Sadly, it seems to have some problems with windows 8. Comments [] Share on: Let me just add a few more: I’m talking about software similar to what Adobe Captivate and Camtasia do. Thursday, December 26, 4: I wrote a blog post with the code of the bookmarklet. I use it all the time couple of purposes.

In Eclipse there’s this wonderful plugin called jDeodorant that analyzes source code and finds code smells like Feature Envy, God Class, Long Method, etc. It works the exact same way, except that instead of allowing you to compare checksums, its bonus feature allows you to quickly verify files against their checksum files. Tuesday, December 24, 1: Monday, December 30, 5: Great combo if you use both Mac and windows machines and want your snippets on both. A great tool that’s missing from the list about which, by the way, I learnt from your post, Scott is scriptcs https: Monday, December 23, 2:

Friday, January 03, 5: Taom doesn’t seem to be a reliable non-CNet download for this little app, which is sad. It’s as if the equalizer settings are set to max.

QuickTime :: Multiple Audio Sources For Movie Recording?

If you’re reading this content and you’re not at http: Take a look at Total Commander Ultimate Prime Edition for probably the most useful package out there http: Monday, January 13, 8: I want to watch and listen to a video file that has it’s audio sent to the Line Out where I have powered, desktop speakers. Its so much better and being able to map keys to run automatically on the other machines without focus its awesome!


As a bundle of interface tweaks, it’s without equal. In this case, you are granted the right to use this program free of charge. Adds a tab to the file properties dialog box in windows explorer. Want to know which files has problems?

Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows – Scott Hanselman

Are there any other third party packages supporting H. Tuesday, February 04, With the new appeture i can search by years and places so this will work. Active enough, that is, AHK is ultra stable and has so much in it that there isn’t movje to add even as the OS evolves. Comes in handy but hopefully not often: May 16, I’ve been trying to audio record my piano playing with my unibody Macbook using Quicktime Pro 7.

I know there’s a huge rivalry between CodeRush and R users. But if you know what you are doing, watch out! The only thing I really miss is tabs. Screen Recording Stuck On Finishing? What about Ripple Emulator Chrome extension?


It’s amazing to see the demos of it in action. It might be called everything.

Do you have a recommendation for a replacement of Win XP’s stereo mixer? After the recording is done! PowerShell – The full power of.

I like its debug visualizer OzCode has a similar feature. Sunday, December 22, 3: When I open an. Sunday, December 22, 8: However, here are some stand-outs I’ve used in the past that you might want to check out.

And a call out to Dmytro who also mentioned Meld. Could it have overheated and caused QuickTime to stop recording? Here’s two additions of mine.

Tuesday, December 24, Thursday, January 02, 5: Got to free some space? You can correlate which process sent what message, provide your own parsers, see graphs, correlation of TCP sessions and more. Also let’s you hide all the icons just by double clicking on the screen. Why not just use Ubuntu? Sadly, it seems to have some problems with windows 8.

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