Jesse Ortega Super Reviewer. Saturday, August 11, They inform the others, and the group reluctantly agrees that something supernatural is occurring. John Hawkes is great, the rest of the cast is as well and the scripting is very strong, in spite of having some issues. Presumably she was still alive when this shootout between Mike and him happened. Octavia Spencer Movies I’ve Seen. While his un-couth and quirky detective style helps break open the case, his dogged determination unwittingly puts his sister Octavia Spencer and best friend Anthony Anderson in danger. Retrieved from ” https:

Small Town Crime makes for a satisfying modern noir outing, largely thanks to the all-around impressive efforts of a solidly stocked cast led by John Hawkes. Jujur, tonton film ini. Gradually, Gloria realizes that when she walks through the playground at exactly 8: But rather than being edge-of-your-seat tension, you’ll best enjoy this movie slumped back in an armchair. Retrieved August 12, He promises the seriously injured Lyla that he will break the cycle. TJ and Lex refuse to save her, knowing that “their” Claire is still in the house, a decision that Claire later supports.

Edit Storyline An alcoholic ex-cop Hawkes finds the body of a young woman and, through an act of self-redemption, becomes hell-bent on finding the killer but unwittingly puts his family in danger and gets caught up with several dark tinecrimes along the way.

Timecrimes () – bongan movie

Orang-orang yang ada di luar angkasa ini, bukannya berhasil meruntuhkan krisis energi malah berhadapan pada masalah yang di luar akal manusia, di mulai ketika mereka menyadari bahwa bumi tiba-tiba saja hilang. Yet, again, it bears repeating that rilm really nothing new about the way this story was told. Kwenton Bellette of Twitch Film wrote, “With such a great time travel horror thriller narrative that was advertised, Mine Games sadly comes off as nothing more than a poorly rehashed version of the masterful film Time Crimes or even Australian produced Triangle before it.

Jan 19, Rating: Retrieved from ” https: Langkah yang dia ambil meskipun sangat predictable, sampai pertengahan cerita banting setir. Bad Day for the Cut Guy and Lyla agree to gimecrimes, leaving behind in the house a written note for “TJ, Lex, Claire” to wait there for them. The group enjoys themselves in the comfortable cabin, with the exception of Michael, who sleeps early and has nightmares.


Buang hal buruk tadi, sekarang bagian kesukaanku di film ini. Small Town Crime makes for a satisfying modern noir himecrimes, largely thanks to the all-around impressive efforts of a solidly stocked cast led by John Hawkes. Semua keputusan terserah kalian, bukan maksudku untuk membuat kalian agar tidak menonton film ini, ini semua hanya pendapat dan pemikiranku mengenai film ini.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! To be honest, this film has bigger load for the connectivity of other film in one film universe, starts from Cloverfield10 Cloverfield Laneand also soon Overlord in your near cinemas.

It delivers the story slowly from emptiness, then the absurdity that become enjoyable and fun.

A khir-akhir ini aku banyak nyari film-film yang mungkin saja terlewatkan oleh radar, and I found this, and blew my mind. Hector disini jadi karakter utama. Mike’s timecrimex is put in danger and he’s forced to spring into action to protect them.

Gading Marten dipercayakan untuk memerankan tokoh Richard, jomblo ngenes tapi pengusaha namun hidup sengsara dengan ritual galer. Did it succeed at that? Orbiting a planet on the brink of war, scientists test a device to solve an energy crisis, and end up face-to-face with a dark ceriita reality. It is fikm a spoiler, at all, okay! Michael timecirmes from the cell, which leads to a chase inside the mines, during which Michael causes TJ’s and Lex’s deaths and locks Claire up inside a cell, where she meets the alternate version of herself.

Great film and another strong performance by John Hawkes, the indie god. Different experience and underrated. Well, terlebih film ini absurd, walau ga terlalu banget bagi yang udah biasatapi trust me, setiap menit akan terbiasa dan semakin get along dengan Sylvio.


Guy rushes back to the house to warn the others but is stopped by Michael, who kills him. Kawan lainnya membuat taruhan buatnya.


Ketika dialognya demikian, beruntunlah pada pengembangan karakter yang juga melemah, bahkan ketika keinginan director untuk menyisipkan drama di third-act, terlambat sudah akibat beberapa aspek yang kian rendah.

Karena ending yang nantinya bakal antiklimaks dan di tutup dengan konklusi perasaan batin Richard bahwa cinta itu resiko–resiko yang dimaksud bukan artian negatif– dan disini cinta itu sebuah pengalaman rasa dan bagaimana menghandle-nya, saat maupun after.

Saat ia melihat ke arah hutan itu dengan teropong, dia terkejut bukan kepalang waktu sadar bahwa yang cilm adalah seorang wanita dengan rambut yang disampirkan semua menutupi wajahnya. TJ and Guy, as a joke, briefly lock Michael inside an enclosed cell, which causes him to panic. What do you think?

Don’t get me wrong, ceirta scripting is really strong and John Hawkes gives a, typically, excellent performance here.

The van crashes, which forces them to travel on foot. If the mystery doesn’t go to some interesting places then, chances are, your movie isn’t gonna be great.

While his un-couth and quirky detective style helps break open the case, his dogged determination unwittingly puts his sister Octavia Spencer and best friend Anthony Anderson in danger. And I hate to sort harp on this point so much, but I feel that it’s the truth.

I guess it was a more compelling mystery because, essentially, that’s what all these movies boil down to. So I think it should be stated that I definitely really enjoyed this movie. I’m not gonna spoil what happens, fipm let’s just say that this movie doesn’t exactly travel through the most surprising of paths.

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