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But little does he know that he faces a greatest threat to the country’s revolution against the invading Americans.

She has to live with her son’s lover Noel John Lloyd Cruz who is an illegal immigrant. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Nilda segment “Balintuwad” Diether Ocampo